FBookHookups.com Review — This Place Looks Awfully Familiar

Not too long ago — as we were reviewing another casual dating site — we noticed a pop-under ad for a site called FBookHookups.com. Curious as we are about the online dating biz, we went ahead and visited the site. On its homepage, the site boasts having over 75 million members. With claims like that, a herd of horny guys stampeding toward a $10 two-for-one lap dance special at their favorite strip joint wouldn’t have stopped us from reviewing the site. Here is our unbiased fbookhookups.com review.

fbookhookups review

FBookHookups Review Results
  • Popularity - 18
  • Value - 59
  • Features - 87
  • Quality of Members - 89
  • Safety - 88
  • Customer Satisfaction - 74

Final Word on FBookHookups

Inherently, there is nothing particularly wrong with FBookHookups.com, just that we really do not see any value being added to the end-user by going through a re-branded affiliate. Adult Friend Finder is an established site/network that offers a lot to its members. In order to get the full range of membership packages that they offer, it is best to go through them directly and side-step the middlemen — such as FBookHookups.

— Pros and Cons of FBookHookups —


  • Easy membership process
  • Backed by the Adult Friend Finder network


  • Doesn’t offer the variety of membership options as AFF does
  • Cannot communicate with other members with the free version

— First Impression of FBookHookups —

The aesthetic of the site is quite eye catching. The initial registration box is surrounded by tiled images of very alluring women purported to be from your area. FBookHookups makes it very enticing for visitors to register.

— Registration Process —

The first stage of the registration starts at the homepage. There, you simply enter your gender, the gender of the person you’re seeking to meet and their age range. From there, you are directed to a series of pages where you add further information regarding your personal preferences and you get to select your username and password. An email account is required — FBookHookups will send you a verification email to finish the registration process.

— FBookHookups.com User Experience —

Once you have registered and accessed the site — if you have ever been a member of AdultFriendFinder — FBookHookups will appear eerily familiar to you. In fact, FBookHookups uses the Adult Friend Finder Network. That explains the 75 million member claim. Those figures, as well as the entire site, is nothing more than AdultFriendFinder themed under the FBookHookups branding.

To us, it would be more practical to register directly via AdultFriendFinder (why buy Krispy Kreme donuts from a reseller as opposed to the real shop? That’s our philosophy). For those of you that for whatever reason decide to join FBookHookups — at the very least you have the peace of mind knowing that it is backed by one of the largest casual dating sites on the internet.

This means that you get the full features of AFF, including its robust search engine, communication features, and even the live sex cams. Of course, all of the premium features — including responding to messages — will require paid membership. Under the FBookHookups brand, this will cost you $29.95 per month. That gives you full access under the AFF gold membership package. For those of you that know AFF and are yelling right now, “hey, what about the silver package?” Sorry, you’re S.O.L. Being what is known in the biz as an “affiliate redirect” site, FBookHookups can choose to only offer the gold package.