Meet4U App Review — Meet Who and for What?

We conducted a full review of Meet4U. Take a moment and read through it. By discovering the impressions of our testers, it will help you cut through the confusion and determine just what kind of app Meet4U really is.

Meet4u App Review

Meet4u App Review
  • Popularity - 42
  • Value - 46
  • Features - 52
  • Quality of Members - 51
  • Safety - 56
  • Customer Satisfaction - 41

Final Word on Meet4U

If you join Meet4U with the expectation of finding someone who lives near you to start a long-term relationship, you are more than likely going to be disappointed. Even if your purpose was to find someone for a casual encounter or a long-distance friendship, you are still going to be disappointed.

Based on the experience of our testers, it seems that Meet4U is a congested mix of real users, fake profiles, and inactive users. When you couple that with the fact that focusing on individuals who live near you is made difficult by a convoluted search engine, then you can understand why Meet4U creates more headaches than happy romantic partnerships.

The unoriginality of the features found on Meet4U do not help its cause either.

We are left with no choice but to rate the app as BELOW AVERAGE.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Free version is powerful
  • Available for Android and iOS
  • User interface is familiar and intuitive


  • Feature set is derivative and unoriginal
  • Large number of inactive and fake profiles
  • Difficult to focus on finding members near you

— In-Depth Meet4u App Review—

“Let your love be your pilot.” Depending on your personality, that statement could sound like a lovely notion. To others, it might sound idealized. Others still may find it to be just plain cheesy. Whatever your personal spin on that phrase, that is what an online dating app known as Meet4U uses as its welcome phrase to would-be new users.

The question is, what sort of dating app is Meet4U? Based on their welcome phrase you would think that it is a site dedicated to helping people find long-term and serious relationships. You know, one of those apps that will be the solution to finding the partner of your dreams, the love of your life, that perfect yin to your yang.

However, you may have heard through the grapevine that Meet4U is somewhat more laid-back. That it may be broader in its appeal and not strictly limited to finding “marriage material.” Yes, the reputation of some dating apps can be confusing. Fortunately, you’ve got us by your side to make sense of it all.

— Accessibility —

meet4u app

Meet4U is a mobile-only app. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. As of February 2018, on Google Play the app has a rating of 4.2-stars based on over 35,000 reviews. On the App Store, it has a 3.7-star rating.

In both repositories and in its external marketing material, the app is advertised as being free to download and use. What our testers discovered was that Meet4U is indeed technically “free.” However, in order to have access to the functionality that most users would expect requires payment.

— Registration Process —

After you install and open the app for the first time, you will be greeted by a screen prompting you to create a new account. There are two ways to do this. One involves clicking on the pink button that reads “create new account.” The other involves connecting your Facebook account to your Meet4U profile. The app itself does not post anything to your Facebook timeline or newsfeed. It does, however, import your basic personal information from Facebook to populate your Meet4U profile. This includes your profile images.

Registering manually would require you to enter your personal data line by line. This includes your age, gender, location, etc.

Meet4U Registration

You would also have to manually upload a profile image.

Registering using the Facebook option is much faster and also results in your profile picture being pre-approved. Manual registrants have to wait until their profile picture has been approved by a Meet4U moderator before they access such features as the app’s swipe game called “Encounters.” That can take 24 to 48 hours.

— Platform and Features —

Once you register and access the member’s area, you will find that the layout and navigation of Meet4U is similar to 90+ percent of the mobile dating apps that are on the market. While this makes it easy to use and navigate, it also makes it a bit stale and predictable.

Users are presented with tiled images of other users. You can determine how these images are presented to you by selecting the option for “all,” “new,” or “rating” in the upper portion of the screen.

The search option on the Meet4u app is standard and offers very few filters. You can filter users by gender and age.

Meet4U Search

Selecting “rating” will present you with members in descending order of popularity based on the number of likes and favorites received from the community in general. Selecting “new” will present you with the newest members. Unfortunately, when you choose “new” or “rating” Meet4U does not take your location into account. This means that you have to scroll through numerous profiles and visually search for somebody that lives near you.

In order for Meet4U to use your location as the primary filtering parameter, you must select the “all” option. Unfortunately, when our testers selected the “all” option they encountered many profiles that were abandoned and some that looked suspiciously like fake profiles.

Mind you, our testers were not inundated by automated messages and chatbots. This leaves us to ponder what the purpose is for having fake profiles unless it is simply to inflate the apparent size of their user base.

— Engagement —

Engaging with other users can be done by accessing their profile page. This is done by clicking on their profile image. Once on their profile page, you can read more about the person as well as discover how many people are following them. You also have access to additional pictures that they have uploaded.

From the profile page, you can also open up a chat window. If the person is online and accepts your request you can engage in an online chat. The Meet4U online chat platform allows you to send text messages as well as images and video clips.

Meet4U also has a newsfeed section that presents in chronological order the latest status updates, posts, and uploaded photos made by other members. From our perspective, it seemed cluttered and not too appealing.

The discovery game called “Encounters” is nothing more than a rehash of a swipe-based discovery game as found on a zillion other apps. Essentially, all you can do is a like or pass on different profiles that are presented to you. If there’s a mutual like you can then chat with each other. On Meet4U, however, this is rather anti-climactic. After all, if you can open up a chat window directly from anyone’s profile page, what is the incentive to go through a swipe-style game?

— Cost —

Meet4U is free to use. Free users are shown display ads. These are not that obtrusive and do not affect the performance of the app. For those who wish to have an ad-free experience and also have additional perks, a paid version is available. One month will cost you $12.99 or you can pay for a full year in advance for $74.99.

Meet4u App Cost

As a paid member, not only are the ads removed, but you can also see who has liked your profile, how many people have seen your profile, be notified when your messages have been read, and have access to 20 free gifts that you can give to other users per day.

In the event that you do not pay for a subscription, you can still purchase points which you can use to send gifts. On average, you can expect to pay about 100 points for a gift.

Meet4U Points

Purchasing a 200-point package will cost you $1.99, 600 points $4.99, 1,500 points $9.99, and 3,500 points $19.99.