Transsexual Dating Sites — The Top 7

If you are a transsexual seeking to meet open-minded and accepting people for short-term encounters or long-term relationships, joining a dating or hookup site that is in tune with your lifestyle is paramount. This also holds true for men, women, and couples who are actively seeking transsexuals.

Top Transsexual Dating Sites

While the majority of dating sites have categories established specifically for transsexuals and members of the transgender community, the fact that they are grouped as one of many other types of lifestyles creates an atmosphere that is not too conducive for an active community of transsexuals. Those sites simply lack the community feel of other sites that are wholly dedicated to the transsexual community.

Of the transsexual dating sites that are online, we have highlighted some of the best in terms of user experience and performance.

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Best Transsexual Dating Sites - TSDates

TSdates is one of the largest dating sites dedicated to the transsexual community. The sheer size of its membership base makes it an excellent resource to meet transsexuals in any area of the world. This holds true for large metropolitan areas as well as more rural zones. In terms of its platform, it is quite intuitive and easy-to-use. It is common for users of TSdates to comment on the welcoming environment that they find on the platform. Some fondly refer to it as a real community. Also, for men, women, and couples that are curious about being with a transsexual, TSdates can also serve as one of the best sites in offering information and advice from transitioning from sheer curiosity to reality.

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Best Transsexual Dating Sites - TGPersonals

Free dating and hookup sites often times offer inferior user experiences. TGpersonals is a dating and hook-up site for the transsexual community that is entirely free. As a matter of fact, on its website it touts how it is “100% free and always will be.”

Fortunately for TGpersonals, this is a free site that actually provides a decent level of service. Yes, being free there are certain sacrifices that users will have to make. The site may not have the most modern of looks and its search engine may not have all of the advanced filtering mechanisms of other sites, but on the whole, it is highly effective. If you are seeking a transsexual dating site and your current budget does not allow for too much in terms of expense, then TGpersonals could be the right choice for you.

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Best Transsexual Dating Sites - TGPersonals

Another free option for transexual dating is TSmingle. This site is unique in that it was created by a group of transgender programmers that wanted to create a dating site for the community that wasn’t a haven for escort services and fake profiles. As such, the final product provides a platform that is welcoming, friendly, and understanding. This site does not have as large of a membership as other sites, but if you happen to live in a large metropolitan area of the United States chances are that TSmingle will offer you a good user experience.

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Best Transsexual Dating Sites - Mytranssexualdate

This particular transexual dating site requires heterosexual men and women who join the service to pay for a membership while keeping full membership free for transsexuals. This creates a community of members that offers a well-balanced proportion of male to transgender users. It also allows you to use your Facebook credentials to register. This adds a more reliable method of verification of new users — a safety feature that some other transsexual sites do not have. If the thought of associating your Facebook information with such a discrete part of your life concerns you, do not worry, the site only uses it for identity verification purposes. It doesn’t post anything to your Facebook.

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Best Transsexual Dating Sites - TGPersonals

This site allows users to post their personal profiles for free. However, in order to engage with other members or to use any of its communication features, a premium paid membership is required. Even so, the fact that this site offers a simple and uncluttered platform is something which many people will find useful. It creates a pressure-free environment to seek out members of the transsexual community. Sometimes simpler is better.

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Best Transsexual Dating Sites - DateaTS

On the surface, DateaTS might appear to be one of the most generic looking transsexual dating sites on the market. However, it offers a unique feature within its online chat system that many users find worthwhile. It allows not only for normal online chat functionality, but it also allows users to create and manage their own chat groups. These can be used for normal chatting as well as for discussing specific topics within each chat room. As we stated, this feature may not be for everybody, but for those who are seeking not only to meet a transsexual but who also want to engage in conversation and be part of a community, then this particular chat feature offered by DateaTS will be very useful.

7 –

Best Transsexual Dating Sites - Thetransgenderdatingsite

People who visit will probably describe the site’s design in one of two ways — benign or soothing. It is one of those dating sites that on first appearance does not draw on impulsive visual cues to get you to join. If anything, it uses a more sedate approach. For example, on its front page it offers tips and advice on dating transsexuals and overall online dating safety. If you are of the type of personality that prefers easing into transsexual dating, then this site is a great pathway for entering the transsexual dating scene at your own pace.

— Just Go for It —

If you are new to the transsexual dating scene it is probably best to check out all of the sites mentioned above so that you can get a feel for not only for how each one performs; but also for the community in general. You will find that transsexual dating sites share a lot in common in terms of structure, navigation, and functionality with more traditional dating sites. However, you will also notice that there is a definable difference when it comes to the community feel of the users. Even the platforms that are structured more as casual hookup sites as opposed to long-term dating sites have a certain degree of warmth and comradery that traditional dating sites do not have.

Whether you are curious or experienced, transsexual dating sites are an invaluable resource for meeting the transsexual partner of your dreams.