Can You Find a Soulmate Online?

Your soulmate — that one person with whom you share a connection on so many levels. That sentient being that is meant to complete you. That Prince Charming or Darling Princess that is supposed to unleash your truest of passions and envelope you in romantic bliss. Yes, I am really laying the romantic frosting very thick here.

Can You Find a Soulmate Online

Maybe the reality of a soulmate isn’t all flower blossoms and sweet nectar. Perhaps we are all not limited to a single soulmate — maybe there is a stream of soulmates for us to choose from at any given moment.

While the romanticized view of soulmates is wonderful material for romantic comedies and Disney Princess movies, the reality is grittier — more pragmatic. No, I am not being a heartless, cold, unromantic goblin trying to snuff out Cupid with a dirty rag. I am being realistic and that should be good news for you.

The fact that the concept of a real soulmate is not some unreachable dream makes finding one realistic. By moving the idea of a soulmate from the realm of fantasy to your everyday existence actually brings you closer to coming together.

The question is how do you find your soulmate? Is there a powerful mystic that can prepare a powerful love potion for you? How about a love spell? Well, being that we are living in the 21st century I have some good news for you — your soulmate might be as close as the internet.

— Online Dating Sites and the Law of Attraction —

Yes, the internet — that bastion of cat videos, Instagram stories, Tweets and endless Facebook updates can also be the road that leads you to your soulmate. It will not require potions nor spells. All that you will need is the right online dating site.

You see, online dating sites dedicated to helping people find long-term relationships can be quite effective at bringing two people together who share profound levels of compatibility. Not only that, but some of the better sites will also help you discover things about yourself that you weren’t aware of before you got started with online dating. In other words, effective long-term dating sites will parallel the most important aspects of the law of attraction. They will help you clarify what you are looking for in a partner, they will help you to increase your own self-confidence — they will help you to discover yourself as you discover your soulmate.

While this might sound like you are replacing a far-reaching fantasy with another, that is not the case. A good way to see an online dating site is as a powerful set of discovery tools.

— Discovering Yourself —

An online dating site is not going to psychoanalyze you, but it will make you look inward as you try to best describe yourself. The more robust dating sites will ask you for your physical, personality and lifestyle attributes. While you could respond vaguely, or even falsely, doing so would simply harm your chances of finding the right match.

By taking the task of building your profile seriously, you will learn more about yourself, how others see you, and how to accentuate that which flatters you. All of this will allow you to think deeply about yourself and the person who you want to be with. Remember, the Law of Attraction relies on seeing yourself for who you are, loving yourself for it, and thinking positively about your chances of finding your soulmate. As some New Age gurus might phrase it, you will become the future you today.

— Clarity in What You Want —

Another part of the Law of Attraction relates to like attracting like. Online dating sites help you achieve this by providing you with excellent filtering tools allowing you to focus solely on the profiles of members that genuinely share traits, likes, and desires similar to your own.

Imagine if you had to trudge along — going from relationship to relationship — each time realizing that the person you were with was not right for you. It would be too easy to waste your youth, your prime of life, floating from failed relationship to failed relationship.

The powerful search engines provided by dating sites and the power they give you to filter results allows you to focus on the positive attributes that you’re searching for in a soulmate. The more you focus on the positive traits, the less you will focus on the negative. Again, this will channel your mental process into a positive state — another key element of the Law of Attraction.

Each person you meet online will feel like you are actually getting a step closer to your soulmate. Unlike traditional dating where each failed dating experience will slowly sour you on dating, the highly personalized nature of online dating will make you feel like you are genuinely advancing toward your goal — your soulmate.

— Enjoying the Ride —

Along the voyage of discovery that dating sites open, you will not only learn about yourself and what you want in a soulmate, but you will also enjoy yourself. You will find it exciting and flattering each time you receive a message of interest from other members. Even if they are not compatible with you, the knowledge that you spark interest from others is very empowering.

Also, chatting with potential matches online help you to develop your communication game. This way, when you do go out with someone you met online, you will be able to engage in smoother and more eloquent conversation.

— So, It Works? —

In the end, online dating does offer you a strong possibility of finding your soulmate. However, as with anything of significance and consequence in life, it requires your input. It requires that you be focused and honest with yourself and about what you want.

It also requires persistence and patience. Provided you take it seriously while keeping a positive perspective, a dating site will definitely steer you in the right direction toward your soulmate.

You see, the notion of the eternally elusive soulmate, the days of seeing a soulmate as an unreachable ideal are gone. Register on a reputable online dating site, dare to dabble, and you shall find your soulmate. They are really not as scarce as movies and literature make them out to be.