MocoSpace Review — Can It Provide Actual Matches?

In order to help you decide whether or not Mocospace is for you, we conducted an evaluation of the site and wrote the following review. Feel free to read through it and come up with your own conclusion as to how it would suit you. Here is our full Mocospace review.

Mocospace Review

Mocospace Review Results
  • Popularity - 47
  • Value - 61
  • Features - 44
  • Quality of Members - 41
  • Safety - 56
  • Customer Satisfaction - 37

Final Word on Mocospace

MocoSpace indeed has a large number of registered users. However, this doesn't translate into it being a superior dating platform. We found MocoSpace to have a cluttered system of navigation. Unless you know what you are looking for, it is easy for many of its features to remain hidden. Additionally, it has features, such as its in-app games, that offer next to nothing when it comes to discovering and meeting new people. The features that do focus on meeting people are not that robust and offer results that can hardly be called compatible.

From the point of view of our testers, they found it difficult to find other members that were willing to engage in a private conversation. Those few that did, turned out to be incompatible or not seeking the type of relationship that was desired.

Sometimes bigger isn't necessarily better. At least that is the case with MocoSpace.

In spite of its 100 million users, we have to rate MocoSpace as BELOW AVERAGE.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Over 100 million members
  • Familiar user interface
  • Free
  • Multiple ways to interact with other members


  • In-app games not conducive to meeting people
  • Forums are structured like social media feeds
  • Navigation is cluttered

— In-Depth Mocospace Review —

MocoSpace Homepage

Do you enjoy the informality of social dating apps?

Do you find their broad reach and large membership bases a great source to meet people from all over the world?

If so, MocoSpace could be for you. Claiming to have over 100 million registered users, it is among the largest social dating networks.

Of course, as with any other social dating platform, it is important to take an objective look at what MocoSpace actually offers.

Is its user interface easy to use? What discovery features do they offer? How engaged are the members?

All of those are excellent questions to ask before joining MocoSpace.

— What is MocoSpace  —

Okay, so what exactly is MocoSpace all about? As we have already mentioned, it is a social dating platform. That means that it takes the interactive features of a social network and applies them to the online dating scene. As contradictory as it may sound, some social dating platforms don’t focus directly on dating. They simply offer a variety of features to help people meet new friends. If dating comes out of that, it is but a side note. MocoSpace, however, does make an effort to help those who are seeking to meet partners for casual or long-term dating come together.

In appearance, MocoSpace will remind you of Facebook from a few years ago. It uses a timeline and status updates as the core features of the platform. This means that if you are comfortable with using Facebook, you will take to MocoSpace quite intuitively.

— Platform —

MocoSpace comes with dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. These can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. In case you are a little bit more “old school” or if you simply fancy using a larger screen, MocoSpace can also be accessed from any desktop browser.

In terms of performance, both the mobile versions and the desktop version performed quite well during our testing. All three versions were fast and responsive.

When you first access the platform, you will see an area where you can enter a status update or upload a photo in the upper portion of your screen. Immediately below that, you will find three tabs. These are labeled “My Friends,” “Near Me,” and “Everyone.” Depending on which one you choose, that is the news feed that will be shown to you in the lower portion. You can scroll through this feed infinitely much as you would on Facebook.

If you selected the “my friends” tab, then you will only be shown the status updates and posts of people that you have friended on MocoSpace. If you select “near me,” you will see the updates and posts of other members that are close to your geographical location whether they are your friends or not. If you select “everyone,” well, that should be self-explanatory — basically, the entire world of MocoSpace opens up to you.

— Advanced Features —

If you access the advanced menu on MocoSpace you will notice that there are additional features beyond the traditional feed. For example, there is a feature called “Street Wars.”

MocoSpace Street Wars

This is stylized in a game format. The object is to challenge other members and engage them in a cyber fight. This consumes credits which are denominated as stamina points. To be quite frank, there seems to be no real advantage that you get in playing this game if your goal is to meet people for a date. If anything, since the game requires your stamina levels to be refilled and this requires payment, it appears as if the sole purpose of the game is to serve as a monetization tool for MocoSpace.

Street Wars is not the only in-app game found on MocoSpace. There is also a feature called “Friend Shop” which allows you to “purchase” and “sell” your friends online.

MocoSpace Friend Shop

Again, this seems to be geared more toward helping MocoSpace generate revenue streams than helping members meet each other.

The features that lend themselves best to actually helping you meet new people are those found in the MocoSpace chatrooms. When you open this feature you will be able to scroll through several dozen individual chatrooms. These cover many categories such as age, ethnicity, hobbies, etc. Usually, you will find several dozens, or even hundreds, of people in each of these rooms.

There is also the “groups” feature. Similar to the chat room feature, it is segmented into different categories of interest. Unlike the chat rooms, however, these groups take the form of the groups that you would expect to find on WhatsApp or DM rooms on Twitter. In other words, the members can post a message at any time and have them appear for all group members to see. You can also click on an individual member to start a private conversation.

— More Features —

MocoSpace also has traditional messaging and online chat functions. These allow you to send a message or request a private chat with other members.

The “Meet People” feature is Mocospace’s search engine. It is designed to help you find members that meet your specific criteria. Here you can filter your searches by age range, gender, location, and level of activity on the platform.

MocoSpace also has a feature called “Match Me.”

MocoSpace Match Me

It is a swipe-based discovery feature. On MocoSpace, instead of swiping right or left, you must click on “yes” or “no.”

MocoSpace also has a forums section. When you enter it, it does not resemble what most people would associate with an online forum. Yes, it is divided into categories of interest, but instead of having searchable posts with threads, it resembles a traditional social media feed. If you are looking to find an interesting discussion to join, the MocoSpace forums make it very difficult.

— Mocospace Cost —

Mocospace is free to use. You are free to use all of the site’s features without upgrading to a monthly paid membership. Mocospace has its own currency called Mocogold. This gold is used to play in-app games. You can also pay 99 Mocogold to promote your profile which will help you get more exposure.

MocoSpace Mocogold

Buying Mocogold is one way to get your hands on it. You can also watch advertisers’ videos, or complete surveys that pay a small amount of Mocogold.