9 Qualities Women Look for in a Man

Qualities Women Look for in a Man

What do most women look for in a man? The answer to this question is not as simple as it may seem. It goes beyond a simple idealized profile, such as that of a generic “Prince Charming.” While men look at their partners through a more simplified set of filters in determining attractiveness and suitability, women – on the other hand, apply more nuance and sensibility.

These are some of the most significant qualities that women look for in a man

1. A Great Communicator
No matter how good looking a man might be, when a woman is looking to form a relationship they place a high value on communication. They seek out a man who is not only a good listener but one who also has the ability to communicate their own feelings and desires. This doesn’t mean that every man has to be a poet — great communication can be accomplished with brevity. Just be willing to open up to her. You’ll be amazed how much a woman will be impressed by that.

2. Trustworthiness
A woman needs to be able to place her complete trust in you. This is an essential underpinning to any serious relationship. Trust is earned, it is rarely inherent. It is therefore, essential that you provide her with the assurance that she needs to trust you. Don’t lie to her, be honest about your mistakes and shortcomings. Over time, this will forge a strong level of trust.

3. Independence and Autonomy
A man that displays independence and autonomy is much more appealing than one who displays meekness and submission. Women want a man that will enter a relationship as his “own man.” They don’t want to deal with a person that will be easily influenced by outside forces — such as their mothers or friends.

4. A Balance Between Ambition and Stability
Ambition and stability may sound contradictory, but in fact, they can coexist in a healthy state of balance. It is that balance between ambition and stability that women look for when gauging potential partners. Women desire a man who has goals and that strives to reach them — yet, they also want a man who will not risk everything on every roll of the dice.

Essentially they seek a man who uses the “rock climbing approach” toward life. A man who makes consistent strides upward then secures his position before continuing with his next climb upward — ambition and stability in tandem.

5. Sense of Humor
Marilyn Monroe once said, “if you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything.” Women prize a sense of humor in a man. It brings a sense of practical realism to the relationship. Mind you, this doesn’t mean that you should be performing a stand-up routine for her 24/7 — your sense of humor should flow naturally and be sincere.

6. Good Grooming
Dressing nicely (in whatever style you prefer), having good personal hygiene habits, etc — women love a man that looks and smells good. Take pride in your appearance — not just your clothing, but also things like your posture as well. Trust us, women will take notice.

7. Fidelity
A man that is faithful is as good as gold — even platinum. Fidelity is perhaps the highest standard in which a woman holds up a man. It is what confirms and validates the trust she places in him. As such, women look for subtle traits that reaffirm fidelity in a man. Having a wandering eye on the dance floor or an overtly flirtatious demeanor don’t help you in this regard.

8. Intelligence and Confidence
Women want a man who is both confident and guided by intelligence. This doesn’t mean that you need an Einstein-level IQ, but it does mean that you should be comfortable in doing what you have properly concluded to be right.

Being uniquely intelligent or solely confident is not what a woman looks for in a man. After all, who wants to date a guy that is blindly confident in abilities that he does not actually possess. Likewise, why would she want to be with a man who is too timid to assert what he knows to be true. Think things through, move forward with what you are sure about and you’ll see how women will seek you out.

9. Positive Outlook
When a woman is looking for a long-term mate they seek one that will be emotionally supportive. A man with a positive outlook on life sends out this type of vibe. Women view a man with a positive outlook as having a strong reservoir of support — not just for himself, not just for her, but for them as a couple.

Having a positive attitude is the equivalent of having a chiseled bod when it comes to the personality and emotions department. It is definitely something that women will seek out passively as well as actively.