Hitch App Review — It’s All About Shared Interests

Hitch is a location-based mobile-only app for both iPhone and Android devices. Our team of testers spent days examining every nook and cranny to bring you this in-depth Hitch App review.

Hitch App Review

Hitch App Review Results
  • Popularity - 76
  • Value - 74
  • Features - 81
  • Quality of Members - 74
  • Safety - 78
  • Customer Satisfaction - 76

Final Word on Hitch

The concept behind the Hitch app is interesting. It is refreshing to find an app that focuses on the importance of shared interests when it comes to matchmaking. However, in its execution Hitch can leave you frustrated. During our evaluation, our testers came across topics that were of extreme interest to them on a frequent basis. Unfortunately, these topics were devoid of any local members.

We feel that the Hitch app will improve with time. Presently we would only rate it as GOOD. However, we do rate its potential as EXCELLENT.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Focuses on common interests, not physical attributes
  • Available for both iPhone and Android
  • Fast registration process
  • Fast and easy-to-use interface


  • Requires a paid membership to use the chat function
  • Desktop access is not available
  • Difficult to find topics that have a consistent following in all geographic areas

— Full Hitch App Review —

When you think about it, connecting with another person requires one key component — having something in common. In order for this connection to be fruitful and for it to blossom into a relationship, what you have in common should be something that you both love and enjoy.

Unfortunately, finding people that enjoy our passions and joys in life is not always easy. This is why meeting new people is viewed as such a challenge. You might be surrounded by dozens — or even hundreds — of people every single day at work, at school, and in public — but in the end you just can’t find that connection that you are looking for.

A dating app known as the Hitch app claims that it can be of assistance in that regard. Hitch states that it helps to connect people around the things they love. They describe their mission by saying, “we want to make the experience of meeting new people easier and more fun than ever.”

We know what you’re probably thinking right now, “isn’t that what every online dating app in existence is meant to do?” To be honest, we thought the same thing. This is why we conducted a full evaluation of the Hitch app in order to determine what makes it special. These are the results.

— Registration Process —

The Hitch app makes the registration process easy. You can use your Facebook credentials to fast track your registration on Hitch. If not, you have to select a username, a password to access your account, and provide a valid email address.

With regards to the personal information that you must provide to join, the only mandatory items are your age, gender, and the gender of the match that you are looking for. All other categories, such as location, education level, economic background, etc., are optional and can be left blank. The only other mandatory item is to upload a profile picture. For those new users that use their Facebook credentials to register, the required information is automatically extracted from your Facebook account, including using your Facebook profile picture as the profile picture for your new Hitch account. During our test, registration took less than two minutes.

— The Hitch Method to Matchmaking —

As could have been deduced during the registration process, the profiles on Hitch are not very robust. They offer only cursory information about each member. The hitch app does not rely on a matchmaking algorithm that hashes and scrutinizes the personality and physical attributes of its members to generate a match. Instead, the app focuses on the commonality of interests and topics between members to generate matches.

Everything about Hitch revolves around what they call “Topics.” Simply stated, topics are a vertical collection of posts on a specific subject created by members. Instead of swiping on the profile pictures of individual members, you get to swipe topics. The more you use the app, the more that the Hitch algorithm will serve you with topics that are relevant to you.

When you like a topic you can enter the conversation and chat with other members that are participating in the same topic. The idea here is to foment attraction by having a shared interest as opposed to blunt physical attraction.

You can filter the number of posts that you see within each topic by location, gender, and age range. This will allow you to find people are near and within your expected dating parameters.

Topics cover a wide range of categories. Everything from travel, to food, to Fashion, to pets — the list is endless. You can also browse through the main categories to discover the latest topics posted within each one.

— Communicating With Other Members —

Once you join a topic, if you spot a post from another member that catches your attention, all you have to do is click on that member’s profile to activate a chat window. It is that simple.

— Cost —

Registering, viewing topics, viewing the profiles of other members, and even posting comments on topics are all included in the free version of Hitch. However, if you want to utilize the chat feature, this requires payment.

There are two ways for users to do this. One is to pay a monthly membership that has a cost of $43.65. You could also choose to pay for 6 months in advance with a cost of $160.20. Another way is to pay for each chat on demand.

Payment on demand is handled via a virtual currency system. Each chat has a cost of 20 virtual coins. Users can purchase these coins in advance. As an example, 100 coins has a cost of $12.99. 1000 coins will cost you $89.99.

— User Experience and Results —

The user interface is modern and easy to use. The app never appears cluttered, not even when using devices with small screens.

Our testers found a large number of interesting topics. However, when location filters were applied, many of the most interesting topics were left with few posts. This led us to conclude that finding a topic that is interesting to you while also being interesting to other members in your area can be a hit-and-miss affair.