What should I focus on most when creating my online dating profile?

A few years ago I opened up a few accounts on some online dating sites. To be honest, my full energy was not spent on them. I provided the basic information that was requested of me, posted a picture and that was that. Needless to say, the responses that I received were minimal. Those that did respond weren’t exactly the sort of person that I was looking for. Recently, I have decided to give online dating a try once again. This time, however, I want to do it right. Is there an area that I should focus on the most when building my online dating profile?

online dating profile what to focus on

As with anything that is worth doing, entering the online dating world requires a certain degree of effort on your part in order to achieve the results that you are hoping for. It is good to see that you are aware of the importance that your user profile plays in determining your success with online dating. No matter how popular — or how good — the dating site that you join is, if your dating profile is not polished, your chances for success are going to be diminished. Based on what you wrote, it seems that you are already aware of that.

This go-around we would suggest that you focus on two key elements of your user profile. These two areas are your profile picture and transmitting the essence of your personality through your bio.

Your profile picture should be one that is recent and that helps you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Preferably it should be in a setting that helps to convey a little bit more about yourself beyond simply what you look like. If you’re into a particular hobby or sport, a profile picture within that setting would be appropriate. Likewise, if you’re an avid outdoor person, a picture while hiking or at the beach would be appropriate. What you should avoid are pictures in which you are in a setting that is unnatural to you. Do not force yourself to appear to be somebody that you are not.

With regards to transmitting some essence of your personality, we are referring to using the “bio” or “about me” sections of your profile to maximum effect. Don’t write long autobiographical paragraphs about yourself. Write instead brief notes consisting of two to three lines in which your sense of humor can emerge. Being witty and humorous can be very beneficial in these sections. Similar to the profile picture, you want your bio to stand out, to be fresh, to be original.

By concentrating on these two areas and accentuating your natural attributes without lies or exaggeration, your profile is bound to outperform the vast majority of the other profiles on the site.

If you need any further tips or advice regarding your re-entry into online dating, make sure to check out our website and use it for future reference. Good luck.