LocalSexFriends Review — It’s All in the Fine Print

Before you dash off to LocalSexFriends and start poking around its platform, read our review. You may learn a thing or two that will open up your eyes to the reality of the site.

LocalSexFriends Review

LocalSexFriends Review Results
  • Popularity - 14
  • Value - 4
  • Features - 21
  • Quality of Members - 6
  • Safety - 5
  • Customer Satisfaction - 7

Final Word on LocalSexFriends

We will be succinct in our final word, STAY AWAY!

We found nothing good on LocalSexFriends, it is best to avoid it entirely. We rate it as AWFUL.

— Pros and Cons —


  • NONE


  • Requires valid credit information to register for “free” access
  • Will automatically convert to a paid membership in as little as four hours
  • Full of fake profiles
  • No real women on the site
  • Automatically enrolls you to other paid services
  • Cancellation process is needlessly prolonged

— In-Depth LocalSexFriends Review —


If somebody were to tell you that they know of a great “adult sex community,” chances are that your interest would be peaked. Call it curiosity, urgent need, morbid fantasy, or for the sake of advancing the study of modern mating practices — you would most likely want to check out that type of community.

That is just what we did when we conducted a review of LocalSexFriends.com. It is an online hookup site that has been using the tagline “adult sex community” to describe its services since it first went online.

“Community” is a powerful word in the world of hookup sites. It normally implies that there is plenty of interaction among members and, as a result, creates plenty of hookup opportunities. The question here is, does LocalSexFriends live up to those standards? Will you be able to hook up easily with like-minded adults on this site? Will you enjoy the experience? Is it worth your time?

Normally, we present an assessment of an online hookup site in a logical order. We describe the first impression delivered by the site, we move on to the registration process, user experience — you know the drill. This is done with the intent of delivering to our readers a roadmap of what to expect if they join the site themselves. With LocalSexFriends we MUST deviate from this norm.

“Why?” you may ask. Primarily because we like you. If you were here with us we’d definitely share our pizza with you or take you out for a beer. Which is why we do not want to see you get SCAMMED.

LocalSexFriends, while operating within the purview of established law — in other words, it covers its ass quite well, legally speaking — will only take your money and offer next to nothing in return.

— MASSIVE Red Flags —

When you first visit LocalSexFriends, its welcome page appears trustworthy enough. It is definitely alluring. During our testing, we encountered two variations of it — both with provocative imagery of stunningly hot women in the background. Tiled images of supposed members were also present just below the registration box for new members. Basically, in design, it looks like thousands of other generic hookup sites.

Unfortunately, its lack of aesthetic originality is the smallest of our concerns when it comes to LocalSexFriends.com. While most dating and hookup site — good and bad — will allow new users free limited access to their platforms without asking for payment information, LocalSexFriends does not.

New users start off by entering routine information about themselves, such as their gender and the gender they are seeking in a partner, their choice of username, zip code — you know, very basic and innocent stuff.

When you click on the orange “Join Now” button you are sent to a second page that, again, asks for your choice of username — this time they also ask for your choice of password and your date of birth.

— The Terms of Service —

This second part of the registration process is framed within surrounding text and imagery portraying the site as ever vigilant in protecting its users. So vigilant, in fact, that they use “advanced” age verification techniques to ensure that all members are over the age of 18. At first, you say to yourself, “what a caring and noble bunch of chaps.” Later, however, you realize how something doesn’t smell quite right.


Above the orange button that reads “Next,” there is a disclaimer in a very small font that you must accept by checking on the box next to it. This reads “Please check here to confirm that you have read and accept our Terms and Conditions and agree to take part in the Optimal Online program and receive emails from Inbox Partners.”

Well, what website doesn’t require you to agree to a bunch of gobbledygook, right? That is true, but in the case of LocalSexFriends, this gobbledygook is more like rancid, maggot-infested, male bovine feces rotting on a pasture. If you actually read — more aptly, legally interpret through an international commerce attorney — the TOS, you will discover that you are exposing yourself to multiple charges and you are accepting that the site uses fabricated profiles. You are also accepting membership in the “Optimal Online Program” which, ever so thoughtfully, registers you on at least three different hookup sites, each with its own enrollment fee.

— Credit Card Charges —

You might be saying, “yeah, well, how are they gonna get to my money?” Well, when you click “next” to advance to the third and final part of the registration process, you are required to enter your credit card information. Remeber, they are very concerned about the children, so they rely on “verifying” that you are a credit card holder to ensure that you are 18 years of age or older.

If you want to advance to the user platform for LocalSexFriends, you have to do this — there is no workaround. There is a line of text on this page that informs you that you will be charged $0 for your “Instant Access,” however, it also reads that your membership will renew monthly until canceled.

localsexfriends-credit card charges

Herein, lies another huge issue, the TOS defines that the site determines how long your instant access lasts. They retain the prerogative to make this as short or as long they want. Based on our testing, this ranges from four to 36 hours. In other words, you will be charged for a full month’s membership almost immediately upon accessing the platform for the first time. That’s $39.99 per month. You also have a $19.99 option that has limited messaging features, or a quarterly plan for $86.97.

Oh, and here’s the kicker — you will also receive three other charges — at least two of our testers did — totaling almost $160 for everything. You then must start your marathon effort to cancel not only LocalSexFriends, but these other three services as well. We had heard of people getting stuck paying nearly $500 until they were finally able to get off this piece of crap rollercoaster — now, we believe them.

— But What About the Features? —

If you have read this far down into this review and still have the temerity to ask about the quality of LocalSexFriends’ features you must have some serious issues. Nevertheless, suffice it to say the platform only serves to process messages from fabricated profiles all timed to keep you interested in the site for the time necessary to trigger the automated payment clause in the TOS. Remember, they have your credit card information before you enter so they have you by the balls from the beginning.