10 Tips to Help You Last Longer in Bed

tips to last longer in bed

You’ve tried it all — thinking about baseball, thinking of dead kittens, humming the theme to the A-Team — yet, you’re still lucky to reach one full revolution of the second hand on a vintage watch before, well… you know. Unfortunately, speed and brevity are not always virtues.

What can you do? You can sulk about it, of course, but that won’t solve anything. You could purposely slow down the clocks in your bedroom, but that would be deceptive. What you need is a more hands-on approach, no pun intended (actually, we did intend it).

Here are ten tips to help you last longer in bed.

1. Time to Rubberize Yourself

Take a look at the condom display at your local drug store. Among the different varieties of condoms that you will find are some that are labeled as “extended” pleasure, or “prolonged” sensation. These are the polar opposites of ultra-thin “extra sensitivity” condoms. Extended pleasure condoms are designed to be thicker. Before you start throwing a tantrum about loss of feeling, stop and think for a second. Part of what’s causing the problem is that your “little buddy” is being overloaded with pleasurable sensation too fast — thus the “problem.”

Thicker condoms will (don’t freak out by the clinical term) desensitize your penis. This, in most cases, will help you last longer.

2. Choke the Chicken Before You Start Cookin’

This option is not only free, painless and easy, but chances are you already have some experience with it. Approximately two hours or so before you anticipate “entertaining” your lady friend, take a “hands-on” approach to yourself. By masturbating, you will achieve a sexual release that can help you prolong your performance later on — when it counts most.

By the way, although we know you would never do such a thing for any other reason, frequent masturbation is a great way to build up your sexual stamina. From this point forward, you can look at it not as some cheap form of self-gratification — no, sir — now it can become a selfless act done solely for the benefit of fulfilling your partner’s needs.

3. Squeeze That Sucker

A method that provides success to some men is to squeeze the head of the penis and hold it for five to ten seconds when you feel that an orgasm is close. This stops the flow of blood to the penis, usually enough to stop an ejaculation. If you don’t believe us, try it when you’re giving tip number two a whirl.

4. A Little Yoga or Pilates Never Hurts

If you have ever walked past a Pilates or yoga class at the gym and asked yourself what so many guys are doing there, the answer is simple. Some are just there trying to pick up chicks, others genuinely enjoy the intense focus and concentration that is required, while others may be attending to the same problem that you have.

Both yoga and Pilates are very effective activities to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles — yes, guys have a pelvic floor. By performing such exercises you can achieve greater control over the muscular spasms that are a precursor to an ejaculation.

5. Edging aka “Gimme a Minute”

This is a tried and true method for extending your performance — ask your grandfather if you don’t believe us. This involves pulling out for ten seconds to a minute when you feel that an orgasm is imminent. When you do, don’t just stand there with a goofy look on your face, continue stimulating your partner with your fingers. Then, once you feel the “danger” has past, slip it back in and carry on with the business at hand.

6. Numbing Sprays

There are sprays and creams on the market that are formulated to (here’s that word again) desensitize the penis. Don’t worry, they won’t make your penis feel like your tongue and gum line following a root canal, but they will lessen the sensitivity allowing you to last longer. Just a note of caution, make certain that they are labeled “fast absorbing” and don’t put them on too soon before penetration. If these numbing agents are not fully absorbed by the skin on your penis before doing the deed, residual elements will transfer to your partner’s vagina and we are confident that she will not appreciate a numb vagina.

7. Pills

Many of the medications used for erectile dysfunction can also help with premature ejaculation. They will help you to maintain an erection longer. Of course, we are but humble blog writers, not doctors, so consult with your own doctor to see if this would work for you.

8. Remember, Ladies First

If you know that you have an issue, be proactive. Satisfy your lady through non-penetration means. Use oral, fingers, or sex toys to help her reach orgasm before you engage in penetration. Psychologically, this removes the stress of having to worry about not being able to satisfy her and it can help you last longer.

9. Whoa! Slow Down, Partner

Sometimes, something as simple as slowing down the pace of your “activity” can be enough to make you last longer. Similar to edging, when you feel an orgasm building up just slow down your rhythm and intensity. Not only will this extend your prowess, but she will also see you as a more sensitive and caring lover.

10. Avoid Sugar and Alcohol

If your problem is more a loss of stamina, as opposed to premature ejaculation, avoiding sugar and alcohol an hour or two before sex can help. As you well know, a sugar rush is always followed by a sugar “crash” and alcohol is a depressant. If what you want is bullish stamina, then it’s best to layoff the Twinkies and vodka before getting busy.

— Everything Has a Solution —

Man has crossed oceans, traveled to the moon — even found a way to put cheese into pizza crust. Being able to last longer in bed should not be too difficult of a problem to solve — provided that you recognize the problem in the first place. Don’t stigmatize yourself — it’s estimated that close to a third of men have suffered from premature ejaculation at some point. If you add stamina issues and erectile dysfunction into the mix, that figure jumps to nearly two-thirds of all men. You see, you’re not alone — you can solve it.