Miumeet App Review — The Free Social Dating App

Miumeet is what is known as a social dating app. That means that it is part social network, part dating site, part hookup site. You can safely say that it is a little bit of everything for everybody. Add to that the fact that it is free to download as it is to use and you get an app that has a large number of followers.

If you are considering using Miumeet you are probably wondering what to expect. You may be asking yourself, is it really free? What is the user experience like? How does “social dating” work? We downloaded the app and had our team of testers put Miumeet to the test from the perspective of someone looking for help in finding long-term as well as casual relationships.

miumeet review

MiuMeet Review Results
  • Popularity - 62
  • Value - 72
  • Features - 74
  • Quality of Members - 71
  • Safety - 69
  • Customer Satisfaction - 75

Final Word on MiuMeet

Miumeet is a refreshing find. It is free and offers its members an easy to use platform for finding different types of relationships. While it may not replace more specialized dating and hookup apps, you can't go wrong with it either. In our opinion, provided you are under 30, it is a nice little app to have on your phone.

Overall, we would rate Miumeet as VERY GOOD.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Genuinely free to use
  • 5 million+ userbase
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Multi-purpose (casual and serious dating, as well as friendship)


  • Presence of display-ads in free version
  • Not many members above the age of 30
  • Roughly 10 percent of profiles are inactive

— In-Depth MiuMeet Review —


Imagine if the Facebook and Tinder apps on your phone got together in some hot and steamy “inter-app” session — the result would be something close to the Miumeet app. Similar to a social media app but with a broader purpose, it has been downloaded by more than five million people worldwide.

Yes, the fact that it is free to download and use has a large role in that large user base, but the 3.9-star average rating on Google Play tells us that there must be at least some level of substance behind it as well.

— The Good —

– Really Free

As we have mentioned countless times already, it is free — genuinely free. There is no bait and switch at play with Miumeet.

– Nice Interface

The app has an intuitive user interface. If you have used any type of social networking or dating app on your phone in the past, you will find the navigation on Miumeet to be smooth and easy.

– Large User Base

With an enormous user base that numbers in the millions, no matter where you reside, the odds of finding Miumeet members in your area are going to be quite good. When we conducted searches for matches in what would be classified as rural areas, we were pleased to consistently find several dozen matches within a 30-mile radius.

The composition of the membership base is very cosmopolitan. You will find different ethnicities and sexual orientations on the app — it is very inclusive. In terms of age, however, over three-quarters of the members fall under the 18-29 age group, the remainder are in the 30-35 range. Very few can be found in older age groups.

– Plays Well with Facebook

You have the option of syncing your Miumeet account to Facebook. This allows you to import images directly from your Facebook account. You can also give the app permission to use your list of Facebook friends as a basis to help you find potential matches on Miumeet. This latter function is entirely optional and is not setup by default.

– Multi-purpose

Unlike more traditional dating or hookup apps, Miumeet is multi-purpose. That means that you can use it for different purposes in different stages of your life. If you are single and are interested in finding someone for a long-term relationship, Miumeet can help you with that. If you are only interested in casual and no-strings-attached hookups, it can help you with that as well. It can even help you find plutonic friends or partners that are only seeking internet-based “encounters.”

Miumeet is an app that can be what you want it to be. All you have to do is modify the preferences of your search. This is easily done through the app’s search settings menu. There you will find a list of 48 parameters that you can toggle on and off by a simple swipe of a finger.

– Ease of Engagement

For an app such as Miumeet, it is important for you to be able to organize who you engage with —especially if you are taking advantage of the “multi-purposing” power of the app.

Miumeet makes this easy by allowing you to see who is online at the moment, what profiles belong to members living within a specified distance of your present location, and by permitting you to form and join groups based on common interests.

– Nice Extras

Miumeet has a “love match calculator” based on the astrological signs of the members. It also offers a daily horoscope. While features such as these may not be taken seriously by all of its members, they can serve as conversation starters.

— The Bad —

– Display-Ads

Being free, Miumeet has to monetize itself somehow. They do it by displaying advertisements throughout the app. Although we did not find these ads to be obtrusive, we did find that some ads affected the performance of the app. They either slowed responsiveness or stalled for several seconds. While this is not directly the fault of the Miumeet platform, it is an issue that the app’s developers should address.

– For the Young

As we mentioned when describing the app’s audience, those under the age of 30 are in the minority on Miumeet. Older users may feel awkward interacting with other members or find it difficult to find meaningful results in their match searches. That makes the app passively and indirectly exclusive based on age.

– Some Abandoned profiles

When an app is as popular as Miumeet, it is inevitable that some users will open up several profiles, leaving some to be abandoned. This can negatively impact your search results in that they may contain profiles of individuals who are not active on the app. During our testing, we found roughly ten percent of profile matches were, in fact, these type of inactive profiles. While within a tolerable margin, it is another point that Miumeet should address and mitigate before it develops into a larger problem.

— Upgrade Options —

For those users that want to be rid of display advertising and that want the benefit of being given preferential placement in the search results of others, Miumeet has a VIP version. This has a cost of $29.99 for a three-month membership, $49.99 for a six-month membership, and $79.99 for a full-year membership.