I Have Body Image Issues, Can I Still Use an Online Dating Site Without Posting a Profile Picture?

I have been wanting to join an online dating site for a couple of years now. I have seen how several of my friends have had success with them. Unfortunately, I do not feel comfortable in posting a picture of myself on my profile. I am led to understand that profile pictures are very important for online dating. However, I really do not feel comfortable with my body image. I’m a 30-year-old male who is extremely overweight. I’m a realist, I’m not expecting a supermodel, I always figured if I met somebody online that I would eventually send them my profile picture privately. The idea of posting it publicly makes me feel like I’m exposing myself to the potential for ridicule. Can I have a successful online dating account without posting my profile picture publicly?

body image issues online dating

The online dating universe is a reflection of the real world. Just as in the real world there are all types of people in terms of personality and physical attributes, so too on dating sites. You should never feel that you are out of place due to your physical appearance. There are countless men and women who are overweight that have success on dating sites.

Having a dating profile without a picture will significantly reduce your chances of finding a match. Some studies indicate that profiles without a picture stand only a 5% chance of finding a match compared to profiles with a picture. If you think about rationally you will realize that it is normal for others on the site to want to know what their potential match looks like.

If you are having trouble selecting which picture makes you look your best, try asking a trusted friend or family member to choose one for you. If you are still uncomfortable about the idea of uploading an image, may we suggest that you start on dating sites that serve large men and women and the people that are actively seeking their company? There are many excellent dating sites that focus on that market. On such sites, your profile image would be the norm and not the exception if that is what you are fearing.

Also, some sites allow you to join without posting a profile image up front. You may want to join first and spend a few days “cruising” those sites. You are bound to come across many profiles of large men similar to yourself. Sometimes the simple act of seeing with your own eyes that most of the users of dating sites are normal people — such as yourself — will give you the boost of confidence to post your own picture.