Review — Just How Naughty?

Today, we look at The name sounds encouraging enough, but is it really what you need? Here’s our review. review

GetNaughty Review Results
  • Popularity - 38
  • Value - 29
  • Features - 59
  • Quality of Members - 24
  • Safety - 58
  • Customer Satisfaction - 29

Final Word on

We cannot recommend anything that GetNaughty has to offer. If you are looking to find another human being for real casual encounters, this is not the type of site that will deliver results. Do not despair, however. While GetNaughty is not the answer to your sex drought, there are plenty of other sites out there that can lend a hand.

— Pros and Cons of GetNaughty —


  • Homepage picture is damn sexy


  • Full of fake profiles
  • Hounded by fake messages to entice you to pay for membership
  • Membership is expensive

— Full Review—

We’ve all been there before. You’re tired of being alone night after night — especially if your loser friend (the one with bad teeth living in his parents’ basement) is actually getting some real action. What’s your friend’s secret? We don’t know — maybe some chicks just dig basements. What we can tell you is that casual dating sites might be a solution for your “drought.” With that said, however, it is important that you sign up with the right dating site.

— First Impression of —


If you’re in the middle of a sex drought, the GetNaughty homepage is certain to get your inner engine rolling. The background image consists of a very alluring woman whose facial expression cries out, “I’m going to make you my sex slave,” while her exposed cleavage shouts out “and you shall pay handsomely for the privilege”

After staring blankly at the screen for a few minutes you will probably be compelled — by your psyche or penis (let’s face it, nine times out of ten, it will be your penis) — to join the site.

— Registration —

getnaughty registration

Registering on GetNaughty is simple enough — all you need to do is enter some rudimentary personal information and respond to a verification email. The whole process takes less than three minutes — ten minutes, if you happen to be drunk at the time and can’t find the “@” on your keyboard.

— GetNaughtyUser Experience —

We have seen many dating sites. From the prim and proper, to the most burlesque and freakiest imaginable — so we know our stuff. If the imagery of the GetNaughty homepage had you dreaming of hot and steamy casual encounters that would have made Hugh Hefner blush in the 1970s — sadly, we must burst your bubble.

Just by reading the terms and conditions (one of our “Columbo” style techniques to get to the bottom of dating sites) we were able to discern that GetNaughty uses legal tricks and gimmicks to convert as many free members as possible into paying members. Mind you, they’re not cheating you — they disclose their playbook in the terms and conditions to all who take the time to read it.

To keep the explanation simple, most of the profiles of hot women that you will find on the site will be fictitious — created by the site itself for “entertainment and marketing purposes” — the messages that you receive, likewise. This is a common practice among many lower tier dating sites.

— Cost of —

getnaughty cost

A one-month membership will set you back $24.95. If you decide that you can forgo a good Red Lobster dinner for two, $41.85 will get you a three-month GetNaughty membership. 6 Months of Membership will cost you a grand total of $65.70.

A paid membership will allow you to contact “members,” view more of their photos, use advanced search, and (in one of the funniest lines ever written by this type of site) “get more action.”

Our advice? Stay away from no matter how enticing the discounted prices may seem.