SwingLifestyle Review — Open-Minded Members, Old School Design

If you are open-minded, a free spirit — or just curious about amplifying the range and scope of your sexual experiences — the swinging lifestyle has probably called out to you. Hell, you may already be part of it. Whether you are fresh to swinging or a seasoned swinger, chances are that you have heard of SwingLifestyle. After all, it has been around since 2001.

What can SwingLifestyle offer you? Can it, as one of its slogans proclaims, “start your sexual revolution?”

You can get a feeling of what being a member of SwingLifestyle is like by reading our review of the platform. Even if you plan on checking it out on your own, our review will provide you with the insight you need to know where to probe deeper. Our review will provide you with the signposts to what’s good and bad with SwingLifestyle.

Swinglifestyle Review

SwingLifeStyle Review Results
  • Popularity - 74
  • Value - 86
  • Features - 77
  • Quality of Members - 81
  • Safety - 83
  • Customer Satisfaction - 84

Final Word on SwingLifeStyle

SwingLifestyle can be a valuable resource for those seeking the swinging lifestyle. It will never win awards for style and design, but it definitely merits praise for fostering an engaged community.

Whether to meet partners, learn about the lifestyle, or to find real-world swinger events, SwingLifestyle produces results.

We would rate the site as VERY GOOD.

— Pros and Cons —


  • In continuous operation since 2001
  • Powerful free version
  • A large community of swinging singles and couples
  • Members from all over the country and the world
  • Great community feel
  • Live events regularly scheduled


  • Mobile presence is limited
  • Antiquated design
  • Lengthy manual style of registration

— In-Depth SwingLifeStyle Review —


Before you visit SwingLifestyle for the first time you should be aware that it is closing in on nearly two decades of continuous operation. That means two things. First, it must be doing something right in order to still be a player in a competitive industry. Two, its aesthetic may be a bit dated.

To be honest, the design aesthetic of SwingLifestyle is beyond “a bit dated.” It is plainly and unambiguously old school. This may put off some people. Some may think that because the site’s design looks old, it must be ineffective. Based on our most recent evaluation of the site, we can attest that the site is still relevant to those interested in the swinger lifestyle. It may look old, but it is not obsolete.

In other words, don’t jump ship based solely on its looks. Trust us, SwingLifestyle deserves a bit of your time before you make a hasty decision regarding its possibilities.

— Lack of Mobile Apps —

The last few years have clearly established that the trend in dating and hookup apps is definitely going mobile. In fact, many platforms exist exclusively as mobile apps. SwingLifestyle, however, has not followed that path. Yes, you can use your phone’s mobile browser to access it, but the best user experience is still obtained using a desktop browser.

The funny part is that in that not too distant past — as in 2013-2014 — SwingLifestyle did have Android and iOS apps. As of 2018, however, the only way to obtain a true native mobile app for the platform requires you to download it from the Amazon Marketplace. This means it will only work on Android devices and you must change your phone’s settings to allow apps from third parties. We doubt most will be willing to go through all that hassle.

This lack of attention to a mobile presence is an obvious negative. For some people, it may be a deal breaker. We hope that SwingLifestyle realizes the importance of mobile and brings back their app to Google Play and the App Store.

— Registration Process —

If you are used to registering for accounts on dating and hookup apps, you are probably used to a speedy process. You may be expecting to link your Facebook account in order to register. SwingLifestyle does not adhere to those contemporary registration practices. It makes you register the old-fashioned way.

This means that registering for an account will require a few minutes of your time instead of just mere seconds. This is because you will have to answer questions designed to populate your profile.

SwingLifeStyle Registration 1

SwingLifeStyle Registration 2

SwingLifeStyle Registration 3

You must also be ready to write a few words about yourself, what you are looking for, and expanding upon your sexual fantasies and experiences.

SwingLifeStyle Registration 4

You can register as an individual or a couple. On average, our testers took 20 minutes to register. Mind you, this was because they took the care to carefully craft their profile. The more time you take to answer the profile questions and fill in your information, the better results you will get.

— Pictures —

SwingLifestyle does not mandate, but it greatly encourages, its users to upload images to their profile pages. You can upload multiple images. You can also choose to make your images public or private. Nudity is allowed in private albums provided you have a paid membership.

— Features —

For a site that looks just as it did at the dawn of the millennium, SwingLifestyle offers a decent set of features. There are forums — these offer a great way to dig deeper into the swinger lifestyle while also meeting potential partners. There is a search function. You can customize your search parameters to find like-minded people near you.

SwingLifeStyle Search

There is also online chat and video chat. The video chat function opens itself up for creative and alternative styles of fun.

— The Community —

We were very pleased with the number and attitude of the members of SwingLifestyle. There is a genuine community feel. There are people of all age ranges and ethnicities. Also, there are members throughout the U.S. and the world. By using its features, you can meet and engage with other swinging adults and learn about the lifestyle, meet in person, have online fun, or meet at live events full of other community members.

— Cost —

SwingLifestyle is free to join. Its free version is limited, but not as much as other hookup sites. You can actually make decent use of the site and meet people as a free member. Of course, to obtain the best user experience, a paid membership is suggested. This removes all limits regarding messaging and provides you with the ability to post nude pictures. The paid version also allows you to become a quasi-community moderator by having the power to approve members’ images and profile content.

SwingLifeStyle Cost

A one-month membership will cost you $14.95. Three months will cost $29.95, six months $49.95, and one year $69.95. There is also a lifetime membership for only $149.95 If you join as a couple and are serious about being part of the swinging lifestyle, the lifetime membership is a great bargain and would make sense for you.