CheekyLovers Review — WTF is Cheeky anyway?

CheekyLovers is another online hookup site that has been around for a few years that has recently resurfaced to grab attention thanks to a resurgent marketing campaign. You may have seen pop up ads for CheekyLovers when you have visited other dating or adult-oriented sites.

Some people are confused by the name. At face value, some believe that it is a site dedicated to finding BBWs. They somehow associate the word “cheeky” with plump. To a significant portion of the American audience, the meaning of the term “cheeky” is lost.

A slang definition for cheeky means something that is flirty and naughty. That should give you an idea of what the site focuses on. If you want to know more about CheekyLovers, check out our full review below.

cheekylovers review

CheekyLovers Review Results
  • Popularity - 31
  • Value - 28
  • Features - 38
  • Quality of Members - 15
  • Safety - 12

Final Word on CheekyLovers

There are times when our final word should be implicit. When it should be as obvious as the body glitter that gets stuck to your face and chest after you come back from a night at the strip club. Yes, friends, CheekyLovers is an absolute waste of time and money.

We would rate is as AWFUL.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Fast registration
  • Modern design
  • Smooth navigation


  • Full of fake profiles
  • Men require a paid membership for any degree of functionality
  • Android mobile app available through third-party sites only

— In-Depth CheekyLovers Review —


When you first visit, you will be presented with a welcome page. The welcome page is nicely designed and has all of the features that you would expect of a site attempting to lure visitors to register. There was an image of a young attractive woman and immediately to her right there is the registration box.

If you are new to online dating, the visual elements of the welcome page would probably be enough to convince you to take the site for a spin. If, however, you have a little bit more experience with online dating your reaction might be more neutral. In our case, our testers were taking a cautious approach.

— Registration Process —

CheekyLovers takes the fast-track approach when registering new members. That means that you can register and access the site in under two minutes. The process begins on the welcome page where all you have to enter is your gender, your age, a valid email, your zip code, and your selection of a password to access your new account. Once you click on the large “start now” button, you are redirected immediately to a pop-up window that informs you to check your email.

The site automatically sends you a verification email that contains a validation link. You must click on that link to be able to access the CheekyLovers platform. The site also gives you the option of typing in an activation link which is also included in the confirmation email that was sent to you.

For those of you that register for CheekyLovers on a mobile device, you are given the option to sync the app to your Facebook or Google Plus account for validation purposes. If you do so, you will bypass the entire email confirmation process.

— A Word About Mobile —


Having a mobile app for an online hookup site can be very convenient. If you think about it, having to be tied down to a bulky desktop or laptop computer when you are seeking to find your next casual encounter is not the most practical of situations. CheekyLovers offers a mobile app for Android devices. Unfortunately, the app is not available through the Google Play Store. The only place that we were able to find the CheekyLovers app was through third-party Android app distributors.

To be honest, we are always hesitant to download mobile apps when they do not come directly from either Google Play or the iTunes app store. Not only does that create security concerns, but it also makes the installation process far more complicated.

In the case of the CheekyLovers app, you have to first enable third-party apps to be downloaded on your phone. This you must do by accessing your phone’s settings. You must then navigate to one of the third-party sites that distribute the app and download its APK. We would strongly recommend that unless you’re experienced in this process you do not do it.

When we installed the CheekyLovers APK we ran it through virus and malware scanners. In our case, it came up clean. However, do not take our experience to be the norm. Whenever third-party app distributors are involved you never know what you are going to get. If you are still interested in CheekyLovers we would suggest you stick to the desktop version.

— Features and User Experience —

Once you access the CheekyLovers main platform you’re going to be disappointed. While the platform’s overall look and navigation is friendly enough, the experience that it will provide you will be shallow and empty.

During your first few minutes on the platform, you will start receiving multiple incoming messages. These messages will be coming from supposed female members of the site. Unfortunately, when you open these messages and try to reply you will be reminded that you need to upgrade your account to a paid membership in order to do so.

Upon conducting a little research, we realized that all of these incoming messages were being generated by chatbots. All of this is verified in CheekyLovers’ own terms of service. They clearly state that they reserve the right to create fictitious profiles in order to market their services or enhance the entertainment value of the site.

We expected some form of internal promotion, however, we did not anticipate that CheekyLovers would be a full-blown fake profile infested monstrosity. The reason that we had held out some hope was that on the welcome page of the site there was a small banner that indicated that women could obtain full registration for free.


Once on the platform, not only did we realize that we were being accosted by an endless stream of fake profiles, but we also realized that the CheekyLovers userbase is almost entirely devoid of any real women members.

What does this tell us? This means that the chances of finding any real women for any real hookups are nil. It means that the user experience, for both men and women, is so awful that not even when given full membership for free will real women join.

— Cost —

cheekylovers cost

It is not for us to ask why, if that were the case we would have an endless stream of questions such as, why do people have multiple piercings on their face? or why would anybody put pineapple on pizza?

If you still feel the need to join CheekyLovers, it is not for us to question why — we will just inform you how much money you would drop in the toilet.

– $27.30 for a one- month subscription
– $45.90 for a three-month subscription.
– $73.80 for a six-month subscription.