PolyamoryDate Review — The More the Merrier

PolyamoryDate is a dating and hookup site dedicated to those seeking polyamorous relationships. If you are uncertain about the definition of polyamory, it is the practice of engaging in intimate relationships with multiple partners, with the knowledge of all involved.

PolyamoryDate is structured to help couples and individual men and women find each other for casual and long-term relationships.

How effective is it? Is it discreet? These are the types of questions that we answer in our PolyamoryDate review.

polyamorydate review

PolyamoryDate Review Results
  • Popularity - 69
  • Value - 81
  • Features - 82
  • Quality of Members - 87
  • Safety - 86
  • Customer Satisfaction - 82

Final Word on PolyamoryDate

PolyamoryDate may look plain, but it packs a powerful punch when it comes to finding adults seeking polyamorous encounters. Yes, the site's mobile accessibility is clunky at best, but you are not going to find another site dedicated to "shared love" that has access to a network with nearly 80 million active users.

Due to PolyamoryDate's useful features and enormous user base, we rate it as VERY GOOD.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Part of a larger adult-oriented dating network
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Powerful and effective search engine
  • Communication features include video chat


  • Mobile access is clunky
  • Site design and aesthetic is a tad dated

— In-Depth PolyamoryDate Review —


Admittedly, PolyamoryDate.com is not going to be a site for everyone. However, if you are open-minded about the concept of shared love, then it will, at minimum, spark some curiosity within you. It did on our end, that’s how we ended up doing this review.

It is important to outline some basic facts about PolyamoryDate before diving into functional details. First, the site is part of the larger Friend Finder Network. If that name sounds familiar, it is because other big players in the online dating scene are affiliated with it. ALT and Adult Friend Finder are two of the sites that belong to the network.

Being part of the Friend Finder Network means that PolyamoryDate has access to a database of users that surpasses its own individual membership base. When you join PolyamoryDate, your profile becomes part of a larger database of nearly 80 million active users that is shared by all member sites.

That means if there is a suitable match interested in a polyamorous encounter that is a member of ALT.com and not PolyamoryDate — no problem. You can still come together on PolyamorDate. (No, that last sentence was not an intent at a dirty pun.)

— Registration Process —

Registering for a PolyamoryDate is a fast and simple process. You are only required to identify whether you are an individual man or woman, or a couple. You are then asked to provide your birthdates, as well as your country and state of residence.

Perhaps it might be of interest for you to know that as you are filling out this information, on the left column of the page, there are two video player boxes showing videos of supposed members engaging in webcam antics. As you progress with the filling out of your registration form, the scenes being displayed become increasingly graphic. Even our battle-hardened troop of site testers took a few minutes longer than usual to complete their registration due to the time they took to pause and appreciate the “videography.”

The remaining information on the registration form is optional. This includes your sexual orientation, ethnicity, body type, and marital status.

At the conclusion of the registration form, you are requested to choose a title heading for your profile. This must be at least ten characters long. You are also provided with a text box in which you can write something about yourself. While this can remain blank, it is a good idea to include something. After all, this will be seen by other members who come across your profile. If you are at a loss for words, you can click on the hyperlink that reads “writing ideas.” This will open a pop-up window containing some sample entries. You can use them for inspiration or copy and paste them.

After you finish with all of that, you will be redirected to a page that informs you that an activation link was sent to your registration email. You must click on that link to access the members portal.

— Available Platforms —

A few years ago, accessing any type of dating or hookup site required a computer. In the present day, over half of dating site users access their account via a mobile device. PolyamoryDate offers two methods to access accounts via a mobile device. One method is to use their mobile app. Unfortunately, this is only available for iPhone devices. The app itself is not uniquely designed to access PolyamoryDate. It is, in fact, the Friend Finder app. This app provides general access to all sites on the network. This multi-purposing means that you can check your messages and send messages, but you do not have full access to all the PolyamoryDate features.

The other method for mobile access requires you to use the mobile version of the site on your phone’s browser. During our tests, the mobile version of the site was plagued by performance issues. Navigation would stall or break and it was too dependent on your connection speed. We would not recommend the mobile version of the site at all.

The best user experience for PolyamoryDate comes from the desktop version. The site design is sterile and a bit dated, but the navigation is intuitive, its performance is fast and responsive, and the overall user experience it provides is good.

— Features —


The search engine on PolyamoryDate is quite powerful. It allows you to conduct simple searches as well as advanced searches. The latter permits you to fine tune your results by a range of parameters that include age, location, ethnicity, sexual habits, and body types to name a few.


There are three communication features on PolyamoryDate. the first one consists of the internal messaging system. This allows you to send discreet and private emails to other members. You can send a message straight from a member’s profile page.

There is also an anonymous messaging system. This allows you to send messages anonymously. You can sustain an anonymous thread as long as you wish. This allows both sides to get to know each other better before revealing their true identity. If things don’t work out, you can truncate the conversation and nobody will ever know who you were. If you hit it off, either side can reveal themselves at anytime they wish.

The last communication feature is the instant chat function. This can be used as an instant chat platform, or for video chat. We are certain that you can come up with a long list of interesting uses for this feature.

Additional Features

Every paid membership on PolyamoryDate includes a subscription to its twice-monthly newsletter titled “PolyamoryToday. It also gives you access to the newsletter’s blog. Both are filled with useful tips and advice for a polyamorous lifestyle.

— Cost of PolyamoryDate —

polyamorydate cost

A one-month membership costs $30. You also have the option to pay $60 for a three-month membership. Paying $180 for a 12-month membership comes with the added benefit of an additional six months for free — that’s a total of 18 months.