SingleParentMeet Review — Finding Love Again

If you are a single parent eager to meet new people you may be interested in learning more about SingleParentMeet. How effective is it? How expensive is it? Does it work? Read our review of located below and find out everything that you need to know about the site.

singleparentmeet review

SingleParentMeet Review Results
  • Popularity - 71
  • Value - 78
  • Features - 64
  • Quality of Members - 82
  • Safety - 86
  • Customer Satisfaction - 77

Final Word on SingleParentMeet

We found to fulfill all of the basic requirements that we would want from a niche dating site. While it lacks a standout "killer" feature, its overall search and matchmaking capability is strong. It has a user base that is active and even though not as large as a general audience dating site, they are highly engaged.

We hope that one day soon the site will modify its aesthetics so that it becomes more visually appealing to females. That, however, is a superficial point. All in all, we found SingleParentMeet to be a very effective dating site.

We would rate it as VERY GOOD.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Fast and easy registration
  • Small but focused user base
  • Backed by the media group behind
  • Effective search and matchmaking features


  • Requires a paid membership for full communication functionality
  • Some women might find the site’s design not too gender-friendly

— In-Depth SingleParentMeet Review —

With ever increasing divorce rates, the number of single parents is also on the rise. As such, there is a rising demand for online dating platforms that are suitable for divorced parents to meet people to start a new long-term relationship. is an online dating site that caters specifically to this demographic. It is owned by the media group that also operates, so you can rest easy knowing that it is backed by a strong and reputable source.

— Initial Impression —

singleparentmeet is the sort of online dating site that people arrive at after they have given online dating thorough consideration. In other words, it is not the sort of site that people arrive at out of a sudden impulse.

You can appreciate this fact in the design of SingleParentMeet’s welcome page. It is nicely designed — it even has a parallax video in the background. For those of you non-techies out there, a parallax video is one of those videos that play in the background instead of a static image.

It is important to note the different impression that the welcome page made on our male and female testers. Our male testers rated it as either being right on the mark or were otherwise indifferent to its appearance. None stated that the page would deter them from registering. Our female testers, however, were all critical of the welcome page, — particularly the background video.

This video, which runs in a loop, portrays a scene of a single father struggling in the kitchen to prepare a meal for his child with piles of dirty dishes in the sink. The child then manages to enroll the father on the site and then sets up what appears to be a blind date meeting at an aquarium with an attractive woman for his father.

“Cute scene,” you might say, but our female testers stated that the scene created a negative feeling about the site. They stated that it appeared to be taking a very male-centric viewpoint.

Our same female testers — once they had joined the site — stated that while the design and overall functionality of the site were by no means sexist, the site as a whole was more male-friendly than female-friendly.

One area in which both our male and female testers were in agreement involved the branding of the site. They unanimously agreed that it is more intuitive to type the URL “” as opposed to “” They felt that this might create confusion for those users who arrive at the site by typing the URL into a browser. Fortunately, the other variant of the brand redirects to the main site. It is a mystery then why the less intuitive URL was chosen to be the main branding vehicle.

— Registration Process —

The registration process on SingleParentMeet is fast and straightforward. You begin by entering your gender and the gender of the partner that you are seeking on the welcome page. From there, the site will direct you through successive windows requesting information about your location, your desired username and password, and a few screens inviting you to pay for an upgraded version.


It is important to note that at this stage you are presented with a 15 percent discount for a paid subscription. This means that a one-month subscription would only cost you $16.99 for one month, $39.07 for three months, or $7.64 per month if you paid for six months in advance. A regressive timer is placed on the screen that contains this offer. However, we discovered that throughout the four-day period that we were testing the site, this so-called “special offer” was in effect the entire time. It is as if it never expires.

During the registration process, you’re also given the opportunity to upload as many as ten images to your profile. If you wish, you can skip this step and take care of it at a later time. You are also given a text box where you can write an introductory paragraph to your profile. You have a 1,400-character limit for this.

— Under the Hood —

SingleParentMeet has a very healthy male-to-female gender ratio. Approximately 55 percent of its members are male with the remaining 45 percent being female.

In terms of visitors, online traffic estimations through mid-2017 indicate that the site averages 410,000 visits per month. While this might seem low, bear in mind that this is a niche site. It caters exclusively to single parents seeking relationships.

— Mobile Access —

singleparentmeet mobile

SingleParentMeet has mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. These can be downloaded from Google Play and the iTunes app store. During our testing, the performance of both versions of the mobile app was satisfactory.

— Features and User Experience —


When you join an online dating site you are going to be most interested in its search and matchmaking features. In the case of SingleParentMeet, these features are on par with other sites in the industry serving the same demographic.

The search feature allows you to filter other members by distance, physical attributes, religion, astrological sign — as well as by who is currently online and who are the newest members to have joined. Advanced filtering is at a minimum.


Apart from search, the other element of the matchmaking process for SingleParentMeet involves suggested matches. The site refers to these as “today’s matches.” You are shown five suggested matches per day. If you select that you are interested in a member, you will be directed to a summary of that member’s profile. If you select “no,” you will be shown the following profile on the list. Those profiles that you demonstrated an interest in will be moved to your “my favorites” section. When both you and the other member demonstrate mutual interest, both of you will receive an “echo” alert. This will allow you to open up an online chat window, send or respond to a message, or view videos from your profile pages.

— Additional Features —

SingleParentMeet also offers additional features within your profile settings. For example, you can respond to a set of seven personality questions that are then used by the site’s algorithm to improve your matchmaking results. You can also choose three interests involving your lifestyle, entertainment, and hobbies to further improve these results as well.

For ice-breaking purposes, you can select four questions from a drop-down menu that will be shown to other users when they send you a message. You can use these questions to help vet those that are interested in you.

SingleParentMeet also has an affiliation with This is a site that helps single parents find child care online. Even though this is an independent service that requires its own registration, it can be convenient if you find a match and go out on a date.