WivesGoWild Review — Booty Calls for Married People?

WivesGoWild is a hookup site that claims to be “for married adults looking for real life sex encounters and booty calls with no strings attached.” Well, hell, who wouldn’t be up for that, right? Any hookup site that suggests that it will make finding booty calls with hot married women easier is always welcome. However, does it really work? Our WivesGoWild review will hopefully answer all your questions.

WivesGoWild Review

WivesGoWild Review Results
  • Popularity - 27
  • Value - 20
  • Features - 54
  • Quality of Members - 25
  • Safety - 55
  • Customer Satisfaction - 32

Final Word on WivesGoWild

WivesGoWild is one of those hookup sites that lacks any redeeming quality. In our three days of testing, we were not able to engage a real woman in a conversation. All of the interactive traffic that we received from other members came from automated chat-bots. Trust us, that is not sexually satisfying at all —unless you are another chat-bot, of course.

Due to the lack of real women on the site and the large presence of chat-bots, we rate WivesGoWild as VERY POOR. Unfortunately, you will have to procure your booty calls elsewhere.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Fast and easy registration process (that’s it for the pros)


  • Full of fake profiles and chat-bots
  • Limited number of real women as members
  • Requires a paid membership for men to activate full functionality
  • No mobile apps

— Full WivesGoWild Review —

Infidelity in marriage is nothing new. Whether you are married and for your own personal reasons feel the urge to stray, or if you are simply looking to serve as an “outlet” for a married woman’s carnal urges — locating the ideal cheating partner must be high on your “to do” list. Finding married women eager to be pleased is not always easy, regardless of how numerous they are. Especially if you don’t want to be caught.

This is why WivesGoWild was so intriguing to us. In all of its marketing material, this site touts how they are the “go to” site for finding booty calls with married women. We had to find out whether their claims were true or not. We conducted a full evaluation and here are our results.

—First Impression —


When you first visit the WivesGoWild home page you are greeted by what is an obvious capture page. The only thing you can do on the page is register for the service. A slightly blurred image of what one is to assume is a married woman lying on a bed serves as the backdrop. Beyond that, there are only two areas of attention. First, is a badge that reads “The Greatest Affair Site in the World.” Second, is the condensed fast registration form.

If you were looking for quick access to a FAQ section, client testimonials, or any sort of additional information about how they make booty calls a reality — you are out of luck. Of course, we proceeded to register to see how things looked on the other side.

— Registration —

The registration process for WivesGoWild is straightforward. On the welcome page you fill in your gender, date of birth, zip code, email, and then you click on a large red button that reads “START NOW!” Honestly, it would be difficult to mess up the registration. In less than a minute you can become a member and gain immediate access to the site.

WivesGoWild Registration Form

You do have to validate the email address that you provided within 24 hours of registering. This is accomplished by clicking on a validation link contained within an email that WivesGoWild sends you. If you fail to do so, you will be served a “nag screen” when you log in to your account. If you ignore that warning, your account gets canceled after three days.

You may be asking, “how do I let the system know what I’m looking for in a booty call?” or “how will the women on the site know what a studly catch I am?” The answer to both of these questions requires you to flesh out your profile page.

— Profile Creation —

Fleshing out your profile is entirely optional on WivesGoWild. This is something that immediately made us suspicious. Sites that allow hollow user profiles usually provide an equally hollow user experience.

Your profile can be accessed via your user dashboard. There, you can upload a profile image as well as additional images that other users can see when clicking on your profile. You can add a few words about who you are and what you are looking for. Your age and location are filled in by default based on the information that you provided on your registration form. This data, however, can be modified whenever you so wish. You can register as a 45-year old and become a 22-year old overnight. Yet another laxity on the part of WivesGoWild that is not conducive to a positive user experience. Being able to change such core data about your profile opens itself up to abuse by trolls.

Your profile is also the section where you establish the search criteria for the sort of partner that you are seeking. Age range, distance from your location, body type, etc. To be honest, we found the profile and search criteria options on WivesGoWild to be too simplistic. It is obvious that they don’t have a complex matchmaking algorithm. The site must rely entirely on basic search query matching.

— Oh Crap, Fake Profiles! —

Just as we were getting too suspicious for comfort about WivesGoWild, our “Spidey” senses were proven to be correct. A few minutes after being on the site updating their profiles, all of our male testers started receiving message alerts. Apparently, dozens of “female” members on the site were so anxious to hook up, that they were willing to send unsolicited messages to men who had just joined and had yet to so much as post a profile picture. You dating site pros out there know what that usually means — tah-dah-dum… FAKE PROFILES!

Sure enough, the terms of service of WivesGoWild confirm that they use “automated system profiles for improved marketing outreach, as well as creating an improved interactive user experience and market research.” We are certain that it is just a coincidence that male members must upgrade to a paid membership in order to respond to these “virtual profiles” passing themselves off as real women. (Yes, that was sarcasm.)

— Cost —

WivesGoWild offers full membership for free to women. Men can use a free membership that offers very limited functionality. Free male membership limits filtering search results and does not allow you to send or respond to messages.

A paid membership has a monthly cost of $39.00. You are also given the option to pay for three months or six months in advance with a total cost of  $65.70 and $106.20 respectively. There’s also a limited discount of 30% at the moment for further savings. Either way, there’s really no point in upgrading your membership considering the results you can expect on WivesGoWild.

WivesGoWild Cost

By the way, it is intimated on the site’s marketing material that the full version allows you access to the site’s mobile apps. We were unable to find any apps for WivesGoWild on either the iTunes App Store or Google Play — even after we had acquired a paid membership. We couldn’t even find a third-party repository for their app. We can only assume they don’t actually have a mobile app.