EliteSingles.com Review — A Serious Dating Site for Serious Relationships

We undertook a full evaluation of Elite Singles to determine how effective they truly are when it comes to playing matchmaker for serious-minded people. This is the result of our EliteSingles.com review.

elitesingles.com review

Elite Singles Review Results
  • Popularity - 64
  • Value - 72
  • Features - 71
  • Quality of Members - 82
  • Safety - 84
  • Customer Satisfaction - 81

Final Word on Elite Singles

We are rarely as impressed as we were with EliteSingles. It can genuinely be said that this site takes matchmaking seriously. It is very thorough in everything from gathering the data to be used by the matchmaking algo, to ensuring that all of its members are real and active. If you are seeking a serious relationship, we would heartily recommend EliteSingles.

We rate the site as EXCELLENT.

— Pros and Cons of EliteSingles —


  • Powerful matchmaking algorithm
  • User base is verified (no fake or inactive profiles)
  • Extensive profiles (useful to vet suggested matches)


  • Can be seen as expensive by some
  • Full registration can take over an hour
  • Free version does not allow for communication with other members
  • Mobile apps are not as powerful as desktop version

— In-Depth Elite Singles Review —

For those of you seeking a serious relationship, online dating sites can sometimes appear to be the antithesis of what you need to help you find a compatible partner. This is due to the fact that online dating sites cover a full spectrum in terms of quality and results. If you are serious about online dating — if you feel that you are ready to find a person that shares your values, goals and outlook in life — then it behooves you to find a dating site that takes matchmaking seriously.

EliteSingles.com is a dating site that caters to a very discerning clientele. They boast 65,000 new qualified members per week. A breakdown of the demographic data of its user base along education level and age indicates that 82 percent of its members are college educated at that 90 percent are over the age of 30. These figures lend credence to the claims by EliteSingles that its members join the site with eyes toward long-term relationships. Of course, marketing claims are one thing — real results are another.

— First Impression of EliteSingles —

elite singles

Before you even join EliteSingles, you are greeted by a web page that is very thorough in explaining the service and that makes a compelling case for why their results are above others in the industry. Unlike other dating sites whose first impression consists of a landing page designed exclusively to lure visitors to register, EliteSingles offers a comprehensive page — detailed and informative — to entice visitors to register based on the merits of their service as opposed to the glitz of their marketing.

— Registration Process on Elite Singles —

Since EliteSingles takes its data-driven matchmaking algorithm seriously, the complete registration can take users a full hour. Fortunately, if new registrants need to pause during the process, they can resume where they left off.

The initial part of the registration requires basic information from the registrant — gender, age, email, location, etc. The in-depth portion of the registration process consists of a 100-question questionnaire that covers everything from your personality to your motivations, to what you are seeking in a partner. At the end, after you are requested to upload a profile picture, you have to answer an additional seven open-ended questions. These questions come from the site’s database of questions and are chosen based on the answers that you gave to the original 100 questions. They involve personality and emotional reactions.

For our evaluation, it took us a total of 75 minutes to complete the entire registration process. While it was time-consuming, at no time did we feel that the questions were frivolous. Each question — to us at least — seemed logical and we could easily relate to how the answers would be beneficial in finding a suitable match for a long-term relationship.

Once you complete the entire registration process you can access the site. Your profile, however, will not be activated until it has been reviewed by a human at EliteSingles. This review process is done to minimize the presence of fake profiles on the site. From our perspective during our review, we did not come across any member profile that appeared to be fake.

Our profile was approved within the hour. While we waited, we were free to browse the site and conduct member searches using our own search parameters.

— Unique Features of Elite Singles —

Once our profile was approved we started receiving five to ten suggested matches per day.These matches were being selected by the EliteSingles proprietary matchmaking algorithm. To be honest, we were very impressed with the suitability of the matches that the algo was suggesting.

EliteSingles also offers what they term as “wildcard” matches. These are limited to 20 per day. These matches do not match up as closely as the suggested matches, but they do add a fun method to interact with other members. It is, essentially a “swiping” poll. You swipe left to pass on the match — you swipe right to approve. However, when you pass on a wildcard match, that member’s profile will never be shown to you again. If you accept, you must send them a message. In other words, it is more definitive and interactive than swiping polls on other sites.

When you respond to another member’s profile, EliteSingles gives you the power to like specific sections of their profile. This not only helps you break the ice when starting a conversation, but also adds to the knowledge graph that their algo uses to find better matches for you in the future.

Outside of the robust matchmaking capability, the site also offers a thorough magazine/blog section that offers genuine and timely advice on the topics of online dating, safety and relationship advice. The information is solid and useful — it is not regurgitated material that you have a read million times before elsewhere.

— Impressive User Base —

Throughout our evaluation we were impressed by the authenticity and quality of the membership base. As we mentioned earlier, we did not come across a single fake profile. Also, thanks to the fact that EliteSingles removes inactive accounts from match results, all of the match and search results we obtained were form active members.

The gender ratio on the site is 43 percent male to 57 percent female. Sites with more females than males have consistently proven to be more reliable and honest in their matchmaking potential when it comes to long-term relationships.

— Cost of Elite Singles —

elite singles cost

Registering on EliteSingles is free. However, unless you have a paid membership you cannot send messages to other members. Without this messaging capability, you cannot capitalize on the site’s powerful suggested and wildcard match results.

Membership can appear expensive, but for the powerful matchmaking algorithm they provide — in our opinion — it’s worth it. A one-month membership costs $74.95. That price can be lowered to $34.95 per month if you pay for three months in advance, or to $17.95 per month if you pay for an entire year in advance.

— Elite Singles Dating App —

elite singles dating app

EliteSingles has apps for both iPhone and Android devices. These mobile apps, however, provide a less powerful user experience than the desktop version. If you want to conduct a search using a complex set of criteria, you will find the mobile apps to be limiting.