Is it Possible to Update Your Profile on AdultFriendFinder?

Hi, I joined AdultFriendFinder nearly three months ago. To be honest, the first month I was very passive on the site. I would just scroll through other members profiles and left it at that. Now, I feel like I am ready to dig deeper. I want to start engaging with other members and hookup for real. My concern is that when I registered originally on AFF I thought I was just going to remain as an observer in the background. I never thought that I would take the plunge and pay for a membership in hopes of meeting real people. This means that some of the information that I entered into my profile originally was less than accurate. I now want to be more forthright. When I tried changing something in my profile I noticed that it changed my profile staus from “approved” to “pending.” Did I do something wrong? Is it safe to change the rest of my profile to reflect the real me? Should I just leave it alone and hope for the best as it is now? Any guidance will be appreciated.

Is it Possible to Update Your Profile on AdultFriendFinder

AdultFriendFinder does allow its users to change and update their user profiles.

From the body of your question, we gather that you have already discovered that. The issue regarding the change of status for your profile from “approved” to “pending” when you make a change is normal. According to AdultFriendFinder, this can last as long as 48 hours while your changes are reviewed to make sure that they comply with AFF’s terms of service. The majority of the time your profile will return to an “approved” status in a matter of minutes.

Updating your profile on AFF in order to keep it as accurate as possible is always a good idea. The more accurate your profile data, the more accurate your potential match suggestions will be.

On AdultFriendFinder, you can update or modify your “basic profile” section. This includes your name, age, birthday, location, race, and nationality. You can also update your “personal information.” This includes your marital status, whether or not you have kids, hobbies, level of education, profession, etc. You can also update your “physical information.” This consists of your physical attributes such as weight, height, hair color, etc.

Remember, when you conduct a search for matches on AFF, you can do so by using different desired attributes for your matches without having to do anything to your own profile. Updating your profile should only come into play when there is a legitimate need to correct or update your own profile information.

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