HitWe Review — Yet Another Social Discovery Dating Site

Curious about how HitWe lives up to its own hype, we conducted a full review. Here are the results.

hitwe review

HitWe Review Results
  • Popularity - 57
  • Value - 71
  • Features - 67
  • Quality of Members - 48
  • Safety - 52
  • Customer Satisfaction - 55

Final Word on HitWe

From our perspective, the main drawback for HitWe was the fact that it promotes itself as a social discovery dating site when in reality it functions more like a basic "search and you shall find" type of dating site. While the free version can be useful, we found the communication limitations make relying on it impractical.

Overall, we would rate HitWe as below average but still usable.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Fast and easy registration
  • Available in desktop and mobile form
  • Smooth user interface that is easy to navigate


  • Doesn’t really use social discovery for matchmaking
  • Large amount of independent fake profiles
  • Free users have limited communication functionality

— In-Depth HitWe Review —


Social discovery dating sites are revolutionizing the online dating industry. They are supposed to function as a hybrid between a social media network and a traditional online dating site. HitWe.com is one of these self-proclaimed social discovery sites. Available in both desktop and mobile versions, it promotes itself as being “the dating site that changes people’s lives by changing how they meet.”

— Available Platforms —

The desktop version of HitWe.com doesn’t require any special downloads. The entire HitWe platform is accessible via any desktop web browser.

HitWe is also available as a mobile app for iPhone and Android devices. It is available as a free download on iTunes and Google Play.


As of September 2017, the HitWe app has an aggregate rating of four stars on iTunes, with a 5-star average rating for its latest version. On Google Play, after nearly a quarter of a million downloads, the app has an average 4-star rating.

— Registration Process —

Registering on HitWe is free. It is also quite fast. You can link your HitWe account to your Facebook or Google Plus profile. When you do so, it imports the basic information it requires and gives you instant access. If you do not wish to link your Facebook or Google Plus profile to HitWe, you can register manually. This requires you to enter your name, valid email, select a password, and identify your age and gender. Be forewarned, it is imperative that you use a valid email that you control. The site can detect fake emails and will not allow you to proceed with the registration process. Also, once you enter your valid email, the site we will send you a confirmation link that you must click on to verify your identity.

hitwe registration

During our tests, our volunteers encountered no difficulties when they registered using their Facebook profiles. However, those volunteers that used manual registration did complain about the CAPTCHA used during registration. They identified it as a nuisance — even though it was graphically based, it was way too sensitive. Our volunteers reported that it took at minimum three attempts to successfully pass the CAPTCHA screen.

— Customizing Your Profile —

The fact that HitWe uses an expedited registration process does not mean that the complexity of your profile has to suffer. To the contrary, HitWe allows you to upload multiple profile pictures and it also allows you to augment your profile with key personality and physical details.

From your registration information, HitWe already has your age and gender and it determines your location from the IP address of your connection.

You can manually add additional information such as religion, astrological sign, and body type. You can also specify your sexual orientation, your relationship status and the type of relationship that you are seeking. If you wish to be more revealing about yourself, you can also report if you have children, pets, what type of vehicle you own, as well as what type of home. You can also enter information about your job and level of education. Even your personal habits, such as smoking, drinking, use of drugs, and diet, can be included.

If that isn’t a sufficient level of detail for you, an area is provided to expand more deeply regarding your personal hobbies and interests. For example, you can choose from a menu of options to describe what type of books you like. This can also be done regarding sports, pets, fashion style, individual Hobbies, and travel.

There is also a section where you can expand upon what inspires you in life. Some of your options in this category are adventure, nature, and meditation. There is also a category to identify the type of personalities that you are attracted to. Some of the options here include optimistic, honest, and funny.

Even though the entire profile building process on HitWe is menu-driven, we still found it to be detailed enough to properly express yourself. Hopefully, HitWe will one day offer an “about me” section in order to allow users a place where they can include some of their own words in describing themselves.

— The Matchmaking Process —

With its style, design, and description, HitWe presents itself as a social discovery dating site. This is why we were expecting a hybridized version of a social media site and dating site in one. The reality, however, was different.

HitWe uses a traditional matchmaking system based on search and indexing parameters. This explains the menu intensive profile builder. Essentially what HitWe does is use the information obtained from its multiple-choice profile builder questions to try and match people that share answers in common. We could not find any advanced matchmaking algorithm beyond that. Neither could we find any evidence of a social network-style matrix being applied when the matches are being suggested.

Needless to say, this was disappointing. The social discovery aspect of online dating is one that is rapidly advancing. Unfortunately, no matter how HitWe tries to represent itself, it cannot genuinely be called part of the social discovery dating scene.

— User Experience —

Technically speaking, the user experience offered by HitWe is sound. The design on both desktop and mobile is clean and easy to navigate. Where we did have an issue was with the quality of users that you encounter on the site.

During our testing, we calculated that roughly half of the profiles presented to us were not genuine. These did not take the form of officially sanctioned fictitious profiles or chatbots, but rather seemed to belong to individuals who were creating fake profiles for their own purposes. This could be for trolling or catfishing. If you use HitWe, you should be on the lookout for those types of profiles.

— Cost —

HitWe promotes itself as a free site. The site uses display advertising to monetize itself. Fortunately, the ads that they show are not obtrusive. During our test, we even found that most of these ads were easily blocked on the desktop version by activating your ad blocker.

The free version, however, does have certain limits. This is mainly evident in its communication feature. On the free version, you can send unlimited fast messages to other users. These consist of pre-drafted one line messages that you can select from a drop-down menu. Free users cannot write messages in a free text format. This makes online chatting almost impossible. In order to remove these types of communication limitations, you must upgrade to a paid membership. This has a cost of $7.99 per month.