Review — Affairs and Flings the Stylish Way?

Recently, a casual hookup site called came to our attention. It markets itself as a private and stylish way to find affairs. Strictly based on its appearance, CasualClub stands out. It has a polished, almost glamorous, style and look. Speaking in all honesty, we were convinced to take it for a spin strictly on looks alone. Was its stylish appearance indicative of how it would perform in finding casual hookups? That’s why we conducted a full review of the site — so you could read the results for yourselves. Here is our review. review

Casual Club Review Results
  • Popularity - 34
  • Value - 41
  • Features - 55
  • Quality of Members - 44
  • Safety - 71
  • Customer Satisfaction - 44

Final Word on

CasualClub appears to have great potential for those seeking casual encounters and affairs that reside in Europe. For those of us in the U.S. and Canada, we seem to be out of luck. While we praise CasualClub on the design of its interface, we simply do not think that it has enough U.S. members to make it worth your while. Perhaps when we revisit it in a few months things will change. For now, however, if you are in North America, there's nothing for you at CasualClub.

— Pros and Cons of Casual Club —


  • Slick and intuitive user interface
  • Fast and easy registration


  • Profiles blurred out in free version
  • Communication functions require paid upgrade
  • Very few members residing in the U.S.

— Full Review —

Imagine a hookup site tailor made for those that seek an anonymous fling. A site that caters to those that want to experience the thrill and satisfaction of an extramarital affair or just an anonymous tryst. If that’s what you are looking for, such a site must sound ideal. Yes, there are many sites that proclaim to offer inlets to such opportunities, but most fall short of their promises. Is Casual Club any different?

— Registration on —

Registration is easy and intuitive. From CasualClub’s welcome page you simply need to enter your gender and that of the match that you are seeking and you are immediately redirected to a short registration form. It took us less than a minute to be registered and verified members of CasualClub. Along the way, we did come across some interesting information. On its welcome page, it claims to have over 100 million registered members. That’s an extremely large number. So much so, that it began to make us suspicious.

— Casual Club User Interface —

After registering, we began to detect some minor anomalies. To be more precise, they weren’t really anomalies — they were more like abstractions to what we were used to on other hookup sites. The layout of the navigation menu, the way the instructions and terms of service were phrased — they all had a “foreign” style to them. We investigated a bit further and soon discovered that CasualClub is in fact based in Switzerland and that the majority of its users are from Russia and the E.U.

While that alone would not be an impediment, it did leave us wondering — if you’re located in the U.S., are there enough American members to make your searches worthwhile?

— User Experience on CasualClub —

With a layout that is slicker than any other hookup site that we’ve visited, CasualClub taunted us to like it. We really wanted to appreciate it, but after just a few minutes on the site, we realized a few things that soured us on the site. First, as a free member, you are virtually impotent to do anything on the site. All of the profiles that are shown to you — or that appear as part of search results — are purposefully blurred. If you want to see the profile of another user and their picture, you have to be a paid member. Likewise, if you want to engage in a conversation with another member, you need a paid membership.

You might figure, nothing is free — and you’d be right. However, on CasualClub after you pay you will discover that the majority of the members do not reside in the U.S. That was exactly what we were fearing. How can you hook up with someone that lives an ocean apart — at least in any practical way? Unfortunately, since they blur all details to free members, you cannot ascertain that fact until after you’ve paid. That really struck a nerve with us. In our searches, we only came up with one American match and that person was over 500 miles away.