If you’re thinking of signing up to Unlimdate, the following information will help you decide whether or not this site is the right choice for you. See what others are saying about this site’s ability to help you hook up.

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Here’s what others are saying about the Unlimdate dating site.

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What was your experience using Unlimdate?
What was your experience using Unlimdate?
What was your experience using Unlimdate?


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Year of Establishment: 2018
Adult material on the lander: No
Mobile App: Not Available
Whitelabel: No
Target Group: Straight, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Lesbian

Traffic Statistics

Estimated monthly traffic: 446.820
Average Visit Duration: 00:02:43
Pages Per Visit: 6.39
Bounce Rate: 46.86%
Website Authority: 0.5

Top 5 Countries Using Unlimdate

United States 89.88%
Canada 5.76%
United Kingdom 2.38%
Australia 1.06%
Ukraine 0.92%

Unlimdate Stats Source

Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank: This site ranks:
#1,097,104 In global internet traffic and engagement.

Unlimdate on Alexa

Package Costs

Unlimidate is completely free to use. There are no paid add-ons or payment plans. There are no Trial Plans. There are no Coin Plans.

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5 thoughts on “Unlimdate

  • Waste of time. I live in a smaller town which makes it more difficult. Maybe people in big cities have a different opinion of unlimdate. Personally, I stopped using it last month.

  • I didn’t have any success either. In San Antonio myself. Lots of people using dating sites here. I used to use Bumble. Met a lot of people but I was hoping to find a site or app that is more for “adult” meetings. A lot of women seemed to get offended when I told them I am not looking for something long term. Not sure why. I thought being honest up front would be beneficial for me and them. Anyway, this is what prompted me to change it up. Unlimdate sucks though. I’ll probably head back to bumble.

  • i
    I would like to join the club

  • Met the (youngish) girl of my dreams on unlimdate and want her back: Willow, come back to me, Love!


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