GonnaBang Review — How Much “Bang” Do You Really Get?

“Gonna bang,” sounds like the answer that we would all like to give when asked, “what are your plans for tonight?” Unfortunately, if we were honest, the majority of the time our answer to such a question would be, “pig out on pizza and play video games” or “watch online porn and choke the chicken until I pass out.”

An online hookup site known as GonnaBang supposedly can make your desired answer come true.

How are they able to do that? Are they even able to do that? Those are valid questions — especially when “banging” is involved. This is why — with our infinite knowledge and experience in all things bang-related — we endeavored to conduct a full review of GonnaBang. Hey, if our readers wanna bang, we must make sure that they follow the right path to do so.

Before you join GonnaBang, give our review a read. That way you’ll know if the GonnaBang platform will really provide you with a good bang for your buck or if it’s all blanks.

GonnaBang Review

GonnaBang Review Results
  • Popularity - 40
  • Value - 34
  • Features - 44
  • Quality of Members - 36
  • Safety - 41
  • Customer Satisfaction - 38

Final Word on GonnaBang

What can we say, GonnaBang looks good but performs poorly. During four days of testing our testers made over 100 attempts at hooking up and received a whopping zero replies.

The majority of the female profiles don't pass our sniff test for authenticity. While fake profiles are not used to relentlessly hound you to upgrade, we got the feeling that the majority of the female profiles were less than authentic. As if they were there to make it seem like a vibrant platform when in reality it is not.

We have to rate GonnaBang as POOR.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Fast and easy registration
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Option to use store gift cards as payment


  • Few actionable profiles
  • Paid membership is required for any real functionality
  • Lack of native mobile apps
  • Lack of advanced search and filtering options
  • Some menu items will redirect you to a third-party site

— The GonnaBang Audience —

Obviously, with a name like “GonnaBang,” the audience for this hookup platform is going to lean heavily on the casual and no-strings-attached side of things. This is definitely not the place for soul mates and lifelong partners. In other words, it is a platform to find bang buddies, not the love of your life.

— Access —

gonnabang.com homepage

GonnaBang lacks native mobile apps. However, you can still access it on your smartphone by using your device’s mobile browser. The mobile experience for GonnaBang is not perfect, but it is functional.

Our testers were of the opinion that the optimal GonnaBang experience comes by using its full desktop browser version.

— Registration Process —

When you first visit GonnaBang an interstitial window will open before you can even browse through its homepage. This pop-up allows you to kick-start the registration process. All that is required at this stage is a valid email address, your choice of desired password to access the site, and your date of birth. The pop-up is headlined, “Join Now. It’s FREE.” More on that later.


After you submit this most basic of information you will be redirected to another page allowing you to add a few details about yourself and the type of partner you are seeking. You can also upload an image of yourself for your profile page.

Finally, you will be asked to confirm your registration by clicking on a validation link that was sent to the email address that you provided at the beginning of the registration process. While it is standard to mention that you should always check your spam folder for this type of email, when it comes to GonnaBang this is especially relevant. All five of our testers had their confirmation email land in their spam folder.

— User Interface —

Immediately after validating your registration you can access GonnaBang’s user platform. It has a clean design on a white background making it easy to absorb and navigate. The layout consists of a narrow menu column on the lefthand side with the rest of the screen being occupied by the site’s content — member profiles, message notifications, a list of newest members, etc.


If you scroll to the footer of the platform you will notice the presence of third-party advertisements. These are not obtrusive, but clicking on them will take you off the site.

In terms of speed, our testers found navigating the site on a desktop or laptop was speedy. The platform was always responsive. The mobile browser version was equally as fast although the layout lost some of its appeal when it was condensed into such a small screen. On the mobile version, the presence of ads was seen as having a negative impression by our testers.

— Features —

Most people will use a platform’s menu to immediately determine what features a site has. In the case of GonnaBang, however, you need to be a little bit more careful and selective.

The menu items on GonnaBang are quite eye-catching, to say the least. They include Dating Center, Messages, Your Activity, Search, Free Movies, Get Laid, Meet & Fuck (yes, this a genuine menu item), and Help.

Dating Center will always take you back to the front page of the main platform.


Messages directs you to the messaging module where you can review your incoming messages and send replies. If you want to send a message to someone, it is easier to navigate to their profile page and send it from there by clicking on the message button.

The Your Activity section displays a summary of your recent actions. You can review the profiles that you have viewed recently, scan through your own updates, and view a listing of suggested matches.

The Search feature is basic in that it does not incorporate many of the advanced filtering options found on many other hookup platforms. On GonnaBang you can only filter for gender, age range, location, whether the member is online, and whether they have pictures posted on their profile. There is also a “safe mode” option that you can activate which will filter out those profiles containing suggestive pictures or language. Honestly, if you are on a site called GonnaBang, why the hell would you ever activate safe mode?

The Help feature redirects you to GonnaBang’s FAQ section. We found it to be reasonably thorough and it should answer the majority of a new user’s questions. If you are still in the need of further assistance, you have the option of submitting a help ticket from this section. Our testers found response times to range from 12 to 48 hours when submitting a ticket.

As far as the other menu items are concerned (Free Movies, Get Laid, Meet & Fuck) — well… as intriguing as they may sound, we would suggest you don’t go there. These menu items redirect you to other sites off the platform. All of these will require you to register and pay for an entirely different service. Why does GonnaBang do this? It likely gets a taste of the action or operates the other platforms itself.

— Cost —

GonnaBang is free to register. However, in order to send and reply to messages, view private photos, receive priority placement for your profile, and have access to priority support — a paid membership is required.

Gonna Bang Cost

One month will cost you $29.95. The average monthly cost can be lowered to $19.98 f you pay for three months in advance.

— Wait, My Lowe’s Gift Card Can Get Me Laid? —

A curious aspect of GonnaBang is that they allow you to choose from a list of dozens of gift cards (including Lowe’s, Best Buy, and Walmart) as an alternate form of payment.

The number of days that you receive and the amount charged to the gift card varies based on the store issuing it. By selecting your gift card from a drop-down menu, you will be shown the cost.