Trying to spice up your sex life and came across a dating platform called JucyDate? If you are indeed interested in this dating site take a few moments and read what previous users have to say about it before you join. Their experience will help you decide and see if it fits your needs or not.

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What was your experience using JucyDate?
What was your experience using JucyDate?
What was your experience using JucyDate?


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URL: jucydate.com
Year of Establishment: 2020
Adult material on the lander: No
Mobile App: No
Whitelabel: Yes
Target Group: Straight, Gay, Lesbian Dating

Traffic Statistics

Estimated monthly traffic: 6.250.000
Average Visit Duration: 00:04:55
Pages Per Visit: 8,38
Bounce Rate: 36,24%
Website Authority: 26

Top 5 Countries Using JucyDate

United States: 71,99%

New Zealand: 9,95%

United Kingdom: 4,75%

Canada: 4,36%

South Africa: 1,11%

JucyDate Stats Source

Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank: This site ranks:
#131,515 In global internet traffic and engagement.

Package Costs

JucyDate is completely free to use. There are no paid add-ons or payment plans. There are no Trial Plans. There are no Coin Plans.

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13 thoughts on “JucyDate

  • I have been on the JucyDate site many times. If you want attention, this is your kind of place. If you are looking to get laid tonight, wish for luck and having a person that likes you to actually be living near you. Otherwise, it ain’t happening. Prepare to be teased and to get horny, but with no guarantee of sex. It should be called the Married Zone!

  • My roommate had to do some “cleaning” this afternoon today, and I’m not able to get back into Jucydate as a result now since I’ve forgotten the password and possibly the login information. Can I request another password since I need one now? Can I also request another login?

  • Please get back to me just as soon as possible!! My roommate cleaned our computer about two days ago now, and I’m not able to get back on to Jucydate as a result!! I don’t have or can’t find the login information for it, and I can’t remember it either!! I really need to know how to correct that please so that I can start getting on to Jucydate again please, so I hope that someone can help with that just as soon as possible!! It’s urgent in fact!!!@

  • I get irritated when websites say they are “free” then start asking for $$$$$$. Probably to steel credit card numbers. The ladies are nice looking and cordial; I don’t blame them they are professional entainers and earn their money. But using adult porn to steel credit card numbers is making the entertainers look crooked. Then the cellphone providers blame the porn sites because the providers can’t police the malware issues.

  • Nothing interesting on jucydate. Fakes, nonsense. No chance anyone can find real girls on this site. Waste of time. Pretty much most of these sites are the same.

    • Hello joeshipes my name is Anna I will like to know more about you can message me 9492981313

      • hey anna if you are free or have time message me on insta muhammadzohaib839

      • Hi I know You were neighbors Your from TRABUCO, CA.(:

  • I need to find a way back into jucydat

  • Juicy date is a fraud cuz the operator mix up conversation with others and no one is ever nearby and just wen the conversation feels legit the operator cuts you off and your ask to visit he camsite, she is great it’s really her …..butt of course she want money and too far away and the girls that look really hot are across country so no point ,it is entertaining butt you never get anywhere ,plus it’s fraud as soon as you log in your flooded with messages like they were just waiting for you …come on man good freaks and freakettes

  • I signed up 2 times and never received my free day premium package. Is that where it doesn’t block pics that says verify ur age


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