LocalsGoWild Review — Just How Likely Are You To Hook Up?

With a tagline such as “local girls gone wild — tame them now,” the hookup site known as LocalsGoWild definitely grabs your attention.

Obviously, LocalsGoWild is a hookup site intended to help you find partners who live near you for casual sex. It is not the sort of place that you would spend your time if you are seeking your soulmate or the love of your life. That being said, if you are looking for a quick action site, you will be interested in how LocalsGoWild performs.

We conducted a thorough review of the LocalsGoWild platform. If the branding behind the site intrigues you, we suggest that you give our LocalsGoWild review a thorough read. That way, you will have the necessary background information regarding the site’s performance and overall user experience which will help you arrive at your own determination as to whether this hookup site is right for you.

LocalsGoWild Review

LocalsGoWild Review Results
  • Popularity - 39
  • Value - 36
  • Features - 57
  • Quality of Members - 40
  • Safety - 42
  • Customer Satisfaction - 41

Final Word on LocalsGoWild

Unfortunately, there isn't much which is good that we can say about LocalsGoWild. If you were to decide to join and pay for a membership the only wildness that you will be experiencing will be your own personal frustration for having wasted your time and money.

We would have to rate LocalsGoWild as VERY POOR.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Fast registration process
  • Mobile browser version is fast and stable
  • Intuitive and easy-to-navigate user interface


  • Requires a paid membership to get full functionality
  • Majority of female profiles are inactive or fictitious
  • Incorporates members from other dating sites making finding local hookups very difficult
  • Trial offer results in being flooded with chatbot messages

— First Impression —


When you first visit the homepage to LocalsGoWild you will be greeted by an aesthetically pleasing but somewhat routine landing page. You will find the standard image of an attractive young woman and a simplified registration box for new members above the fold.

Aesthetically, LocalsGoWild looks professionally designed but does not offer anything that makes it stand out from the crowd.

— Registering and Digging Deeper —

localsgowild registration

The registration process for new members on LocalsGoWild is fast and simple. All that is required is your selection of desired username and password for the site, a valid email, and your location. Usually, the location box will be pre-populated based on the geolocation information obtained from your IP address. If it is not correct, you can change it manually.

Once you enter your basic information you are redirected to a page allowing you the opportunity to upload a profile image. If you do not wish to do so, you can skip that part of the registration process.

One word of warning, you should provide a valid email address that you have access to when you register. This is because LocalsGoWild will send you a verification email that you must click on for full user verification. If you do not do so, you will be presented with a nag screen and you will be denied access to many profiles on the site which require user verification — roughly 75 percent.

— Platform and Features —

Localsgoldwild main-dash

LocalsGoWild is intended to be used primarily on a desktop or laptop browser. It lacks native mobile apps although you can still access the service on your smartphone’s mobile browser. Usually, platforms that rely on mobile browsers offer slow and clunky performance. This is why we were pleasantly surprised to find that LocalsGoWild performs quite well on mobile browsers. It was almost as if you were using a native mobile app. It was fast and responsive.

The features offered on LocalsGoWild are fairly standard. There is a search feature which allows you to search for other members on the platform based on age range, gender, distance from you, etc.

localsgowild search filters

The site also offers private messaging and live chat. There are also group chat rooms and forums which allow multiple members to communicate with each other simultaneously.

In terms of features, there is nothing original in LocalsGoWild but the functionality that it does offer seems to fall within the acceptable parameters of performance and ease-of-use.

— Quality of Members —

While aesthetically and structurally LocalsGoWild can be described as being solid — when it comes to the type of members that you will find in its user base, the situation is not as rosy. Unfortunately, many of the user profiles — especially those belonging to women — are either inactive or are fictitious.

During our three days of testing, our testers determined that less than five percent of the profiles could be classified as belonging to genuine women living within a 20-mile distance of the person conducting the search. That is no way to hook up.

What makes matters worse is that these inactive and fictitious profiles are left in the system into perpetuity. Casual users might think that they belong to active members and attempt to seek out conversations with them. In so doing, a paid membership is required and many of these new users will be drawn into paying for such an upgrade based on useless profiles.

Another detail that our testers noticed was that the user base presented by LocalsGoWild is not exclusive to the site. You see, this particular hookup site belongs to a larger network of dating sites called the Together Network. This means that the majority of the user profiles that you will encounter belong to a multitude of other sites, not just LocalsGoWild.

While this expanded reach sounds like a good idea on the surface, in reality, it is counterproductive. If you were seeking out LocalsGoWild specifically for local hookups, you will find that the majority of the suggested matches presented to you belong to women who live quite a distance from you.

— User Experience and Expected Results —

Unfortunately, the overall user experience brought about by the poor quality of members on LocalsGoWild’s user base is negative. To be perfectly honest we would see it as a very difficult proposition for anyone to find a local hookup on this platform.

— Cost —

A one-month membership on LocalsGoWild has a price of $27.30. You can choose to pay for three months in advance for $45.90 or $73.80 for six months.

Localsgowild cost

There is also a three-day trial for $2.97. One thing that we noticed when you opt for the trial is that you start receiving large volumes of messages and chat requests during the trial period. Unfortunately, nearly all of it originates from chatbots —not real women. It is as if they are trying to lure you into extending your trial to a full membership by making it seem like you are irresistible — imagine that!