Plenty of Fish Review — Plenty to Like

Recently, we conducted an evaluation of Plenty of Fish to test its true level of performance. We evaluated the site for both male and female users. These are the results of our Plenty of Fish review.

Plenty of Fish Review

Plenty of Fish Review Results
  • Popularity - 92
  • Value - 83
  • Features - 84
  • Quality of Members - 80
  • Safety - 82
  • Customer Satisfaction - 80

Final Thoughts on Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish has been a presence in the online dating industry and has consistently demonstrated high volumes of membership. From what we saw — we understand why. It offers a powerful product with many features that are not available elsewhere — even on paid sites. While it does take more time to fine tune a profile on Plenty of Fish, we found that the results that one obtains are far more precise than many other sites. This is a dating site that we can comfortably recommend.


— Pros and Cons of Plenty of Fish —


  • Feature rich
  • Free version is more robust than other premium sites
  • Very detailed profile building capability
  • Highly precise matchmaking metrics
  • Low number of fake profiles
  • iPhone and Android mobile apps available


  • Filling out complete profile can be time-consuming
  • Age filtering (+/- 15 year age difference) is suspected to be a default setting

— In-Depth Plenty Of Fish Review —

Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish is an online dating site that has been in operation since 2003. In that time, it has grown to over 100 million registered users. Since 2011, Plenty of Fish has ranked as the top free dating site in terms of user volume. Over 3.6 million people log into the site on a daily basis. These users engage in over 10 million daily conversations on the Plenty of Fish platform. On a monthly basis, the site receives more than 2.4 billion page views.

With such a significant presence in the online dating universe, it is logical to assume that Plenty of Fish must be doing something right.

— Is POF Really Free? —

For those of you that have experience with other popular online dating sites, the expectations that you have for the free version of any dating site is likely to be low. Plenty of Fish is surprising in this regard. The free version of Plenty of Fish is very powerful. Unlike other sites, a user can have a rich and full user experience by using the free version alone.

Plenty of Fish accomplishes this by inserting display advertising on the pages it serves to its free users. From our perspective, it is a small price to pay to have such a powerful free version.

— Plenty of Fish Registration —

Registering on Plenty of Fish is an intuitive process, but it is more involved — requiring more information from the user compared to other dating sites. While this may take more time to complete, the results obtained in terms of improved matchmaking are well worth it.

The first part of the registration requires you to provide basic information such as name, age, gender, ethnicity, and location.

The second part allows you to provide more detail about yourself. You can enter information related to career, family, pets, religion, life interests, past relationship history and other probing, yet equally useful, information. This is also the section where you create one of the signature items on Plenty of Fish, your “headline.” This is a single-line that you write and which is predominantly displayed when users view your short and long profile. It’s an opportunity to show off your personality in text form in conjunction with a photo.

Speaking of photos, Plenty of fish allows you to upload up to eight images to your profile. You could also opt to link your Facebook and Instagram accounts to your profile and move images from those social media sites to your Plenty of Fish profile.

— Additional Matching Metrics —

Plenty of Fish also offers a set of in-depth features that allow for greater precision in finding a suitable match for members. One of these is the “Relationship Chemistry Predictor.” This consists of 75 questions designed to establish a detailed profile of your personality. This data is then used to help match you to other members based on personality compatibility.

The other feature is the “Relationship Needs Assessment.” This involves 100 questions that new users answer. Based on their answers, Plenty of Fish sends the user an “action plan” that contains suggested questions and topics for discussion that the user may use when communicating with potential matches. Such proactive advice given to members is truly unique to Plenty of Fish.

Another feature in this proactive advice vein is the “Seduction Style Guide.” This consists of 30 questions. The answers are then used to create a customized “seduction guide” for the user. It is intended to be used to facilitate communication when chatting with a potential match once things have started progressing to a higher level. The guide is designed to be suited to the personality and level of timidity or boldness of each user.

On an odd note, one thing that our three testers noted was that there might be age filtering being done by the site. It is as if all matching is done within a 15-year age range for compatible matches. We could not find anything that mentioned this on the terms and conditions page, but it held consistent for all three of our testers. This can be modified by simply changing the desired age range manually when conducting searches.

— Low Number of Fake Profiles on POF —

Perhaps directly related to the lengthy time investment required to build out a full profile on Plenty of Fish, the number of fake profiles that circulate on the site is relatively low. During our evaluation, we would say that it is well below ten percent. That is remarkable, especially considering that it is a free site.

— Premium Features of Plenty of Fish —

While the free version of Plenty of Fish is stronger than many premium versions of other sites, Plenty of Fish does offer premium membership. The cost of a three-month membership is $38.70, while a yearly subscription costs $81.40.

With a paid subscription, all display advertising and pop-ups are removed from your pages. It also highlights your profile when it is displayed on other members’ search results.

Additionally, premium members are able to see who has seen their profile and when they did so. It also allows a user to see when another member last logged on to the site. This can be very useful if you are vetting the availability of a potential match. On other dating sites, many have experienced the frustration or embarrassment of writing to a potential match only to discover later that they haven’t logged on in months — or that they have since entered into a relationship.

— Communicating With Potential Matches —

On other free dating sites, it is in the communication phase that they hook users into purchasing premium membership. That is not the case with Plenty of Fish. You can send and receive messages to other members via the internal messaging platform; you can even use the instant messaging system — all as a free member.

Even the ancillary forms of communication — those in the form of digital gifts, such as virtual roses — are free, to a point. Every user gets two virtual roses that they can give to another user. The number of roses that users can give are only refreshed once every 30 days. That gives a virtual rose a lot of “power” and prestige value when given.

Other virtual gifts can be obtained by purchasing them with a token system. Most cost between 10-40 tokens. These tokens can be purchased at a rate of $9.95 per 90 tokens. The more you purchase, the lower the unit price drops per individual token. 700 tokens can be purchased for $37.95.

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