6 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Significant Other

Yes, the Holidays are here again. That means it’s time for family and friends to get together. A time for the ruckus of shopping and the infamous unpredictable office party. It is also time to start thinking about what you’re going to get your partner as a present.

Holiday Gift Ideas Significant Other

Being in a relationship brings with it many responsibilities. Gift giving during the holidays is one of them. Before you start hyperventilating and getting all stressed out, relax — we have your back on this one. If your own gift selection skills are as a dull as a rusty butter knife, simply read our list of suggested items below and choose one of them.

1. Sexy Underwear/Lingerie

This is the perfect present for him or her and for you. Not only is it fun choosing the undergarments, but it is also amazingly pleasurable once its put to its intended use. Also, its the gift that keeps on giving. Your partner will not only wear it once, they will wear it on multiple occasions and we can assure you that each of those instances will be a blast.

A word of advice, if you are purchasing a piece of sexy lingerie for a woman make sure that you have her exact size — don’t start guessing. No matter how easy it might seem to purchase such lingerie online, sometimes it is better to go to a brick-and-mortar store. Take a picture of your girlfriend with you, preferably a recent one that is a full body shot. If you could be standing next to her in the photo, that will help the sales clerk to gauge her size and help you select an appropriate garment. Otherwise, you might end up with an item that is either too large or too small and that will open up a can of worms that you do not want.

2. A Winter Trip

Holiday Gift Ideas Significant Other - Winter Trip

Chances are that the both of you are going to be worn out by all of the Holiday hustle and bustle. This creates the perfect opportunity for the both of you to take a short winter getaway together. This could be a weekend at a ski lodge, a few days in Vegas, or even a cozy evening at a fancy hotel in your own town.

Make sure to make the outing strictly about the both of you — nobody else. Even if you have families over, turn off the cell phone and focus on the both of you.

A good way to present this gift to your partner is by inserting an elegant card stating the location where you will be going. Place the card inside a box that you can gift wrap. Then, just wait to see their eyes when they open their gift.

3. Their Favorite Wine or Spirits

Holiday Gift Ideas Significant Other - Spirit

We know what you’re thinking, a bottle of booze for the holidays is so unoriginal. We understand your point, but we are not talking about your ordinary bottle of cheap Chardonnay — we are referring to a more refined selection.

If your significant other enjoys scotch whiskey, then think along the lines of an 18-year-old single malt. If wine is their game, there are plenty of wine sellers online that offer wonderful insight on how to select the perfect bottle of wine. You want to give your partner something that will be cherished and when consumed enjoyed with refinement. Preferably, this will involve the both of you toasting a romantic evening alone.

4. Jewelry

Holiday Gift Ideas Significant Other - Jewelry

You can never go wrong with fine jewelry. It is important, however, to be familiar with your partner’s tastes. Before you purchase a piece of jewelry observe what you’re partner normally wears. Pretty soon you’ll be able to establish a pattern of how they accessorize. Again, much as was the case with the lingerie, the personal attention that you receive at a brick-and-mortar jewelry store might be of help. Pictures again will also help. By viewing pictures of your partner and their accessories, the sales clerk will be able to make some recommendations for you to purchase.

Ladies, if you are uncertain about what sort of jewelry purchase to make for the man in your life, consider his fashion style. You should be able to determine quite easily if a chain, bracelet or fine watch is right for him. If those suggestions simply clash with his normal style, then think about accessories such as money clip that can still carry the elegance of fine jewelry but that do not necessarily have to be worn.

5. Professional Photography Shoot

Holiday Gift Ideas Significant Other - Photo Shoot

You most likely have tons of pictures with your partner on your cell phone and splattered all over social media. While we are certain that they are lovely and that they provide a true testament to your time together, there is still nothing quite as elegant and permanent as pictures taken by a professional photographer.

Depending on your personalities, the photo shoot can be held entirely in a studio or it can take place outside any myriad of settings. Personally, we would recommend a hybrid package. One that includes stylish and creative studio shots as well as more casual and natural shots in outdoor settings.

You want to have a set that captures the essence of your relationship. This is the sort of gift that demonstrates that you are serious and committed to the relationship. This gift can be presented much like the weekend getaway, on a card contained in a gift-wrapped box. It could also be handled proactively. In this latter case, the photoshoot takes place a few days or even weeks before the Holidays. When it comes time to open the present, it would consist of the final shots from the photographer elegantly framed.

6. Intimate “Personal” Gift

Holiday Gift Ideas Significant Other - Intimate

Yes, the majority of gifts between partners are always going to be intimate to some degree. This is why exchanging them is usually best handled in private. Sometimes the doting stare of your great uncle Willis is more freaky than nurturing. This is especially true if the gift involved is of a supremely “intimate” nature.

What are we talking about? We think you know. In case you don’t, we posted an article about sex toys every couple should have not too long ago. Give that a look and you’ll be able to give the term “stocking stuffer” a whole new meaning.

— Santa and Cupid in One —

When you are in a relationship, the Holidays require you to be Santa and Cupid in one. Of course, you’re going to give your partner plenty of other presents — most of them practical or fun in nature. However, never neglect to include that one special present — the sexy/romantic/intimate present. We hope the ideas above will inspire you to deliver that special little something.