HookUp.com Review — Will It Really Help You Hook Up?

Of course, every dating or hookup site will boast about its ability to match like-minded people. The best way, however, to tell just how good a dating site is, requires actually putting it to the test and that’s just what we did. The following is the result of an in-depth look at HookUP.com.

hookup.com review

HookUP.com Review Results
  • Popularity - 54
  • Value - 47
  • Features - 49
  • Quality of Members - 32
  • Safety - 64
  • Customer Satisfaction - 49

Final Word on HookUP.com

Unfortunately, there is no responsible way to rate this dating site beyond "BELOW AVERAGE."

While not a scam, as some superficial reviewers online tout it to be, we do find it to be less than honest with its members. The use of so many fake profiles — even though they clearly disclose them in the terms and conditions — to us just seems underhanded. Although this has become a common occurrence on many hookup sites, the difference between real and fake profiles was astounding compared to other sites we've tried. Don't forget to use common sense people!

In our opinion, you'd be best served to find a casual hookup using other hookup services. It's ironic that a site with the domain name HookUP.com is one of the least effective in actually getting you hooked up.

— Pros and Cons of HookUP.com —


  • Simple registration process
  • Intuitive navigation


  • The high number of fake profiles on the site
  • Using these fake profiles to encourage paid membership
  • Monthly membership is pricey compared to other more reliable hookup sites
  • Does not have a mobile app

— Full HookUP.com Review —

Dating sites come in different flavors. Some are geared toward finding long-term relationships, while others focus on helping you find a local hookup for some casual fun and encounters. In the case of HookUp.com, as its name implies, this dating site is focused on the latter. It claims to help its members “hook up with hot singles” in their area.

— First Look and Registration Process —

hookup.com express registration

On the surface, HookUP has a slick and modern feel. Its promotional material and feeder sites constantly imply how easy it is to hookup with eager females for casual encounters. Upon visiting the site for the first time you are welcomed by a sleek, slightly minimalist landing page featuring images of women who are supposed members of the site. Aside from that, all that you will find is a registration form requesting your name, age and email. Nowhere does it explain its membership pricing policy. There isn’t even a link to its pricing. The only way to get to that information is by submitting your information, thus completing the initial registration process and entering the site with a free 14-day membership. That right there should be cause for pause.

When you do finish the initial registration process, a password is sent to your email, which you can change later, to access the site.

— Functionality —

Once you enter the site with your login information, you are greeted by the HookUP main page. There you can browse through the profiles of other members or search for members that match your specific criteria. The site allows you to register as a man, woman, couple or group. Likewise, it allows you to search for men, women, couples and groups. Based solely on the search parameters, HookUP is very open minded and on the surface seems promising.

is hookup.com real and legit

As you delve further into the page, however, one thing that struck a suspicious chord for us was the unusually large number of extremely attractive women whose profile pics appeared on the page. You might say, “hold on, now — a ton of sexy ladies, why is that a problem?”

The answer to that question is, if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. As you read on you’ll see what we mean.

— HookUP.com Fake Profiles —

The main problem that we identified with HookUP was the large number of fake profiles — specifically those of attractive women. This apparently is a common complaint that members voice about HookUP. If one takes the time to read through the terms and conditions of HookUP, they do not deny the use of what amounts to be fake profiles. They do not identify them as fake profiles, they refer to them as site incentivizers.

is hookup.com a scam

Speaking for myself and the majority of our team, if we register for a hookup site, we want to see the profiles of real women, not “incentivizers.”

The presence of those fake profiles does not mean that all of the profiles on HookUP are fictitious. In fact, it is not difficult for you to identify which ones are fake. They appear with a legend or identifier that reads either “OC” or “Online Cupid.” This distinction is clearly stated in its terms and conditions. All of these profiles are further described as having been created and maintained by computer algorithms.

— Communicating With Potential Matches —

When you click on the profile pic of a person that caught your eye, their full profile page opens. There you can read their in-depth profile and make contact with them through email or the HookUP instant messaging system if they are currently online.

If you are not a paid member, however, all of those communication options are closed to you. You need to be a paid member in order to use the communication options on HookUP.

Having to pay for communication functionality wouldn’t be a beef of ours if you were only paying to communicate with REAL potential matches. Unfortunately, HookUP “entices” you to communicate with their fake profiles as well. Yes, that’s right, HookUP will sometimes send you an instant message alert from one of the fake profiles as you are browsing other profiles. These message alerts contain profile pics of hot women, supposedly nearby, with baiting invitations, such as “hey, wanna hook up?”

After you take a second or two to let out a loud “YES,” invariably you’re going to click on the message to see what it’s about. Sadly, if you’re not a paid member you will be told that you must pay for membership in order to talk to this chick that is apparently eager and waiting to hook up with you right now.

If it were a real woman that was trying to reach out to you, hell, the membership would probably be worth it. Sadly, most of the time it is only the computer generated profiles that are sending the messages. Yes, if you’re not careful, during your free trial membership you may be enticed to pay just to talk to a computer generated chat-bot. (Who doesn’t want to “get down” with a computer algo, right?)

— HookUP.com Cost 

hookup.com cost

Membership on HookUP is paid on a monthly basis. If you pay for a three-month plan in advance, the monthly average comes out to $23 per month. If you pay on a month to month basis, it is $29.95 per month.