Mixxxer Review — Are Hookups Even Possible on this Site

If you have heard about Mixxxer and are considering joining, or if you’re simply searching for a hookup app that will get you some action fast, read our comprehensive Mixxxer review. It will help you determine if this service is right for you.

mixxxer review

Mixxxer Review Results
  • Popularity - 56
  • Value - 51
  • Features - 44
  • Quality of Members - 31
  • Safety - 42
  • Customer Satisfaction - 39

Final Word on Mixxxer

The fact that Mixxxer is not a true mobile app and that its feature set is simplistic would not be enough for us to disqualify the site.

What really irked us, what has prompted us to classify the Mixxxer user experience as negative is the presence of fake female profiles on the site. As is par for the course with most sites that use fake profiles as part of their marketing strategy, their presence is fully disclosed in the terms of service of Mixxxer. Unfortunately, these fake profiles and their accompanying chatbots not only irritate you by flooding you with messages luring you to upgrade to a premium account, but they also seem to constitute the majority of the female profiles on the site.

Essentially, this makes Mixxxer useless if you are planning on using it to find a casual sexual encounter. It is also why we would advise you avoid it.

We rate Mixxxer as POOR.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Free version is limited but enough to get a feel for the service
  • Nude and explicit photos are permitted on profiles


  • Feature-set is simplistic and unoriginal
  • NOT a native mobile app
  • Slow and clunky on low-spec phones
  • Few real women, plenty of fake profiles

— In-Depth Mixxxer Review —

Mixxxer Homepage

If the idea of casual adult fun sounds good to you, chances are that you are in search of a reliable online hookup app that will help you find local swingers and casual sex partners. For convenience sake, you would probably also want this service to function on all of your devices — desktop, laptop, and above all, your smartphone.

Functioning under a freemium model, Mixxxer on the surface sounds promising.

Of course, there are certain questions that you probably have. Is Mixxxer easy to use? Can you get by with the free version? Is it really reliable on all of your devices?

— Does Mixxxer Work on All Your Devices? —


Right out of the gate we discovered an issue with Mixxxer that was a cause for concern. In spite of the fact that it markets itself heavily as a mobile hookup platform, it is not a true hookup app in the exact sense of the phrase.

If you were thinking about searching for the Mixxxer app on Google Play or the iTunes App Store, you will not find it. This is because Mixxxer does not have a native mobile app. It functions as a mobile web app running on HTML5. In other words, in order to access Mixxxer on your smartphone, technically you are doing so from your phone’s browser.

This, unfortunately, creates several issues. If you are one of those folks who purchase the latest and best smartphone the moment it hits the market, you probably wouldn’t be affected so much. If, however, you are the average working stiff that may not necessarily be able to afford $800 dollars for a new phone, you will experience performance issues with Mixxxer.

During our testing, we used an older Android device running Android 5.0, as well as other devices running 6.0 and 7.0. These devices ranged from three-year-old mid-range phones to entry-level economy models. To some degree or another, on all of these testing devices, Mixxxer performed slowly and in a few instances froze. While we’re not huge techies, it seemed to us that the lower your phone’s specs, the greater the number of instances in which the web “app” would slow down or fail.

“Why would they do that?” you might ask. In Mixxxer’s own FAQ section they address the question directly. They state that in order to get an app approved on the iOS App Store or Google Play, there are several rules and restrictions that they must adhere to be accepted. Mixxxer claims that the rules pertaining to the limitation of adult-oriented content are the reason why they never developed a native mobile app. For the most part, we buy their excuse. It, however, does not remove the fact that it creates performance headaches.

— Does This Mean Mixxxer is XXX-rated? —

Well, the Mixxxer brand is stylized to purposely include “XXX” in its name so that should give you an indication of what the service is focused on.

mixxxer x-rated

Comparing it to other hookup and dating sites, Mixxxer definitely falls on the side of strong adult content. As an example, full nudity as well explicit and suggestive poses are permitted in images uploaded to the site. It is definitely not the sort of site that you would want your grandmother to see, let’s put it that way.

— Features —

When it comes to features, Mixxxer offers a rather stale set of options. If you are expecting glitz or innovation, that is not what you are going to get. We imagine that this is so due to the fact that it is not a full mobile app. Therefore, the developers had to keep the feature set as simple as possible. Even so, as we mentioned above, performance issues still haunt it.

You have a profile section that allows minimal customization. It, however, does allow you to upload the explicit photos that we mentioned earlier. There is a “Find Fun” section that displays users that are near you who share the search parameters that you have selected. There is also a “Black Book” section that allows you to add users so you may refer to them later. The messaging functionality is simplistic. It consists of nothing beyond a plain messaging platform.

— Cost —

Registering on Mixxxer is free. The free plan allows you to establish your profile and to glance through other users on the service. However, you are not able to access the messaging system. This severely limits the potential of the free membership. In order to activate the full messaging features, you must upgrade your account. A one-month membership costs $7.99. You also have the option to pay for three months in advance for a total of $19.99.