Is there such a thing as a one-size-fits-all dating site?

I am recently divorced. I am in my forties and have been out of the dating scene for quite some time. I realize that online dating is the way to go nowadays if I want to improve my chances of meeting new people. I’m familiar with the big names in online dating, although to be honest, I am familiar with them more through name and branding than by what they can actually do for me. Can I join any of the big name sites and achieve success in finding a partner?

one size fits all dating site

Getting back into the dating scene following a divorce is a big step forward. The fact that you are taking it now is a good thing. We congratulate you.

As you mentioned, there are many popular dating sites. Some have been in continuous operation for years, even decades. There are also newer sites — some that function solely as mobile apps on your smartphone. This can overwhelm someone such as yourself that likely didn’t have the need for a dating site not too long ago. There are dating sites designed to appeal to a general audience and there are others that focus on a specific niche — single parents or the recently divorced, as an example.

The best advice is to take things like site popularity into consideration when choosing a dating site, but do not let it be your only decision metric. While your initial impulse might be to choose one, and only one, dating site, it is usually best to join several. This doesn’t mean that you should register with every dating site under the sun, but you should join two or three simultaneously.

This will benefit you in two ways. First, it will acclimate you to the world of online dating much faster. Second, it will expose you to a greater number of potential matches.

We would suggest you join at least one general audience and one niche specific dating site. After a few weeks, you will be able to determine for yourself what user experience you are more satisfied with.

Before joining a dating site for the first time, we suggest you look over some of our articles geared toward beginners in online dating. This will help you avoid mistakes and pitfalls that could result in wasted time and money. Our dating site reviews are also sure to help you in your search for the right community.