WildBuddies Review — Hookup App Gone Wild?

Sex-crazed women in search of partners. That’s what every man is hoping to find when they join a new hookup site. Most realize that fantasies and reality will vary greatly — still, it doesn’t hurt to dream, right? WildBuddies is a hookup site that rides on that idealized fantasy.

How does WildBuddies really perform? Does it come close to delivering what it promises? Is it worth your time?

These are the questions that we answer in our full review of WildBuddies.com

wildbuddies review

WildBuddies Review Results
  • Popularity - 32
  • Value - 26
  • Features - 42
  • Quality of Members - 17
  • Safety - 37
  • Customer Satisfaction - 19

Final Word on WildBuddies

In our opinion, the wildest experience that you will get out of WildBuddies will be your reaction when you open your credit card statement if you were to decide to pay for a membership. The site, as we stated earlier, is designed to catch the attention of lonely guys when they are at their horniest. It offers little to no possibilities of finding any real hookups.

In our view, WildBuddies is an absolute waste of time and money — we rate it as VERY POOR — stay away.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Registration takes less than a minute
  • It will get your fantasies flowing (That’s it)


  • Requires a paid upgrade to use its features
  • Presence of fake profiles and chat-bots
  • Poor user experience

— In-Depth WildBuddies Review —


Our first impression of WildBuddies.com came from its welcome page. There appear to be several variations of it — although all follow the same theme — an image of a sexy and attractive woman in a provocative pose appears predominantly above the fold of your screen. Superimposed on the image is a tagline such as “Danger, wild buddies inside! Are you naughty enough?”

For those inclined to answer immediately, “hell, yeah! I’m naughty enough!” there is a convenient registration box immediately to the right of the image.

The registration box is made more enticing with the headline, “Join us now! It’s FREE.” Keep that phrase in mind as we will be coming back to it later.

— The Actual Registration Process —

The registration box itself only holds six fields that need to be filled out. These include your gender and that of the partner that you are seeking, your date of birth, valid email address, your selection of password for your new account, zip code and whether you are looking for “flirting” or “something else.” With a click on a large orange-colored “Start NOW” button your basic registration is complete.

From that point forward you can access the main section of WildBuddies. You should, however, check the email that you registered with as you will receive a verification link that you must click on to finalize your registration. If you fail to do this within a 72-hour period, your account is subject to cancellation.

wildbuddies email confirm

— WildBuddies Target Audience —

Within a few minutes of being exposed to WildBuddies, it was clear to us that even though the site promotes itself as being aimed at men, women, and couples ready to realize their wildest fantasies, the real target audience was horny lonely guys.

It is important to make this distinction at this stage, as it will help to explain a lot of the details that we uncovered as we explored the site more deeply.

— The Platform —

WildBuddies has a platform for desktop use as well as mobile apps for iPhone and Android devices. Well, at least that is what they claim on their site. However, while we were able to find and download the iPhone version of the app on iTunes, we were unable to do so on Google Play. We were unable to ascertain if the app had been removed from Google Play or if WildBuddies expects you to download an APK from a third-party source.

— WildBuddies User Experience —

We imagine that what you are waiting for is the inside scoop regarding the real possibilities of being able to find someone to “get naughty” with on WildBuddies. Well, we are sorry to report that you shouldn’t hold your breath.

When you first enter the site as a registered member you are greeted by your member’s page. This is the section where you can access your own profile and upload images as well as add information regarding your physical attributes. Mind you, WildBuddies doesn’t nag you to do this —all you receive are passive reminders.

You might think to yourself, cool. Unfortunately, that’s a bad sign. It’s indicative that the site really does not care to get your full details — that the site feels that your details are irrelevant to other members. Dating sites that urge you constantly to provide your details do so because they know that the more information about yourself that is stored in their system, the better their search engine or algorithm will be able to match you with other members. This is not the case with WildBuddies.

As you spend more time on your member’s page you will start receiving notifications. Some will be for instant chat requests, others informing you of email messages in your inbox. “Oh, boy! It’s working” you say to yourself.

— ChatBots and Fake Users—

Unfortunately, that is not the case. You are not being stalked by naughty vixens looking to get down and dirty with you. What is really happening is that you are being stalked by automated messages under the cover of fictitious profiles.

The terms of service for WildBuddies allows for this, so they are not defrauding you in any way. To paraphrase the site’s TOS, they are merely adding a dash of entertainment and engaging in supplementary marketing efforts through the use of automated-communication technology. Ain’t that sweet?

If we can say anything good about WildBuddies and their chatbots, it is that at least they don’t saturate you with messages, unlike other similar sites. On average, our testers only received six such messages per hour. (Isn’t it sad when six fake messages per hour are seen as a “good thing?”)

— Cost of WildBuddies.com—

Wait a minute, cost? Yes, even though the welcome page uses the phrase “Join us now! It’s FREE,” the full use of WildBuddies involves a cost.

Yes, you can join for free, but you cannot use any of the features unless you upgrade to a paid membership. That means that you will not be able to respond to any of those wonderful chat-bot messages. It also means that you will miss out on the wonderful search engine that returns results of fictitious and inactive profiles.

wildbuddies cost

A one-month membership has a cost of $27.30, a three-month membership costs $45.90 and a six-month membership costs $73.80 if you upgrade right away and take advantage of their 30% discount. In our opinion, even with the discount, the cost is far from being worth it.