Review — Hot, or Just a Steaming Pile Of…?

If you have come across an online ad for, you may be wondering if it is an effective casual dating site. We conducted a performance evaluation of MyHotBook and have provided the results in the following review. review

MyHotBook Review Results
  • Popularity - 37
  • Value - 48
  • Features - 44
  • Quality of Members - 48
  • Safety - 64
  • Customer Satisfaction - 48

Summary is a redirect. Currently, it's being redirected to WellHello, but this can change at any moment.

— Full MyHotBook Review —

A look at the MyHotBook site gave us our first hint of what we were dealing with — it is an affiliate redirect site, not a dating site in its own right. This means that MyHotBook exists solely to draw customers to another site. In this case, that site happens to be The only interaction that you will ever have with the page branded as MyHotBook is when you click on the orange “register now” button. After that, all activity is handled by WellHello.

— Registration —

When you click on the registration button your browser will open several tabs. One will belong to WellHello (where the registration process takes place) and the others to a variety of dating and sex web cam sites also seeking your business. These secondary sites are served by an adult advertising network in which MyHotBook is a participant.

Focusing solely on the WellHello registration page, you will notice that all you need to provide for registration is your gender, age, zip code and a valid email. You then click on a turquoise “join free” button and within a few minutes, a verification email is sent to you. Once you open and click on the link in that email you are a proud member of WellHello, MyHotBook, or however you wish to call it.

— So, What Do I Get? —

When you log in as a free member you get to see a bunch of profile images of hot looking women. If you are patient enough to wait 30 seconds or so, you’ll start receiving incoming messages from many of these “lovely ladies.” It’s almost too good to believe! Unfortunately, it is too good to be true. We went through 80 female profiles on the site and we found all of them to trigger a 95+ percent probability reading on our fake profile detection formula. The stink factor increases when you discover that all of the incoming messages require you to become a paid member in order to reply.

— Okay, But What Do I Get if I Pay? —

Ahh, good question. We’d like to say that if you pay you’ll get laid, but alas — if you pay — you still get squat crap. You will notice that messages you send will never be answered and that the video chat function is merely a portal to entice you to enter into another paying arrangement for live cam sex.

The site does offer a 24-hour $1 trial. When you sign up for the trial the fine print states that if you do not cancel, they will automatically charge your credit card for a full month. Since canceling requires several steps — and from our point of view requires more than 24 hours to complete — a full month’s charge of $29.95 is practically a given.

— Pros and Cons of —

It is in this section where we provide a neat and orderly itemized list of the good and the bad of the site. Since there is nothing good that we could identify, we will jump straight to the bad.


  • MyHotBook re-directs you to WellHello
  • $1 trial almost impossible to cancel resulting in charges for one full month
  • Registration process exposes you to additional advertisements from even more questionable sites

— Final Word on Our Review —

Rarely can we be so succinct and so direct in our final word — stay away from MyHotBook/WellHello. There are many premium hookup sites and even free hookup sites that can offer you a much better experience.