SwipeHookup Review — Does It or Doesn’t It?

Knowing that our readership could be swayed by some of the promises made by SwipeHookup, we decided to conduct a full review of the service to determine if it is worth your time and money. Here is our SwipeHookup review.

SwipeHookup Review

SwipeHookup Review Results
  • Popularity - 44
  • Value - 49
  • Features - 61
  • Quality of Members - 34
  • Safety - 44
  • Customer Satisfaction - 38

Final Word on SwipeHookup

SwipeHookup offers very little that we would feel comfortable in recommending to our readership. While its structure provides it with the potential for one day to become an acceptable hookup site, in its current form it seems to be more involved with ratcheting up paid memberships. It currently offers very little in terms of actual hookup results.

We rate SwipeHookup as POOR.

— Pros and Cons of SwipeHookup —


  • Membership process is fast
  • You can get by using a “lean” personal/anonymous profile


  • A credit card is required for “age verification” — even for a free membership
  • Easy to accidentally accept unwanted charges during the free registration process
  • Full of fictitious profiles

— Full SwipeHookup Review—

The internet is crawling with hookup and dating sites. If you are new to the online dating scene — or if you’ve been off it for a while and getting back in — you will undoubtedly be tempted to try out sites that are new to you. Recently we came across an online hookup site called SwipeHookup.com. Our initial impression of the site — based entirely on its promotional pop-up and pop-under ads — was mixed. Its promotional material makes a lot of generalized promises about hooking up with local women. Most of the language used, however, appears generic. Having reviewed and tested a multitude of sites, we have developed a degree of intuitiveness for sites that promise more than they can deliver. As such, SwipeHookup caught our attention.

— SwipeHookup Background —

SwipeHookup is operated by a company called “Nautell Capital Limited.” This entertainment and social media development company is based in Cyprus. While many dating and hookup sites that offer an excellent user experience are based overseas, Nautell Capital is also the parent company of other hookup sites, such as SwipeBang.com — a site that has developed a stained reputation with regards to the hookup results it offers.

— First Impression of SwipeHookup —

When you first visit SwipeHookup, your are greeted by a welcome page that boldly claims “Thousands of Horny Women Want to Hookup in” followed by the name of your city. The name of the city is determined by the geographic location of your IP. So, even if you live in a small town of 70 people, the claim of “thousands of horny women” will still be displayed.

New users are enticed to answer a few “easy” questions to see if they qualify for “100% Free Registration.” They are also encouraged to take advantage of this “special” offer before it ends. We must interject something at this point, as it really bothers us when we discover such obvious tricks to entice newbies to register on a site. This is not a “special” offer — the “qualifying questions” are nothing more than three general information questions regarding your gender, whether you are over 18, and if you consent to view “adult related” material. Well, duh — of course, anybody looking for a hookup site is going to affirm all of those questions. That’s all it takes to “qualify” for SwipeHookup’s “special” offer.

— Caution When Registering on SwipeHookup —

After you clear the “hurdle” to qualify for the “100% Free” membership, you are redirected to a page requiring you to enter your valid credit card information. We know, you may ask yourself, “I thought this was free?” On this page, SwipeHookup reiterates that you are registering for free — however, they claim that they need valid credit card information for “age verification” purposes. You see, having a credit card establishes that you are in fact over the age of 18.

While this tactic is not fraudulent, it can lead to a few unwanted situations. On the lower right-hand corner of where you enter your card information, there is some fine print that could open a path for unwanted charges on your card. The fine print states that you agree to pay for a one-month membership to SwipeHookup, along with membership to two other adult video services. The total charges come out to just over $100 dollars. This can only be avoided by unchecking a small box — which by default — is checked. Yes, if you are not careful, this free membership can result in your card being charged before you even enter the site.

— SwipeHookup User Experience —

If you manage to evade the unwanted charges at registration and successfully enter SwipeHookup as a free member, you will discover a membership page that offers the following features.


This is the section where you are notified of issues regarding your account, as well as where you receive alerts from other members that are currently online.


This is SwipeHookup’s internal email service. This is where you send and receive communication from other members when either of you is offline. When you have messages in your inbox, a small red banner over the mailbox icon will appear with the word “NEW.”

Online Now

This allows you to view the profile pictures of those members that are currently online. By clicking on any of the images, you are redirected to their full profiles, where you can send them an instant notification or email.


We were unable to get this feature to work under our free membership. When we switched to a paid membership, the feature was activated. It presents you with user profiles that you must swipe right to “like” or left to “pass.” Those that you liked — if they liked you back — will result in a match being made and both of you would be notified in your notification section. This, in the hopes of establishing communication and possibly a hookup.

XXX Videos

This feature gives you access to streaming adult videos. One word of caution, it requires a payment to a third-party service at a cost of $39.61 per month.

Live Cams

This was not active with the free version. On the paid version it allows you to hook up with other members that are currently on their webcams. There is also the option to hook up with professional live cam models. This, however, requires payment to yet another third-party vendor at a cost of $28.87 per month.


This allows you to search for other members on the site based on criteria, such as age range, location, etc.

— Quality of Matches on SwipeHookup —

While the feature set for SwipeHookup is not as robust or innovative as other hookup sites, if it had a genuine membership base, it would likely offer satisfactory results. Unfortunately, our biggest peeve with the site is the saturated presence of sanctioned fictitious profiles. These profiles, by our estimation, constitute over 90 percent of the female membership base.

These profiles are disclosed by SwipeHookup in its terms of service. Then again, who reads through the TOS, right? The purpose of these profiles, as SwipeHookup describes it, is to interact with members for entertainment and promotional purposes. This is why — especially if you are a free member — you are flooded with messages from these fake profiles. The messages and chat requests come from chatbots — not real horny women.