FlirtHookup Review — Real of Fake?

FlirtHookup is one of those online hookup sites that suggests that it delivers powerful results. In its marketing material — as well as its welcome page — all you see are tiled images of supposed female members of the site. These images are enough to entice new users to join the site. The question is, what should they expect? Is FlirtHookup one of those online hookup sites that stacks its front door with plenty of eye candy only to provide you absolutely nothing once inside? Or is FlirtHookup a genuine hookup site worthy of your time and money? We conducted a full FlirtHookup review precisely so you can make that determination for yourself.

flirthookup review

FlirtHookup Review Results
  • Popularity - 26
  • Value - 13
  • Features - 48
  • Quality of Members - 25
  • Safety - 32
  • Customer Satisfaction - 17

Final Word on FlirtHookup

We find FlirtHookup to be an utterly useless online hookup site. Its sole purpose is to snare new users into paid memberships.

If you are new to online dating and you accidentally stumble upon the site, we hope that you do not use it to gather your overall impression on the industry. Believe us, there are plenty of online dating and hookup sites that offer very good value to their customers. just doesn't happen to be one of them.

We would rate FlirtHookup as a TOTAL DISASTER.

— Pros and Cons —


  • One-minute registration process (that’s it, no additional pros available)


  • Full of fake profiles
  • The platform and feature-set is weak and archaic
  • Requires a paid membership to use its communication features
  • Highly unlikely to find any real members on the site

— In-Depth FlirtHookup Review —


At first glance, the welcome page of appears rather benign. With its white background and tiled images of its members, there is nothing outstanding about it. The whole look can be described as generic. It doesn’t generate excitement, but it doesn’t scare you away either.

— Registration Process —

The registration process holds true to what the site claims on its welcome page. Namely, it takes approximately one minute to register. All that is required is for you to enter a valid email, the password that you want to use to access the site, and your date of birth. Beyond that, you’re only asked for your location. Upon completing that minimalistic list of requirements, you will be able to access the FlirtHookup platform.


Before we conclude our coverage of the registration process, there is one very important piece of information that we must disclose. On the initial registration form, immediately below the box indicating that you have read the site’s terms and conditions, there is a brief policy statement. It reads, “I also agree to receive… communications from computer-generated virtual profiles, targeted to me and my interests, sent by”

That line alone should give you pause before ever registering on this site. When we dove deeper into the full terms and conditions of the site we discovered that FlirtHookup gives itself the right to not only use what we would call “fake profiles” and “chat-bots” to communicate with its members — but also to use these profiles and bots to promote third-party services to you. From the beginning, even before we finished registering, we already had a bad feeling about this site.

— The Platform —

flirthookup platform

Once you access the FlirtHookup platform you will notice that it is very simplistic. It is minimalist not only in style but also in substance. A look at its navigation bar will let you know how weak the site is on features.

There is a messages section which contains all of the messages that you have sent and received. There is another section called “matches.” This section is where you will find the profiles of other members who have liked you. There is a feature called a “hot” list. This contains all of the profiles that you have selected to add to this specific list. Beyond that, the only other features are those that allow you to filter the profiles being shown to you by those who are currently online or those who have registered recently.

The search function on FlirtHookup is entirely laughable. The only parameters that you can filter your searches for are proximity to your location, age range, whether they have pictures on their profile, and if they are currently online. Based on our testing, the search results that were returned were highly inaccurate and would require a lot of your time to filter manually.

— User Experience —

The archaic and underperforming platform of FlirtHookup is enough to create a bad user experience. However, FlirtHookup manages to take a bad situation and makes it even worse.

During our testing, our user experience turned into something horrific. From the moment that we first accessed the user platform, we began receiving notifications of incoming messages.

At that stage, we had done nothing — we had not tweaked our profile, we had not upgraded to a paid membership, the only information that the site had about us were the few details that were required during the one-minute registration process.

Upon reviewing our messages it was no surprise at all to discover that they all originated from chat-bots and fake profiles. It is a story as old as time itself when it comes to these types of hookup sites — the poor unsuspecting new user clicks on one of these messages, he is thrilled to discover that a hot looking woman is paying attention to him and when he clicks to reply — boom! He gets hit with a reminder that he must upgrade to a paid membership in order to respond.

To make matters even worse, after we sacrificed ourselves and paid for an upgrade in order to respond to these incoming messages, guess what? Out of a total of 57 messages that we replied to, none continued with the conversation. What does that tell you? It merely confirmed our assumptions that they were fictitious profiles all along.

To extend our test further, we sent out a total of 40 outgoing messages to supposed female members. Don’t be shocked, grab onto something, believe it or not, we got a total of — ZERO replies.

— Cost —

flirthookup cost

If it weren’t for the fact that so many people who are new to the online dating scene fall for this type of crappy site, the amount of money that they charge for membership would be hilarious. Unfortunately, since so many do get caught up in this snare, it is quite aggravating.

A one-month subscription has a cost of $29.95. You are also given the option to pay for three months in advance for a total of $59.95.

In our opinion, even five cents would be too much money to waste on a site such as FlirtHookup.