Is a Dating Site?

Is a Dating Site

Reader Question:

I am single and also still a virgin. I am 22 years old and plan on saving myself until marriage. I live in a small town and dating opportunities, especially with those who share and respect my decision, are difficult to find.

I am a fun person. I consider myself friendly and outgoing. I want to meet new people and widen my search for a life partner. That is why the idea of joining an online dating site has intrigued me. I’ve checked some of the bigger names in the online dating business and, to be honest, I feel like most of those sites, even the more innocent looking ones, are geared more toward people who are more open to pre-marital sex than I am.

I heard about a site called I would like to know, is that an online dating site?

If so, is it for other people such as myself? Does it have a good reputation?

Any input would be greatly appreciated as my online dating knowledge and experience is, frankly, below that of a novice.


“New To This”


Dear “New To This”

Adhering to your personal values is admirable. We salute you for that. Even though you undoubtedly face criticism for your decision by some parts of society, provided that it is heartfelt and genuinely your own decision, then you should never let critical voices sway you from your chosen path.

With that said, addressing the case about specifically, we are sorry to inform you that it is not an online dating site. It does not offer a platform for people to join with the purpose of meeting other singles.

It is an informational and support website for people, such as yourself, who wish to wait until marriage to have sex. By that token, it offers useful articles and advice that you may find useful. It is always nice to find a venue geared toward your way of thinking.

For online dating, you may want to consider sites, such as, which focus more on a demographic that is inclined to share your point of view on pre-marital sex. Such a site would spare you from unwanted behaviors that you may encounter on dating sites with a broader audience. The site also has a solid and trusted reputation which should result in a quality user experience for you.

Whatever site you decide to join, just be honest about your values. There are plenty of singles out there who share and value your point of view.