GK2GK.com Review — The Road to Geeky Love

We were curious, can GK2GK.com bring geeks, nerds, and introverts together? We conducted a review of the site’s performance to determine that answer. Here is our in-depth, GK2GK review.

gk2gk review

GK2GK Review Results
  • Popularity - 48
  • Value - 47
  • Features - 58
  • Quality of Members - 31
  • Safety - 55
  • Customer Satisfaction - 49

Final Word on Gk2Gk.com

On the surface, GK2GK looks and functions like a run-of-the-mill average dating site. The only thing that makes it unique to geeks and nerds is its branding. In terms of results, we tested the site for a total of three days. In that time, a total of 90 messages were sent out to which only two replies were received. Those two replies weren't even from members that fully matched the criteria that we had established for an ideal match. That makes us believe that the GK2GK user base is not as fresh nor as genuine as we would like.

Overall, we would rate GK2GK as BELOW AVERAGE

— Pros and Cons —


  • Intuitive and easy-to-use user interface
  • Fast registration process
  • Ability to send a limited number of messages as a free member
  • PayPal is accepted as a form of payment


  • Lack of a verification system for new users
  • The platform a lacks the advanced features that you would expect for a site geared toward geeks
  • Requires an upgrade to the paid version to have full functionality
  • Search and matchmaking lack the advanced options of other dating sites

— In-Depth GK2GK.com Review —

Are you a geek or a nerd? Do you like geeky or nerdy partners? If the answer to either of those two questions is yes, there is a dating site known as GK2GK.com that focuses on bringing geeks together for fun and romance. As with any niche site, GK2GK promises that it is the ideal solution for the audience that it is designed to serve.

— First Impression —


We got our first impression of GK2GK when we visited its welcome page. Designed in a simple and modern style, the welcome page centers your attention on its only feature — that being the registration box. The phrase, “Geeks and dorks find love here, meet nerdy singles in your area,” appears immediately below the registration box.

— Registration Process —

Registration on GK2GK takes place within an intuitive and easy to follow series of windows. Each one concentrates on a specific area of information so as not to overwhelm the new registrant.

As you would expect, information such as your date of birth, location, and valid email are required. You must also select a username and password for the site. In addition to that, questions regarding your ethnicity, religious faith, and family status are also included. While none of the questions are intrusive nor complex, you should still allow yourself at least ten minutes to register on GK2GK.

gk2gk registration 1

gk2gk registration 2

gk2gk registration 3

gk2gk registration 4

During registration, you are given the option to upload pictures of yourself to serve as your profile picture. This step, however, can be skipped at registration and can be done at a later time.

One thing that did strike us as odd during registration was the fact that the site does not have a verification step for new registrants. The majority of dating sites utilize e-mail verification to validate new users — GK2GK does not. This, while convenient in the sense of time, is also a little bit disconcerting. Sites that do not verify new users can be easily abused by people seeking to open multiple or fake accounts.

— The Platform —

gk2gk-members area

Being a dating site designed for geeks and nerds, we were expecting a platform that was a bit more technologically advanced than the one that we found. If anything, the GK2GK platform can be described as generic. It is somewhat simplistic in order to facilitate navigation and it is visually based. Again, these are not bad things — for the average user the platform would be more than functional. Still, if the site is focused on an audience that is traditionally highly tech-savvy and inclined to tinker, why offer such a plain vanilla user interface?

— Profile Personalization —

While it is not mandatory to expand your profile beyond the information that you provided during registration, from our point of view, it would be advisable if you do so.

By clicking on the profile tab in the navigation menu, you are directed to your profile page where you can change and add to your personal information.

Within your profile section, if you click on the “my interests” section you will be able to add a list of your favorite music, movies, books, TV shows, sports, and other hobbies. Not only will this benefit you when other members view your profile, but the GK2GK matchmaking algorithm supposedly also utilizes this information to help serve you more accurate matches when you conduct a search.

Another section within your profile is called “questions and answers.” Here you can add text to your “About Me” section. You could also provide an answer to the question, “if you could do lunch with anyone who would it be and why?” You can also provide a written description of the person that you are seeking to meet. Lastly, you can also post an icebreaker question that will be shown on your profile to other members An example of such a question could be, “if you had one wish what would you wish for?”

— Search and Matchmaking —

The search and matchmaking feature for GK2GK takes a rather simple and direct approach. The first thing that you see when you enter your member’s page is a series of tiled images of other members that the site feels would be a good match for you. These you can sort by the most ideal, those who are the most active, newest members, those who live closest to you, as well as those who have the most popular profiles on the site. If you click on the edit button located on the upper left side, you can filter the search results further. This filtering, however, is only limited to modifying the age range, location, and interests of your potential matches.


GK2GK also has a feature known as “Mingle.” This functions as a compatibility game. It involves you comparing two images that are presented on your screen. You must select which one you like best. Sequentially, you are shown additional photo pairings as well as being given an opportunity to answer short questions about your personality. Each sequence normally consists of three to five such items. Immediately afterward, a profile image and short bio of another GK2GK user is displayed. You can either like the person or decline them.

Based on our testing, it seemed like the mingle feature was loosely based on the attributes and metrics of our profile. At no time did we get a sense that it was a true matchmaking algorithm. This feature, in our opinion, it’s just eye candy offering no advantage over normal search.

— Communication —

You can communicate with other members on GK2GK via an online messaging platform that can double as an instant chat feature. There is also what the site calls a “megawink” feature that allows you to send wink-type salutations to multiple members at the same time.

— Cost —

gk2gk cost

There is no cost to open an account on GK2GK. Surprisingly, free users are allowed to send and receive messages. However, the number of messages that you can send is topped off at 12. If you wish to have unlimited communication functionality, to have the ability to send megawinks, and to have preferential placement of your profile on the search results of other users, you must upgrade to the paid version.

A one-month membership has a cost of $9.95. If you pay for three months in advance, the average monthly cost drops to $6.65. If you pay for one full year in advance, the average monthly cost drops to only $3.33. GK2GK accepts PayPal as a method of payment, something that is not found on many other sites.