Jack’D Review — The Next Generation of Gay

In order to establish for our readership what the true nature and functionality of the Jack’D Hookup App really is, we took it for a spin and prepared this Jack’D review.

Jack'D Review

Jack'D App Review Results
  • Popularity - 81
  • Value - 87
  • Features - 83
  • Quality of Members - 76
  • Safety - 84
  • Customer Satisfaction - 77

Final Word on Jack'D

We were pleasantly delighted with Jack'D. We found it to be quite versatile. Unlike Grindr that is well, Grindr — Jack'D gives you the experience that YOU want to get out of it. If you are looking for something casual and wild — it'll work for you. If you are more sedate and prefer a more modest experience — you will be equally comfortable with Jack'D.

Overall, we rate it as VERY GOOD.

— Jack’D Pros and Cons —


  • Free
  • Excellent aesthetic and smooth navigation
  • Over 5 million members


  • Registration requires valid email
  • Password lock for app requires paid Pro version
  • No desktop version available

— Detailed Jack’D Review —

With over five million registered users, Jack’D has one of the largest user bases for men seeking other men. Commonly described as a gay social network/dating app by those in the industry — Jack’D prefers to simply use the tagline, “The Next Generation of Gay.” This is to keep in line with its attempts to distinguish itself from other gay dating apps, such as Grindr. Jack’D prefers to emit a more modern, efficient and friendly image.

— Installing the Jack’D App —

It is important to mention that Jack’D is only available as a mobile app. That means that for those of you that like the retro feel of a desktop — or laptop — you are out of luck.

Jack’D is available for iPhone, Android and Windows smartphones, and tablets. Yes, you read correctly — this app is actually available in the Windows Phone Store. We’d be willing to bet that most of you out there didn’t even know that there was a Windows Phone Store — hell, we had kind of forgotten that there were such things as Windows phones ourselves. Anyway, we digress.

The app is available as a free download and installation takes less than two minutes.

— Registration on Jack’D —

Once the app is downloaded to your device, registering on Jack’D is very simple. You must first enter a valid email — this will be used as your username for accessing your account — a password, and a screen name. A validation email will be sent to the email address that you entered just to make sure that you are a real person. Once you click on the validation link in that email, you are good to go.

It struck us as curious that Jack’D still used such an “old school” method for account registration. Then again, by sticking to this method and not succumbing to the trend of using social media credentials for registration validation, it greatly increases the privacy of the accounts.

— Your Jack’D Profile —

When you enter the app as a registered member for the first time, you are prompted to build your profile. The visual component of your profile consists of up to three photos which will be available for viewing by all members, and up to two additional pictures which are only available for private viewing.

Unlike other dating apps, the layout that Jack’D uses to display your profile makes excellent use of the limited real estate on a phone screen. It uses your primary profile pic as a background image, with three small tiles on the upper right-hand corner displaying your other pictures. Users can alternate between your images by simply tapping on the tiles.

Your pertinent profile data, such as age, location, height, weight, ethnicity and a brief text intro are all layered over your image. We found this to create a sleek and very clean aesthetic. It makes looking at profiles a very pleasant experience. It is also very convenient having all the profile data right in front of you in such a way that does not interfere with the visual centerpiece of your image. Let’s face it, determination of attractiveness is important in dating apps.

Another key feature in building your Jack’D profile is to select your “Scene.” This refers to how you identify yourself within the community so that other members with mutual interests can find you more easily. The choice of scenes that are available include: twinks, bears, big muscles, strictly friends, long-term relationships, and bi-curious.

— Jack’D App Features —

The features available on Jack’D taken individually are not unique — however, perhaps due to the clean aesthetic of the app’s design, the smoothness of its navigation, or just due to a “je ne sais quoi” aspect of its functionality — Jack’D is fun to use.

Take the search function as an example. Obviously, any dating app must have a search function. Jack’D, however, makes filtering your results so seamless, that creating very specialized and distinctive searches becomes a breeze. You can filter by age range, location, scene, and any physical attribute found on the members’ profiles. You can even filter to find only those guys that are currently online.

The “Match” feature allows you to view potential matches and then clicking either “yes” or “no” on their profile. If you both click “yes,” you will both be notified. The match feature can be run for members that are near your location or worldwide.

There is a chat and message inbox feature that allows you to engage in live chats with other members. On other mobile-only dating apps, we have encountered problems with the push notification features of the messaging platforms. We are happy to report that following several days of testing for our Jack’D review, we did not encounter any such problems with the Jack’D messaging system.

— Jack’D User Experience —

Being a free app, we had prepared ourselves for some of the inconveniences normally associated with that business model. Jack’D, however, surprised us again. Even though they use banner ads for monetization, at no time are they obtrusive nor resource hogs for your phone.

Also, the entire aesthetic of the app’s design lends itself well to prolonged use and active engagement. The way that the profiles are presented and the dark background used for messaging is easy on the eyes. Even after prolonged use, you will never succumb to eye strain.

— What to Expect on Jack’D —

Sometimes when dating apps have large membership bases it is not uncommon for the user base to become inactive. Jack’D is not like that. We found it to have a lively and open-minded user base. No matter what you are looking for — be it a casual encounter, dating material or just friendship — Jack’D is poised to deliver.

— Cost of the Jack’D App  —

Jack’D has a premium option known as its “Pro” version. It removes all banner advertising, adds the option for a password lock for the app, allows for anonymous searches and provides you with dating metrics to help you monitor and improve your dating/hookup techniques. The Pro version can be obtained by paying $1.99 per week or $29.99 for the entire year.