KNKI App Review — Hooking Up With the Wild Side

If you are into the fetish lifestyle you are probably in constant search of hookup sites that deliver on what they promise.  Is KNKI such an app? What does it offer its users that makes it special beyond creative marketing phrases?

We conducted a review of KNKI so that you can read for yourself and discover if it is as innovative as it claims.

KNKI App Review

KNKI App Review Results
  • Popularity - 59
  • Value - 66
  • Features - 63
  • Quality of Members - 65
  • Safety - 68
  • Customer Satisfaction - 62

Final Word on KNKI

The approach taken by KNKI is fresh and intriguing. While staying true to the importance of using a visual style of presentation for suggested matches, it doesn't limit users to using physical attraction as the only means to gauge compatibility. By encouraging active engagement it allows its users to greatly improve their chances of converting an online chat into a real-world hookup.

That being said, however, we cannot overlook the fact that its geographic coverage is spotty. If you are lucky enough to live in an area that has a high concentration of KNKI members, chances are that you will have a very fruitful time with the app. Otherwise, the chances of a real-world encounter are going to be very slim.

Taking all of this into account, we give KNKI an overall rating of FAIR.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Free
  • Available for Android and iOS devices
  • Features designed to peak interest and prompt engagement


  • Some geographic locations have a limited number of members
  • Sexual lifestyle category descriptions are limited

— In-Depth KNKI App Review —


Maybe it’s due to the popularity of the “50 Shades of Grey” films. Maybe it is just a broader awakening of the world of kink through the freedom of experimentation brought about by online dating platforms. Whatever the reason, one thing is for certain — if you are polyamorous, if you enjoy a BDSM or a kink lifestyle — never has it been easier, safer and more convenient to find like-minded partners than it is today.

A hookup app known as KNKI has managed to attract the attention of men, women, and couples who are actively seeking to meet openminded people for kink, fetish, and BDSM encounters. KNKI presents itself as a cutting-edge hookup app for the kink and fetish lifestyle.

Unlike other hookup apps that focus more on simply bringing people together, KNKI realizes that the kink lifestyle requires more than just playing passive matchmaker. KNKI takes the fetish lifestyle seriously. It focuses on creating interaction between likeminded people through active engagement.

— Available Platforms —

KNKI APP - Android & iOS

KNKI is a mobile-only platform. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. It can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

The user interface works well. It provides speed in navigation and is intuitive to use. During our three days of testing, the app performed flawlessly on both Android phones and iPhones.

— Features and User Experience —

What makes KNKI standout from other fetish hookup apps is the way that it structures its features in order to facilitate interaction between like-minded parties. It does so by first making all members feel that they belong there. Unlike other hookup apps — on which talking about extreme fetishes might get you banned — on KNKI you are free to pursue whatever kink or fetish tickles your fancy (or whatever other part you fancy to be tickled).

The three main features on KNKI are chat, a browsing feed, a filterable search function, a way to send shoutouts, and a method to “favorite” other users. You might say that such features are far from being innovative, You may even categorize them as “routine.” When viewed from afar, it is easy to see how that perception could take hold. However, once you immerse yourself in the user experience offered by those features you realize that there is something different about KNKI that makes the routine seem fresh.

First, the main focus for discovering compatible partners is stylized in a highly visual manner. The app presents you with the profile images of potential matches. This is done in a scrollable grid pattern. If you spot a person that interests you, it is easy to click and find out more about them on their profile. You may also choose to send them a shoutout which allows you to be engaging from a distance. The shoutout feature is great when you want to gauge another person’s willingness or eagerness to interact.

You can also request an online chat if the other member is connected. You may also choose to take a passive approach and favorite their profile so you can reach out to them later

At any point, you can adjust the parameters used by KNKI to present you with match suggestions.

KNKI App Profile Filters

This is an immense help in finding compatible partners.

— Issues With Finding Matches —

KNKI is intended to serve the needs of polyamorous couples, single men, single women, fetishists, members of the BDSM community, etc. In terms of actual membership numbers, we were unable to find a reliable source to verify how large its membership base is. Even though the app seems to have an active and fluid user base, our testers did encounter some issues regarding coverage.

We used a total of six testers. Each used different areas of the U.S. as their point of origin. These included large metropolitan centers as well as rural towns. Each tester controlled three KNKI accounts. That’s a total of 18 accounts.

What our testers discovered was that in over half of the accounts created for testing, the nearest suggested match was 150+ miles away over 80 percent of the time. This happened in the accounts from rural areas and two from what would be considered mid-sized cities.

This, in our opinion, can create a disparate user experience based on where individual users live. You should keep this fact in mind when considering this app for your own use. The positive aspects of KNKI apply only to those areas where there are a sufficient number of users with a 25-mile radius of your location.

Another point of criticism has to do with the limited options that users are given to identify their sexual lifestyle. You are only given the following choices: dominant, submissive, switch, slave, kinkster, or other. We feel that an app that is attempting to revolutionize the fetish hookup world should be aware of the vast number of kink categories that actually exist. Also, when you apply the sexual lifestyle filter, your suggested matches only reflect members who share that one lifestyle selection. You cannot search for multiple lifestyle choices. This wastes time.

— Cost —

KNKI is free to download and use. The app is monetized through display advertising. These advertisements are not intrusive and do not negatively impact your use of the app. For people who wish to remove these advertisements, KNKI offers what they call the “supporter” version. By being a KNKI “supporter,” not only are ads removed, but you are also given a larger inbox to store your incoming messages.

Those who decide to become supporters of KNKI usually do so out of a feeling of camaraderie with the community more than anything else. As KNKI puts it, “your donation will help the KNKI app remain free for the entire BDSM community.”

KNKI App Cost

The cost of being a supporter is $9.99 per month or $89.99 if you pay for a full year.