MySingleFriend.Com Review — Is It for Real or Just a Gimmick?

For those of you that have tried online dating sites, you may have thought to yourself how helpful it would be if somehow your friend could give you a hand. The digital expanse of online dating wouldn’t be so daunting if you had a digital wingman. Alas, the online dating gods have heard your pleas and provided you a reasonable solution. Here is our review.

MySingleFriend Review Review Results
  • Popularity - 64
  • Value - 66
  • Features - 62
  • Quality of Members - 79
  • Safety - 74
  • Customer Satisfaction - 72

Final Word on MySingleFriend

The incorporation of friends to the profile building aspect of your membership is definitely not just a gimmick. As a matter of a fact, that aspect — in conjunction with the fact that it requires a paid membership — goes a long way in filtering out the fake and inactive profiles. Unfortunately, while that is novel and useful, MySingleFriend fails to offer anything else that is unique to their service. Right now with its limited American user base, we would be hard-pressed to recommend it to anybody seriously looking for a platform that will deliver effective results. We are taking a wait and see attitude. We will revisit the site in the future to see how it has developed, For now, if you are curious about the "friend" component, give MySingleFriend a try. If you are looking for a reliable online dating site to find a long-term relationship as soon as possible — then perhaps you should hold off on this site, for now.

 — Pros and Cons of —


  • It has a unique method of building profiles — your friends must do it for you
  • Low number of fake profiles
  • Easy to sign-up and navigate


  • Few U.S. members
  • Most of its features are similar to other dating sites
  • Requires a paid membership to get any real use out of it

— In-Depth MySingleFriend Review —

Friends come through for us in so many ways. When you’re short on cash they buy you lunch. When you need help moving, they’re there for you. When you need a new kidney they — uh, well, never mind. The point is that you can always rely on friends. Also, at least as far as close friends are involved, they will know you better than you know yourself.

Think back to a moment when you were out with a friend and someone caught your eye. Maybe you were too shy to make a move, maybe you needed to get some intel on the person before making your move. Chances are that in that type of situation your friend was key to helping you hookup with the person that caught your eye. Yes, one of the unwritten job descriptions of being a good friend is being a good wing man or wing woman.

For those of you that have tried online dating sites, you may have thought to yourself how helpful it would be if somehow your friend could give you a hand. The digital expanse of online dating wouldn’t be so daunting if you had a digital wing man. Alas, the online dating gods have heard your pleas and provided you a reasonable solution. The site is called In terms of its basic features and functionality, it’s very similar to the majority of other dating sites out there; however, there is one revolutionary difference.

That difference rests with the way that your dating profile is created. If this concept intrigues you, then continue reading. We conducted a full review of with the purpose of providing our readership with the insight that they will need to draw their own conclusion. Is MySingleFriend just a gimmick, or the real McCoy?

— The Welcome Page — Login Page

When you first visit MySingleFriend, at first glance you may not notice any difference compared to other dating sites. After taking a more careful look, however, you will detect some subtle, but significant differences. The most obvious one is that instead of there only being one giant “join now” button, there are two distinctive registration buttons. One reads “I am Single, JOIN NOW,” the other one reads “My Friend is Single, ADD A FRIEND.”

Mysinglefriend Sign-Up

Obviously, if you are entering the site for the first time and you are seeking to find a compatible partner, you would select the “I am single” button. Clicking on it will take you to a registration form — not too different from what you find on other dating sites. You must enter your name, select your username, password and enter a valid email. That, however, is where the similarity ends. Unlike other sites where you would be redirected to the membership area, or else you would be redirected to a series of questionnaires used to build your profile — on MySingleFriend, your share of the work takes a pause after you enter your basic information.

The next step requires one of your friends to fill in the description for your profile. Yes, you read correctly — one of your friends. To be honest, when we first arrived at this stage we began to feel like this might be too much work — too much of a hassle just to join a dating site. After actually going though the process, however, most of us changed our mind and began to opine that this extra step does have merit. It provides an added degree of validation to all of the profiles that you come across on the site. Yes, there are still ways to spoof the system — when isn’t there? We are certain that there are some fake profiles on MySingleFriend, but their presence is minimal. We are confident that the friend validation system goes a long way at curtailing fake and inactive profiles.

MySingleFriend Get Your Friend Involved

— How Does Friend Validation Work? —

Before you all start getting nervous, rest assured, that even though it is one of your friends that fills in your profile, MySingleFriend makes certain that nothing gets published until you approve it. In other words, if you do not like what your friend wrote about you — nobody sees it.

— What Happens After You’re Validated? —

Once one of your friends has provided the base foundation for your profile and you have approved it, then you can finally enter the members section of the site. When we entered, we found it it to be identical to nearly every other dating site out there. There really wasn’t anything unique to its design or the features that it presented.

As a matter of fact, we were underwhelmed by the small number of results that we would get to our search queries. Normally, even in the free version of dating sites, one would expect several pages of potential matches being served as part of any search query. In our tests, the most that we got were 17. We suspect that this may be do to the fact that MySingleFriend is well known in the U.K., but not as much in the U.S. It is possible that currently there just aren’t enough U.S. members to flesh out search results conducted with U.S regional parameters.

— MySingleFriend App —

MySingleFriend can be accessed via any web browser on a computer and it can also be accessed on an iPhone device. The app is available for free in the App Store. Unfortunately, there is no app available for Android devices as of yet. Registration is free, but a paid membership is required to get the full benefit of the site. The free version only allows you to conduct searches, but you cannot send or respond to messages from other members.

— MySingleFriend Cost —

MySingleFriend Cost

As further proof of how MySingleFriend is currently very Brit-centric, when we first attempted to pay for our membership we were quoted the monthly fee in British Pounds. After a little tweaking on the payment page, we were able to get our membership charged in U.S. Dollars. It came out to $35.99 per month.