MUST Visit Cities for Singles

Must Visit Cities for Singles

When you are single you seek fun, excitement, and adventure in everything. From food and drink to the company of the opposite sex, your single years are when life-long memories are made. (Some of which you will probably never tell your children)

One of the best ways to create these memories is when you travel. Yes, traveling as a single person is a unique experience that you will miss once you settle down. So, before “family-friendly” resorts and “group discounts” to amusement parks start to define your travel plans — take advantage of your single years and let loose in one of the following must-visit cities for singles.

1. Las Vegas

No travel list for singles would be complete without the inclusion of Las Vegas. Yes, “Sin City, ” the town that Bugsy Siegel built — the city of neon and the city whose slogan “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” should serve as a bugle call to every single person on the planet.

With its 24-hour pace, endless hotels and casinos, night clubs, strip clubs, and food and drinks a plenty — Vegas is a must when you’re single. Vegas also has the benefit of offering something for everybody regardless of budget. Las Vegas is one of the few cities that you can enjoy on a budget while sharing a hotel room with six of your closest “friends,” or living it up in a fabulous suite on the Strip tossing around $1,000 chips on the tables. Vegas offers fun and thrills for everyone — especially if you’re single.

2. Bangkok

When the phonetic pronunciation of the name of the city is enough to fill your head with ideas of fun and naughty wickedness — how could you possibly pass up on a chance to visit. Not only is it the capital and gateway to Thailand, Bangkok is also the place to have a wild and fun time — it is called the “sin city of Asia”

Famous for its “wild” clubs where anything is possible, as well as for more traditional and exciting night clubs, Bangkok is a real party town. Not only does it offer a swinging night life, but it also has plenty of offerings for those seeking distractions of a more cultural nature.

Khaosan Road is a famous spot for backpackers and budget travelers. It also offer a great glimpse into the true local flavor of Thailand. Excellent street food, affordable lodging and a departure point for many tours to Thailand’s great tourist attractions, it’s a bustling hub of activity that budget travelers will relish.

Also, if nights of partying (or cultural sightseeing, as you can report it to your parents) have tired you out, there are plenty of beaches nearby where you can rest, relax and recharge your batteries before going home or going back for more.

3. New York City

New York City, “the city that never sleeps” — no self-respecting single person should go through singlehood without visiting the “Big Apple” at least once. Providing its visitors with an iconic big city feel, fine dining, top-notch night club scene and fun for all lifestyles, New York City is an absolute must.

Don’t feel like you are limited to Manhattan to experience the glamour of the city. Brooklyn, with its rebirth is a hot bed of hipster-style chic blended with a traditional Brooklynite flavor.

For those of you seeking more than just excitement, New York is also home to some of the best museums in the nation and the world. This is why a visit to NYC as a single person is so critical — it will be one of the few times that you can explore the city for all its worth without limitation. So, go on, do Frank proud and become “A-number-one, top of the list” and visit New York.

4. Miami

Sun, beaches, tropical drinks, beautiful resort hotels and a fabulous Latin vibe — that’s what Miami is all about. From the spectacular and inclusive night life on South Beach, to the classy and trendy clubs in Coconut Grove — Miami is a party paradise.

You can spend your nights clubbing and your days relaxing under the sun. From idle sunbathing, to exciting water sports, or cruising the Atlantic coast and intercoastal waterway on a rented yacht — Miami will give you a taste of the good life.

Having distinct tourist seasons, it’s also a great place to pick up a sweet deal. Summer is off-season, but the locals keep the night life in full swing. The only difference you’ll experience will probably be hooking up with someone from Miami as opposed to another tourist from up North.

5. New Orleans

If it’s during Mardi Gras, there shouldn’t be any need for explanation why New Orleans should be top on any single’s travel list. However, even during the rest of the year, New Orleans should be a must. The ideal place to spend a wild weekend, New Orleans is one of those precious places where you can enjoy a little bit of everything. From real jazz clubs, to “drinkfests” at one of its classic bars, to Cajun cuisine at any of its numerous restaurants — New Orleans is the original party town and it is showing no signs of slowing down.

Whether you plan to “collect” or “give” beads while in New Orleans, you’re guaranteed to have one grand ol’ time.

6. Honorable Mentions

When you’re single the entire world could be your destination. However, if you’re still stuck as to where to go, here are some addiitonal spots:

Cancun – White sand beaches, azure waters and an international crowd of fun seekers that give it an energetic cosmopolitan feel. It always has palpable energy and never feels touristy.

Orlando – Yes, amusement park central. While you will be the antithesis of the majority of the people there, it is a unique experience to do the “amusement park scene” with a group of single friends as opposed to family.

London – Another one of the West’s iconic cities that offers so much in terms of entertainment and culture. Besides, you never know — you might be the one that gets those palace guards to laugh for once.

— You’re Single, Enjoy It —

Being in a relationship, having a family — they have many rewards. When you reach that stage you will cherish each and every second, but you will also look back on your single years with fondness and nostalgia.

Imagine yourself settled down and your only memories of being single involve pizza and beer with friends and maybe “Thursday night 2-for-one wing night” at your local wings joint. That definitely will not do. You need to fill up those single-life memory banks and travel is the best way to do it.