MexicanCupid Review — Finding Love South of the Border

We evaluated MexicanCupid in order to present the following review. Does it focus on Mexican women? Is it effective? Is it worth the cost?

MexicanCupid Review

MexicanCupid Review Results
  • Popularity - 61
  • Value - 66
  • Features - 68
  • Quality of Members - 72
  • Safety - 76
  • Customer Satisfaction - 65

Final Word on MexicanCupid is by no means a perfect dating site. The presence of abandoned and fake profiles, even though they are in the minority, is irritating. Also, in terms of price, you can find better online dating experiences on other sites for the same amount of money or less.

If, however, you are truly interested in exclusively seeking out women of Mexican origin, then it might be worth your while.

Overall, we would rate MexicanCupid as FAIR.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Over 700,000 members organic to the site
  • Access to more members form the Cupid Media Network
  • Translator service available


  • Requires a paid membership to access full features
  • Roughly 25 percent of female profiles are abandoned or fake

— In-Depth MexicanCupid Review —


Whether you’re interested in finding a long-term relationship or you’re just looking for a casual hookup, it would be disingenuous to deny the fact that physical attraction is important in finding a partner. Sometimes, what we find attractive in a potential partner can be based on specific physical attributes — large women, younger women, older women, thin women, etc. We have been conditioned to group people into categories. As long as it’s not done to exclude or discriminate people, there’s nothing necessarily wrong with it. This is why many men express attraction for women based on their ethnicity. It stands to reason that women of the same ethnicity will have physical and cultural traits in common. is a dating site that focuses on both long-term and casual relationships. As its name indicates, it focuses on helping men find Mexican women as potential partners. The site is operated by Cupid Media. This organization operates a large number of regional and niche dating sites.

— Basic Overview —

MexicanCupid claims to have over 700,000 members. Verifying membership numbers for Cupid Media operated sites is never easy. This is because dating sites operated by this company do not only operate as standalone dating sites with their own membership database, but they are also interconnected to the larger Cupid Media Network.

That is not a bad thing, but it can make getting exact numbers of actual users nearly impossible. Also, on what is supposed to be a country-specific site such as MexicanCupid, members from other countries can appear in search results creating some minor confusion. Suffice it to say, from our point of view, MexicanCupid has a significantly large user base to keep engagement fluid and frequent.

— Where Are the Members From? —

The vast majority of male members come from the United States, Canada, and other English-speaking countries. Approximately 75 percent of the women indicate that their location is somewhere in Mexico. The remaining 25 percent of women identify their location as other countries in Latin America and a few in the United States.

If you do not speak Spanish and you are concerned about the potential of a language barrier, you will be pleased to discover that the majority of the women registered on the site speak English. Unlike other regional dating sites — such as those focusing on Asian or Eastern European countries — the women on this site tend to come from a middle-class demographic or higher. As a result, the majority know how to speak English. For those who don’t, MexicanCupid translates messages and profile information with a click of a button.

During our testing, we did come across a few profiles that were either abandoned or that displayed the tell-tale signs of not being genuine. We estimate that roughly one-quarter of the female profiles on the site would fall under in this category.

The remaining 75 percent of the female profiles were evenly split between those who wanted to meet Anglo men in Mexico, those willing to travel to the States, and those who were just interested in maintaining an internet-based relationship.

— Registration Process —

Like most Cupid Media sites, the initial registration process for MexicanCupid is kept simple. You can enter your basic personal information manually or you can choose to register by syncing your Facebook account. The latter makes for the fastest form of registration. MexicanCupid draws your basic personal data and profile pictures straight from your Facebook account. It does not post anything on your Facebook wall, so you need not fear any issues regarding privacy and discretion.

MexicanCupid Registration 1

Once you have concluded the initial registration process, you can upload profile pictures and add valuable information to your expanded personal profile. MexicanCupid allows you to enter a wide variety of information regarding your physical, personality, and lifestyle attributes. We strongly suggest that you complete this part of your profile as thoroughly as possible. This is the information that the MexicanCupid algorithm uses to find your potential matches.

MexicanCupid Profile 1

MexicanCupid Profile 2

MexicanCupid Profile 3

— User Experience —

We found the user interface on MexicanCupid to be simple and intuitive to use. It is well laid out and does not overwhelm you by cluttering your screen with countless features and images.

MexicanCupid uses a tiled format to present the profile images of potential matches. It also offers short bios the first time you click on another member’s profile picture. If you want to view the member’s full profile data you, have to click on a button that’s labeled “view profile” in the upper right-hand corner of the bio box.

The search feature is customizable. You can modify the list of potential matches that you receive based on your personal preferences.

MexicanCupid Search Filters

The communication features include messaging and online chat, as well as a wink-style feature that can be accessed by clicking on a green button labeled “show interest.”

In terms of safety and security, the site makes blocking bothersome users and reporting abuse a simple one-click affair.

— Cost —

Registering and creating a profile on MexicanCupid is free. However, in order to get any real functionality out of the site, a paid membership is required. Otherwise, the communication features will limit you solely to receiving messages — outgoing messages would not be permitted.

MexicanCupid Cost

A one-month membership on MexicanCupid has a cost of $34.99. You also have the option of paying three months in advance for $69.98 or paying for a 12-month membership for $149.99.