I’m considering paying for a subscription to Adult Friend Finder. How would the charge appear on my credit card statement?

Let me start by saying that I am not married. I am not joining this site because I want to cheat on a current partner. I am a single 32-year-old female and I simply want to know what will appear on my credit card statement so that I know which credit card to use when I make my payment. Sometimes I have to submit copies of my credit card statement for reimbursement of certain business expenses incurred on behalf of my clients. For obvious reasons I would not want the fact that I have joined a hook-up site to become public knowledge. If anybody has first-hand knowledge of what appears on the statement I would greatly appreciate it.

adultfriendfinder credit card charge

Nearly every legitimate online dating and hook-up site understands the need for privacy by its users. Speaking specifically about AdultFriendFinder, the site utilizes the latest in encryption technology to protect your information while it’s in transit on the internet as well as when it resides on their servers.

With regards to what appears on your credit card statement when you charge the membership fee, it will appear as “FFN.COM*adultfriendf”

Depending on your bank and the specific formatting of your credit card statement, it is possible that this description may be truncated.

For most people, this line entry offers a sufficient level of discretion. If, however, you wish to completely eliminate any reference to Adult Friend Finder on your credit card or bank statements, then you should use an alternate form of payment. While credit card and debit cards remain the most convenient to use, Adult Friend Finder also accommodates the use of electronic checks, also known as ACH payments. By using that option you completely remove the possibility of any reference to Adult Friend Finder appearing on your card statements.

Another tip would be to pay for multiple months in advance. Adult Friend Finder offers membership packages that can be paid in increments of three and 12 months. By choosing one of these, not only do you derive the benefit of huge discounts relative to the normal monthly subscription rate, but you also concentrate your payment into a single instance. That way it is easier for you to be on the lookout for the statement that contains the AdultFriendFinder payment since it will only occur once a year.

Yet another option, is to use a prepaid debit card. These can be purchased at a wide variety of stores. They can be refilled with enough money to cover your AdultFriendFinder subscription. You would then use them as you would an ordinary credit or debit card. The only disadvantage to this is that there is usually a cost associated with acquiring the card initially.

Obviously, the majority of these tips would work not only on AdultFriendFinder but also on the majority of other dating sites.