Flip Dating App Review — Real Verified Connections?

What do you look for in a dating app?

Tons of good-looking guys and gals as members? Ease of use? Price affordability?

What about the authenticity and genuineness of the members on the site? After all, who wants to be on a site that is full of fake profiles, right?

The Flip dating app touts that it has “fixed” the problems commonly found on other dating apps. Primarily, they are referring to offering their members real connections with real people.

How does Flip accomplish this? We recently conducted a full evaluation of the Flip dating app and prepared a review of its performance and functionality. Give it a read and discover if what Flip is offering is the “real” thing or not.

Flip Dating App Review

Flip Dating App Review Results
  • Popularity - 62
  • Value - 84
  • Features - 72
  • Quality of Members - 79
  • Safety - 81
  • Customer Satisfaction - 80

Final Word on the Flip Dating App

The Flip dating app definitely provides real verified connections to its members. We were pleasantly surprised by the simple but powerful user experience offered by Flip. The fact that it is genuinely free only makes things that much rosier.

If we were to voice one concern regarding Flip it would be the fact that some locations do not seem to have enough registered members. This is likely due to Flip being new to the scene. In time, especially if they continue offering such a positive user experience, this should be remedied.

We would rate Flip as EXCELLENT. We look forward to seeing it expand.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Genuinely free
  • No hidden upgrade schemes
  • Well vetted and genuine user base
  • Simple but powerful user interface
  • Easy and effective verification process


  • Only available for iOS devices
  • Requires a Facebook or Instagram account (or cell number) to register
  • Some geographic areas can be short of members

— Accessing the Flip Dating App —

Flip dating app only on ios

As of July 2018, the Flip dating app is available only for iOS devices. It can be downloaded from the App Store. The developers have indicated that an Android version is forthcoming but have not announced a timetable for such a release.

On the App Store, Flip has received stellar reviews from those who have installed and used it. As of this writing, Flip has a 4.9-star rating.

— Flip Features —

Flip Dating App

Flip keeps its feature set uncomplicated. You will find a search function and a messaging system that includes a text-based instant chat feature. In a broad stroke, that sums up the Flip features.

The simple and uncomplicated nature of the feature set, however, should not be seen as a negative. Our testers found that by avoiding fancy and gimmicky extras, Flip made them more inclined to engage with other members on the app for longer periods of time. This extended amount of engagement is advantageous when you are attempting to genuinely get to know someone in your area in hopes of meeting in person and seeing what develops from there.

Also, the fact that the feature list is short does not mean that each function lacks depth. For example, the search and discovery feature allows users to filter results based on basic attributes such as age, location, gender, etc. When using the “Nearby” mode you will see all of those members who match your compatibility criteria overlayed on a graphical map to give you an idea of their proximity to you.

The messaging feature allows you to receive messages from others whether you are connected to the app or not. The live text chat option allows users to use emojis and upload image files. It may be uncomplicated but it provides a rich user experience.

The Flip app also has an “incognito” mode which allows users to use the app while they are under a cloak of invisibility. This is very convenient when you want to simply check-in quickly to review your messages or see who is nearby without exposing yourself to others who may want to actively engage with you. This is great if you are at work, school, etc. This is very convenient in that you can choose when to be active on the app. It also means that the members who you see as being active at any given moment in time on the app are very likely to be looking to chat with someone right there and then. Knowing this makes sending an icebreaker or intro message much easier when you know the person is actively seeking company at that moment.

— Cost —

Flip is currently being offered as a free app — there is no premium version, All of the functions discussed here are available at no cost to the user. Rumors can be found circulating on the internet claiming that a premium version of Flip is in the works, but the developers give no indication of that being the case. As a matter of fact, the tone of the developers seems quite adamant that Flip will remain free. In the App Store description they state, “If we advertise that it’s free, it’s free. Don’t worry about hidden costs or constant upcharges.”

— Verification of Users —

Flip Dating App Verification

You may be saying to yourself, “okay, so Flip is a decent and uncomplicated little dating app — what then makes it stand out?”

The developers go to great lengths in the promotion of the app to emphasize how members should only expect “real connections” when they use Flip. They go as far as to refer to a “unique verification technology” that “makes becoming a verified user easy and fun.”

While terming the Flip verification process a “unique verification technology” is a bit of a stretch, the results that Flip obtains from it are impressive.

This is what it involves. When you register for a Flip account you must first verify your registration by linking to either your Facebook or Instagram account. Alternatively, you are also given the option to register by linking your cell phone number. Using the latter option requires you to confirm your identity further by entering a verification code that is sent to you by SMS message.

The second part of the registration process involves receiving a generic picture from Flip which displays a model in a unique pose. You must then take a picture of yourself replicating that pose and upload it to Flip. Once Flip verifies your pose, your account will receive verified status.

Accounts that go unverified or that remain inactive for prolonged periods of time are periodically closed by Flip. This ensures the user base to always be active. Our testers stated that the “freshness factor” of the Flip membership roll was distinctly noticeable.

While not a proprietary technology, the verification process used by Flip is simple and very effective. It helps to improve the user experience while at the same time ensuring that your chances of meeting a compatible partner are also improved.