My Divorce is Not Yet Finalized, is it Appropriate to Start Dating?

I am currently in the process of finalizing the divorce with the woman to whom I was married for seven years. Altogether, we have been separated for nearly two years. In that time frame both her and I have started dating other people. In my case, I have only pursued casual dating. However, I feel that I am now ready to pursue a more serious relationship. My question is, even though my divorce is due to become finalized in the next few months, is it appropriate for me to seek a long-term partner now? Is it better to wait?

dating during divorce

With divorce rates hovering at, or above, the 50 percent mark, your case is not uncommon. For the most part, it is always best to follow a path of honesty and transparency when you are seeking to start a new relationship. Nobody wants to get involved with a person whom you later discover withheld vital Information about themselves.

If, as you have stated, your divorce is now in the final stages of being finalized, that would indicate that there is zero chance of reconciliation with your spouse. That being the case, your desire to move forward is understandable. As long as there are no underlying factors that could negatively impact your divorce settlement, pursuing a new sentimental attachment is fine. Just make certain to inform your soon to be ex-spouse and the person that you are seeking to date about the situation.

Also, after your divorce is finalized, make certain to inform potential matches about to the fact that you are divorced. Likewise, if you have children, you should also divulge that fact to potential partners — even if your kids do not live with you.

A divorce is never an easy matter, it will always have some degree of consequences. However, it should never be the end of your romantic happiness. Be honest going forward — with yourself, your ex-spouse, and your future partners. You will see how the road ahead will not be as rough as you may have thought.

As a side note, even though you state that you have found somebody that you are interested in pursuing, in the event that it doesn’t work out, always keep in mind that online dating sites can be a good starting point for finding that someone special in your life. There are even dating sites that are dedicated to helping divorced men and women find new partners. Good luck to you.