Score Dating App Review — Is It a Point in Your Favor?

Does Score actually result in helping you find compatible matches? We reviewed the Score dating app and what we discovered will undoubtedly be useful in helping you make up your own mind.

score dating app review

Score App Review Results
  • Popularity - 51
  • Value - 44
  • Features - 67
  • Quality of Members - 38
  • Safety - 41
  • Customer Satisfaction - 38

Final Word on the Score Dating App

As a novelty dating app Score is fun. However, we find that its novelty wears off very quickly. We feel that it would be the sort of app that you would download and use for a day or two and then just let linger on your phone until it comes time to free up some valuable memory space.

In terms of performance and originality, we would rate Score as FAIR. In terms of practicality, we would rate it as BELOW AVERAGE.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Free to use
  • Fast installation and registration process


  • Unable to find an iOS version
  • Buggy, occasionally shutting down
  • The premise is fun at first, but soon becomes tedious

— In-Depth Score Dating App Review —

score dating app

If you can imagine a matchmaking app getting married to a quiz show and having a kid, the Score dating app would be that child. This type of online dating app is what is commonly known as a novelty app. It takes a unique “hook” — in the case of the Score dating app, it is trivia games — and layers it over the primary function of finding compatible matches for people. This is done with the intent of making the entire process as unique and original as possible.

Some novelty dating apps are able to pull off this type of combination quite well. Others, however only succeed in appearing cheap and actually inhibit their primary purpose.

How does the Score app fair in this novelty game? Is it fun and original?

— The Basics —

The score dating app is available only in a mobile version. Not only is there not a desktop version, we weren’t even able to find an informational website dedicated to the app. While Score wouldn’t be the only app to omit such a web presence, the majority of online dating apps that exist exclusively in the mobile realm do have traditional websites to provide marketing and customer support.

Based on Score’s own promotional material and input that we received from our readers, we were expecting to find both an Android and iOS version. We successfully found Score on Google Play for Android, but we were not successful in finding its iOS version. We were unable to verify if it had been pulled recently from the iTunes app store or if it was some sort of temporary glitch. Suffice it to say, that as of October 2017, we were unable to locate it. Therefore, all of our tests were conducted on the Android version.

— Registration —

The score dating app is available for free on Google Play. Once you have downloaded and installed the app you must go through a registration process in order to begin using it.

Score requires you to use your Facebook account in order to validate your identity. Score also uses your Facebook account to import images to your Score profile. Don’t worry, you can select which images to import to your profile. At present, there is no alternative method for registration.

After validating your Score account with Facebook, the app provides you with a visual walkthrough of the features of the app. We found this to be very useful in explaining the concept of Score.

— Building Your Profile —

The Score app incorporates the profile building process as one of its registration steps. Profiles on Score are personality-driven. This means that to build your profile you have to answer a series of questions regarding your personality, outlook on life, and that of the partner that you are seeking. There are also a few questions regarding your physical attributes such as height, body type, age, and ethnicity.

— How the Score Dating App Works —

The base premise behind Score is that compatibility among its members is determined not by a matchmaking algorithm, rather by the similarity in answers to a series of questions posed to both members.

score dating app questions

It works like this. When you find a member you want to “score” with, you must answer questions from different categories in order to be able to communicate with that member. The categories for the questions include travel, must-have items, and feelings. There are also premium categories which require a payment of $9.99 to unlock. These include “either-or,” “sexy is,” food, and frisky.

score dating app categories

After the both of you have answered the questions, Score analyzes how many similar answers you had. The more answers you had in common, the more features for communication become unlocked.

— Locked Features You Say? —

Yes, forgive us for neglecting to mention this earlier. On Score, unlike 99.9 percent of other apps, all of the profile images of other members are blurred and all of the communication functions — such as messaging and online chat — are disabled. You are only able to unlock them by answering as many answers as similarly as possible to your potential match. The first feature that gets unlocked is the unblurring of the profile picture.

During our test, we were able to successfully unblur the profile image roughly half of the time we played. However, we were only successful in unlocking the communication features 1/3 of the time.

In order to test the sensitivity of the scoring system, we purposely answered a group of questions in a way that we felt would ensure very low similarity scores. Under those circumstances, we were never able to unlock communication and we only unblurred the profile image one out of ten times. This tells us that the similarity scoring system is based on sound principles and is not merely a randomly-generated novelty.

— Our Beefs —

In our testing, we did encounter a few glitches with the app. They all occurred when we were in the middle of answering questions. On several occasions, the app would suddenly close. When we re-entered the app our answers were not saved. We had to start from scratch.

With regards to the premise, we found it to be fun and unique at the beginning, however, it can wear you out. Constantly having to answer questions and waiting for a similarity score only to be able to see the unblurred profile image of a potential match can be frustrating. We can easily see how users would get pissed going through such a hassle only to discover once the image is unblurred that you’re not even attracted to the person physically. In our opinion, it’s a fun novelty but we don’t find it very practical.

— Cost —

Score is free to use. In-app purchases are available. As we had already mentioned, for $9.99 you can unlock additional categories of questions. The value in this is that the more options you have in selecting questions, the better your chances are of having similar answers.