Is it Wrong to Register on an Online Dating Site using a False Name?

I understand the virtues of honesty. In all of my daily dealings, I consider myself to be a decent and honest person. I have recently decided to give online dating a shot. I’m a single male 28 years of age. I do not feel comfortable in using my real name to register on a dating site. I fear that my identity might somehow get out and circulate throughout the internet. I value my privacy and that is the only reason why I would consider using a false name. There is no morbid underlying motivation beneath this. My question is, not only should I, but is it legal to do so?

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To begin with, your eagerness to safeguard your privacy is completely understandable. So too is your concern when having to enter personal information anywhere online. Like nearly every other industry that has an online presence, a small percentage of online dating sites have been the victims of security hacks. In some of those instances some, not all, of their customer information may have been compromised.

That, however, has resulted in the majority of online dating and hookup sites increasing their levels of security when it comes to safeguarding the privacy of their users and their personal information.

Normally, when you register for an online dating site you can select a username that will be the one that other members will see. Your full name does not have to be disclosed publicly. As a matter of fact, not all online dating and hookup sites even ask you for your full name at registration. Where it can become an issue is when you use a third-party application, such as Facebook, to validate your identity when registering on the dating site.

Even so, when you use Facebook or Google Plus to validate your identity not only are you protected by the security and privacy protocols of the dating site itself, but also by those established by Facebook and Google. Also, when you use Facebook or Google for that purpose, you can always remove the dating site at any time of your choosing from your Facebook or Google settings.

Another time when giving a false name might create a problem would be when it comes to submitting payment information. Usually, for payment security purposes, if the name on the credit card does not match the name on the account, the payment may not be authorized.

Our advice to you would be to utilize a username of your choosing that is not your full name. Also, when you must provide your full name, such as for payment purposes, make certain that you are on a secure payment screen.

Also, don’t forget the direct role that you play in safeguarding your own identity. When you engage in an online conversation with someone that you met online, don’t be so quick to reveal your full name. There is nothing wrong with sustaining an online chat through multiple sessions by simply using your first name.