XXXBlackBook Review — A Hookup Site for Play or to Get Played?

Is XXXBlackbook the “real thing” or is it just some bogus site? We conducted a full review of to find out if this site will make you the bonafide player you want to be. Here is our xXxBlackBook review.

xxxblackbook review

xxxBlackbook Review Results
  • Popularity - 47
  • Value - 36
  • Features - 61
  • Quality of Members - 39
  • Safety - 61
  • Customer Satisfaction - 32

Final Word on XXXBlackbook

Just because a particular hookup site fails to live up to its hype — or simply because it is wholly ineffective — that should not discourage you. There are many hookup sites that DO yield results. It just so happens that XXXBlackBook is NOT one of them. We would rate it as VERY POOR. Don't worry, we are confident that one day you will become a bonafide player.

—Pros and Cons of XXXBlackBook—


  • Ample choice of preferred sexual activities to choose from in building your profile
  • Fast registration process


  • Full of inactive and fake profiles
  • Paid membership is required to respond to messages
  • System sends you automated messages to bait upgrades

—Full XXXBlackBook Review —


Old school players probably still have little black books — the modern crowd likely relies on their smartphones to store their “ready to go” booty call phone numbers. At least, that’s what true players do. The vast majority of people, however, probably fall into the category of wanting to have plenty of casual hookup numbers, but sadly the only numbers on their phone belong to their local pizza joint and their mom’s house.

What must a person do to become a genuine, bonafide, authorized, sanctified, bonafide (wait, we had already used that adjective — doesn’t matter, we like how it sounds), bonafide, real player? One way is to flash and splash the cash — be seen living large in all of the right clubs. Unfortunately, if you are currently thinking of ways to stretch out your last two packs of ramen noodles until next pay day, that’s probably not an option for you. This, friends, is when technology comes to the rescue. Through the magic of the internet, you can now search for love and lust from the climate-controlled comfort of your home. Hookup sites are excellent places to strut your stuff digitally. On quality hookup sites you actually have a decent shot at finding like-minded people for some real casual fun.

Notice how we modified the last sentence with the word “quality.” As incredible as it is to fathom, not everything on the internet is on the “up and up” — not all hookup sites are the same. Some are highly trustworthy and effective — others, well, let’s just say that you’d be better off on your own. This is why the recent email and pop-up advertising blitz from a hookup site known as caught our attention.

— First Impression of xXxBlackBook —

We must admit, some of the promotional material for XXXBlackBook is quite persuasive. It contains imagery of stunningly hot women — some taken in a professional photo shoot style and others looking like real women taking selfies at home. You are also served enticing taglines, such as “it’s quick, easy and anonymous” and “meet hot, like-minded singles and couples from around the world or around the corner.” With copy like that, we gotta tell you, we were expecting something… well, pretty damn hot and impressive.

Imagine our surprise — better stated, our disappointment — when we first visited the welcome page to XXXBlackBook and found one of the dreariest, plainest, most uninteresting welcome pages that we have ever come across. If not for our sense of duty to our readership to keep them informed of the latest in dating-related sites, we would have stopped right there.

The welcome page consists of 12 tiled images — half of which are of women, the other half being composed of creepy and desperate looking dudes. When you see those images, most women would probably stop right there, not wanting to run the risk of actually meeting the samples of masculinity put on display. Men, on the other hand, probably figure “well, if ugly dudes are getting laid, why not me?”

— Registration Process —

In order to find out more, we had to register. That was easy to do, considering that the red “Register for Free” button was located just below a line of banner text that read, “Get Laid in Your Hometown Today.”

By clicking on that button you are redirected to the registration page. There, you must submit your gender and gender preference, select a username and password for your account, your birth date, location, and a valid email. Once you do that you are given “free” access to the site. When you first enter the members’ area, a yellow banner with red lettering will appear at the top of the page reminding you to check your email inbox. It is important that you do so because XXXBlackBook sends a verification link to that email. If you fail to click on that link, they will close your account after 24 hours.

— XXXBlackBook User Experience —

Style-wise, the main page was as austere as the welcome page. We understand that looks can be deceiving, so we decided to start testing some of the features. The first was XXXBlackBook’s search function. To conduct a search, you must provide the gender of the person that you are seeking to be matched with, followed by the type of activity that you are looking for. This requires for you to choose from a list of “activities” that are presented to you from a drop-down menu.

The options that you have for describing your activities are very interesting. Some of the choices include group sex, phone sex, webcam sex, email fantasies, and many more. Admittedly, this revitalized our interest in the potential of XXXBlackBook. We crossed our fingers and hoped that upon clicking on the “search” button, our fantasies for becoming players — sorry, meant to say “bonafide players” — would take a huge step forward.

— All Hopes of Being Bonafide Players, Cruelly Dashed —

At least as far as XXXBlackBook is concerned, any help with racking up and running up your casual encounter numbers is simply non-existent. That search we conducted? All of the results were full of inactive and fake profiles. What’s worse, even as you are settling on the idea of just “viewing” the images of these fictitious profiles, your inspiration is cut short by the constant pinging of incoming messages.

We know what you are thinking, that means that some real flesh and blood cutie is hailing you for her daily dose of love sugar. Nope, that’s not it at all. Hell, those messages aren’t even from human beings. They are all automated — nothing but chat-bots. They are designed to get you to reply to the message requests. You may scratch your head and ask “why?” The answer is simple, in order to reply you must upgrade to a full membership. That, our fine friends, comes at a price — $34.95 per month to be precise.

Honestly, there isn’t anything on XXXBlackBook that merits your time, much less your money. If, however, you want to test the waters for yourself, we suggest you register for the 2-day trial membership. That will only set you back $9.95.