POF Headlines — The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

POF Headlines

Plenty of Fish (or POF for those of you who are into the latest in dating lingo), does not place the profile pictures of its members center stage as other sites do. With POF your profile headline is displayed predominantly. This means that while your profile pic is still important, your profile headline also becomes a focus of attention for those scanning the site.

Here are some examples of dating profile headlines from POF that people have used in the past. Some are sterling examples of how POF headlines should be used, others demonstrate what should be avoided entirely, and others that… well… will just make you scratch your head and ask yourself, WTF?

— The Good —

1. “Open at your own risk”

This one is interesting. It creates an air of mystery. You want to open this profile to see what this person is all about. Even if they turn out to be an accountant from Omaha, at least they know how to make the front door interesting.

2. “Hope you’ve got a passport”

Excellent headline. It fills those reading your headline with thoughts of travel and adventure. Who wouldn’t check this person out to see what they are really about?

3. “When life hands you lemons, squeeze them into the eyes of your enemies and RUN!”

Humor, used in a creative style — such as with this headline that uses an inverted cliche approach — can be quite effective. It demonstrates that you are witty. Traditionally, people with wit are above average in terms of intelligence. They also display a larger degree of empathy. Therefore, by using creative humor in a headline you will be more likely to attract those seeking smart and engaging partners.

4. “Willing to lie about how we met”

Another example of how humor in a headline can be effective. If you manage to make those scanning an endless streams of profiles smile when they reach yours — you will definitely be checked out.

5. “Imperfect soul looking for same” — or — “Nebraska farm girl masquerading as big city intellectual”

Clever, slightly self-deprecating headlines are excellent ways to draw attention. At the same time, they allow you to escape from being thought of as pretentious.


— The Bad —

6. “Bored”

The guy that posted this headline must want to exude a “man of few words” vibe. Unfortunately, single word headlines on POF don’t work so well. The headline should be short, but eye catching. It should also generate interest. Somehow letting people know that you’re bored is just plain boring.

7. “Looking for Mr/Ms. Right”

Trust us, cliched headlines are just a waste of time. Nobody will notice them. At best your profile might get clicked, but only to see who would be pathetic enough to use such a headline in the 21st century.

8. “Animal rights activist, pro-Earth, vegan, lover of nature, yoga evangelist, gluten-free warrior, jogging enthusiast, who enjoys living life to the fullest”

While each of the pursuits mentioned in that headline are noble and are certainly shared by a great number of people, they shouldn’t be presented in a dull list format — much less as your headline. You’re looking for an attention grabber, not a resume. It should be succinct. Remember, you want people to open your profile so that then they can discover more detail about you. Don’t try to pack your entire view of the world in the headline.

9. “Not sure what to say”

Yes, we get it, you’re trying to be funny — guess what? It’s not working.

Some people will see it for what is, a cheap way to try and be funny. (key word in that sentence was “TRY”) Others simply will not get it at all and move on.

10. “If you’re an attractive, thin, sexually open-minded woman, I’m your man”

I know we don’t need to explain why this is a bad headline. The only question that still lingers is why anybody would have posted it in the first place. The consensus around here is that this guy probably lost a bet or something — otherwise, alcohol was involved.


— The Ugly —

11. “Networking expert, looking to make solid business connections”

Obviously, this person was confusing POF with LinkedIn. Then again, maybe they are just turned on by business networking.

12. “Looking for my next victim”

This has Creepyville written all over it. You figure this person is either a serial killer trying to use technology to make their life easier, or worse — they are a person that thinks that they’re a comedic genius, but who in reality are not.

13. “Allow me to worship your feet”

While everyone has their “own thing” — putting your “own thing” on display in your headline is not a wise idea. First, anything too graphic may be in violation of the POF terms and conditions. This would result in your profile being taken down. Secondly, it’s just a nasty way to make a first impression.

14. “Seeking help with my trust issues”

When we first came across this headline we thought it involved someone trying to be funny. Upon opening the profile, however, we realized this person was being serious.

Highlighting a major personality, behavioral, or medical problem on your headline is NEVER a good idea. True, before you embark on a relationship there is a certain amount of disclosure that should take place about each others’ issues. These revelations should take place gradually and with an appropriate amount of context. Dumping too much information in your headline is a huge no-no.

— Don’t Ignore the Power of POF Headlines —

Plenty of Fish headlines, when used properly, can add a lot of flavor to your profile. It allows you the opportunity to entice with brevity. Think of it as your very own slogan. Don’t post the first thing that comes to you. Take some time with it. Jot a few ideas down. If you are naturally creative, you properly won’t struggle too much with the task. If not, float some ideas past your friends. If you’re going for the funny angle, ask them if they think it’s funny. Ask them if it makes sense to them. Remember, your headline may seem like poetic genius to you, but to others, it may read quite differently.