QuickFlirt Review — Quick Score or Quick Flop?

To determine whether QuickFlirt is a winner or just a “quick flop,” our group of reviewers joined QuickFlirt and spent a few days getting a feel for the user experience that the site offers. This is our complete QuickFlirt review.

QuickFlirt Review

QuickFlirt Review Results
  • Popularity - 51
  • Value - 38
  • Features - 59
  • Quality of Members - 35
  • Safety - 74
  • Customer Satisfaction - 37

Final Word on QuickFlirt

Unfortunately, we can't offer much praise for QuickFlirt. Its real-world performance severely underperforms its marketing promises. You'd probably have better luck trying to flirt in a convent full of nuns — at least there you will find real flesh and bone women. We have to rate QuickFlirt as POOR.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Initial registration is fast and easy
  • iPhone mobile app available


  • Full of fake profiles
  • Monthly membership required for any functionality
  • Android app is buggy

— In-Depth QuickFlirt Review —

There’s nothing like the feeling that you get when — out of the corner of your eye — you catch someone “checking you out.” You see them looking at you, smiling — you soon realize that the possibilities for something good are more than excellent. Sure, it may take a little flirtation of your own to seal the deal, but the outlook is very positive.

That feeling of endless possibilities that you get when someone starts spontaneously flirting with you is what an online dating site, QuickFlirt.com, attempts to recreate in the digital realm. If you have probed around other online dating sites recently, you have probably bumped into some of QuickFlirt’s promotional advertisements. Promising “speedy flirting,” QuickFlirt positions itself as a high-end hookup site with the potential for also delivering on longer-term prospects. Of course, in the online dating industry promises are one thing — actual results are another.

— First Impression —

quickflirt homepage

There are many variations of the welcome pages used by QuickFlirt. Which one you will be shown when visiting the site for the first time will depend on how you arrived there. If you clicked on an ad for the site you will get one of many versions on the same theme. Each has as a large background image of a coquettish couple engaging in some sort of flirtatious behavior. Immediately to the right is a registration box. If you enter directly from QuickFlirt’s main URL you will see a similar setup with the addition of promotional information and some brief testimonials as you scroll down. Overall, the design of the welcome pages are professional and — at least visually — inspire confidence.

— Registration —

Registering on QuickFlirt is fast and easy. You are not required to answer endless questionnaires. You don’t even have to provide any information for a profile — the profile building effort takes place after you join. By simply providing your gender, date of birth and selecting a username and password — you are in. In our testing, registration took only one to two minutes.

— Member’s Area —

After registering, you get access to the member’s area. You will be able to navigate through the different sections of the site, but you will be unable to access any of its communication features. That means that you cannot send or respond to messages. Also, the information that you can see on member profiles will be limited. To be honest, QuickFlirt offers no practical matchmaking functionality until you upgrade to a paid membership.

About the only thing that you can do prior to upgrading is to build your user profile. You can upload pictures of yourself. There are no limitations regarding suggestive or provocative photos.

quickflirt upload photo

You can make your profile as detailed or as bare as you wish. We would recommend including at least one photo and filling in your basic details pertaining to personality, physical attributes and what you are looking for in a match.

quickflirt profile build

The more detailed your user profile, the better results that you will receive — in theory at least.

— Fake Profiles on QuickFlirt? Why?! —

As we were filling out our user profiles, we started to receive messages from supposed “members” of the site. Normally that would fill you with elation, however, in this case, it was more like frustration. These messages were coming from what are commonly known as “fake profiles.” These are essentially site sanctioned bots programmed to emulate real human beings. Unfortunately, their only purpose is to encourage you to upgrade as soon as possible.

We checked the site’s terms and conditions — as we always do when fake profiles are involved — and sure enough, QuickFlirt admits to using fake profiles for promotional and entertainment purposes. Since anybody that joins the site — even prior to upgrading — must agree to the TOS, everything is legal — no fraud here. However, you still feel like you are being shivved in the shower room. Fake profiles simply aren’t cool.

— QuickFlirt Features —

QuickFlirt does not offer any original features. It has a scalable search function. This means that you can conduct simple or complex searches based on your own set of criteria for a match.

quickflirt search

While this sounds useful, we found that the results that you obtain from any QuickFlirt search consist primarily of fake or abandoned profiles.

The chat and messaging functions are on par with other dating sites. The problem with communication on QuickFlirt is not with its technology, rather it is with the multitude of messages from spam bots that clutter your inbox. They are the only “people” that use it. With so few actual flesh and blood females on the site, it is difficult to strike up a real conversation. Over a three-day period, our three testers were only able to establish two — that’s right, two — real conversations.

QuickFlirt also gives you the ability to send “flirts” to other users. While that is a nice way to let someone know you like them, we ask ourselves, what good are sending flirts if there are so few real people online?

QuickFlirt also has a mobile app for iPhone and Android phones. When we downloaded the app for iPhone we were able to access our account without any difficulty. The Android app, however, would not give us access. After uninstalling and re-installing several times across different phone models, we gave up.

— Cost —

quickflirt cost

A one-month membership to QuickFlirt is $39.99. You can also opt to pay for six months in advance for the sum of $109.74. There is also a 30% discount if you upgrade your membership as soon as you sign up.

Honestly, these prices are way too steep for a site that has so many fake profiles and so few real female members.